Series 12 Episode 22:
Written by Tony Lindsay

Sunny and Amy are discussing her date with Keith the night before. As Tina arrives, Amy gives her some victim support leaflets Keith passed on. Ted Stoakes, an Elvis impersonator, staggers into A&E with chest pains.
It's quiet in the department, so the team is playing cricket with mini tennis rackets. Charlie comes and breaks the game up and sends Sam to go check on Tina in the staffroom.
Richard does an ECG on Ted -it seems to be simply indigestion. Mark disagrees with Richard's diagnosis and thinks Ted may need an abdominal x-ray. He calls George for a second opinion. Richard is furious when he finds out Mark went behind his back and tells George he has already ordered the abdominal x-ray. Mark is angry about Richard's attitude -George advises him to let it go.
Karen is brought in by Josh and Penny with her boyfriend Mike, after being bashed and mugged in the street. Mike is really agitated and has to be taken out. Karen gets panicky when she realises she is in Holby, and tries to leave.
Josh has organised a fundraiser for Liam's children's home. Penny is doubtful until Josh tells her it's a football match. She's eager to play since she loves football, but Josh just says "You're a girl". In the relatives room Mike is going mad over what happened to Karen. Tina distantly tells him she's sure Karen will be fine. Eve and Baz discuss Karen's x-rays, and Tina volunteers to treat her. Karen tells Tina she won't go to the police about what happened -Tina says you always hear horror stories about police blaming the victim.
Alice enters reception dressed as Little White Dove. She asks Amy about Ted, so Amy asks Sunny to take the tea to the relatives room. Sunny looks through the window and recognises Mike. He runs to Karen's cubicle and starts shouting at her for letting herself get into this mess again. Eve and Tina tell him to lay off, he tells them Karen is his sister. Eve takes Tina aside and asks Sam to finish up Karen's treatment. Tina shouts at Eve that she's capable of doing her job.
Alice visits Ted thinking it's his heart. She's angry when she discovers his unhealthy lifestyle has landed him there, and pulls his wig off and stamps on it.
Sunny keeps on at Karen, asking why she left his flat and went back to Mike who uses her as a punchbag. Karen denies anything happened and gets upset. Sam tells Sunny to calm down, but Sunny says there's no point anyway, and goes off.
Tina tells Mike that Karen needs to stay to have her wrist plastered so he may as well go. He starts crying and she goes to comfort him cautiously. Tina tells him about Sunny, he says "Derek?" and asks why he's there. Tina tells him Sunny works as a porter, and Mike goes mad, raving about Karen plotting against him. He grabs Tina by the throat and shakes her to tell him what happened. Sunny runs in and grabs Mike -Tina runs out. Mike escapes with Sunny after him. Sam runs out of admin and chases Sunny.
Mark talks to Alice in reception. She says she does it all to please Ted, but he only ever loved his wife, who left him. She loves him and says when he sings "Love me Tender" her heart melts, but Ted lives in a fantasy world. Mark says that can happen when reality is too hard to deal with. Alice says she wants Ted in her life, not Elvis Presley.
Eve asks Tina to take Karen to the toilets. She is very reluctant to do so. Tina won't go in with Karen, then backs away from the door. After sitting frozen on the step for a minute, she turns and runs, without Karen.
Zoe catches up with Charlie in his office and starts kissing him. Baz comes in and sees them, then turns and goes. Charlie follows her to her office. She's crying and says she's leaving early. Charlie goes on about Zoe meaning nothing to him, then blows up at her saying "Yours is not the only bed on offer". He says she obviously didn't care since she went out celebrating last night, but Baz admits she went home alone and got drunk.
Eve finds Karen struggling back from the toilets. She helps her back, then goes to find Tina in the staffroom. She tells Tina she's sorry about the mugging, but she must remain professional and compassionate towards the patients. She notices Tina putting things in bags and asks what she's doing. Tina tells her she's leaving because the hospital isn't safe. She shoves one of the victim support leaflets in Eve's face, and says she isn't prepared to become a victim. Eve realises something serious has happened and asks Tina to tell her what happened when she was attacked. Tina tries to leave, but Eve stands in front of the door and asks her again. Tina breaks down and tells Eve she was raped. Eve hugs her. Tina says she thought she was going to die. She kept expecting someone to come, but eventually she realised no one would. She was paralysed with fear and couldn't defend herself. Tina says it was all her fault, she shouldn't have been so nice, and Eve realises she knew her attacker. Tina tells her it was a patient's relative and it happened in the room next to the toilets. Eve tells her it's not her fault.
Outside, Mike watches Sam running up and down looking for Sunny. He lights a fag, thinking he's safe, but Sunny comes looming up out of the shadows and grabs him. He tells Mike that this time he'll get Karen to press charges. Sam tries to pull them apart. Mike shouts at Sunny that Karen prefers him to Sunny -she contacted him this time. Sam pulls Sunny off and Sunny goes back inside to see Karen. He asks her why she went back to Mike. She says usually things are really good between them. Sunny can't understand why she just won't leave. She tells Sunny she's not coming back to the flat. He says it's over, and walks away.
Outside, Mike says Sunny is unreasonable and can't understand. He says sometimes Karen just won't stop talking. Sam says "So you hit her to shut her up?!" Mike says Karen does things to wind him up, wearing short skirts and such. His rage just comes out of nowhere, and he can't control himself. Afterwards when she's lying on the floor, he feels disgusted with himself. He says he loves her and she's the only one to ever stand by him. He wants to go back in to see her. Sam says he can't let him -Mike says Sam hasn't listened to a word he's said. Sam responds that it's because he's listened that he can't let him in. He advises Mike to get help, saying it's people like himself who always have to pick up the pieces.
Sam finds Sunny and tells him Mike is gone and he's not coming back. Sunny says it's too late -he's lost Karen. Sam says he'll talk to her. Inside, he asks Karen to hear him out. He knows Karen doesn't really know him, but he tells her how well he knows Sunny. He tells her how upset Sunny is to lose her. He says Mike needs proper help and until then things will never improve. She asks Sam if he's ever been in love, and afraid of losing someone. He says yes and looks away. Sunny comes in and apologises. Karen says she wants to come back to live with Sunny.
Tina doesn't want to be alone, so Eve says she can stay with her. Eve says she needs to clear it with Charlie for them to leave early. Tina doesn't want Charlie to know, she's ashamed. Eve says she won't tell him anything Tina doesn't want her to, but she says Tina should remember how much her friends care. Tina agrees to tell them, and they go see Charlie together.
Afterwards, Charlie gathers the team in admin. He says he has some serious news, and tells them Tina was raped. Everyone is shocked, especially since it was a patient who attacked her. Mark has a go at Elliot, saying it was Tina who always wanted better security. Penny and Josh offer to take Eve and Tina home in the ambulance. Mark is really upset about the incident -he says Tina is just a kid with her whole life ahead of her. George tells him it's up to them to be there for her. Josh tells Penny she can play on the team.
Elliot and Charlie go to find the security video. It hasn't been taped over, but the quality is too bad to see anything. Elliot goes mad with frustration, and has to be restrained by Charlie.
Eve takes Tina to the ambulance. All the team come out to see her. Amy and Sam both hug her, Sunny, Richard and George all offer to do whatever they can. Mark watches from a distance. In the ambulance, she asks Eve what she's going to do. Eve replies "You're going to get through it".

Episode first broadcast Saturday 31st January 1998

Written by Jo Curtin