Series 13 Episode 19:
Written by Tony McHale

Sean is complaining to Chloe that everyone thinks he and Tina are a couple.
Josh tells Penny he's decided to get help to stop his gambling. Penny says she didn't think he'd need it after what he'd been through but Josh says he put a bet on yesterday. He tells Penny he wouldn't have got this far through it without her.
Eve's Romanian friend Marius is in A&E. He has Crohns' disease. Max is curious as to how Eve knows him and if he has a visa or is insured, as he wants to know how Marius will pay for the treatment. She eventually tells him that Marius is a British citizen as he has a British wife. Max asks where his wife is and Eve tells him she is Marius's wife; she married him because this was the only way he could come to Britain and be treated for his illness. She helped Marius rather than anyone else because he was arrested and detained ten years ago after being involved in a civil rights demonstration; he was tortured and the trauma of it probably brought on the Crohn's disease.
Max goes up to see Frank, who is now out of ITU. He tells him he's proud of him for what he did for Alison and her baby. Frank is angry with him and he goes, but then sees a small boy go past on a trolley, and returns. Frank says he's sorry; Max tells him he loves him and Frank asks him to hold him, which he does.
Josh and Penny go out to Kieran Goddard, a fifteen-year-old boy who's been shot in the chest on a council estate. Simon Powell, the head of the Residents' Association, is there, and Kieran's mum Karen is complaining that he never does anything, just holds meetings. She says she knows who shot him, it was Steve Johnstone. Kieran is taken to A&E. There are crowds of people and Simon decides they should do something to get rid of junkies and pushers. He calls them together and they go to Johnstone's flat, demanding that he leave the estate. They beat him up. The police arrive and Simon tells them they've made a citizens' arrest. He is taken to the police station by PC Pat Garratt and his partner, despite his pleas to see a doctor. When he arrives he tells them he's a haemophiliac. The police call an ambulance for him. Before it arrives the mob from the estate have arrived to continue the fight. Nicola Fallon tries to tell Simon that Kieran was not an innocent victim who was caught in the crossfire but was a dealer for Johnstone. Simon refuses to stop the mob, saying that Johnstone should be stopped anyway. They let the ambulance through. Josh and Penny examine him and say they need to get him to A&E immediately; the police say they won't be able to get past the mob until the support team arrives. Chloe and Sean go out to treat him; Sean is reluctant to go. Sean talks to Steve Johnstone and asks if he did it; Steve whispers to him. Chloe is annoyed with Pat Garratt because he isn't bothered whether Steve lives or dies. Sean is amazed that the police knew what Johnstone was up to but hadn't arrested him. Josh criticises him for being na´ve.
Kieran dies in A&E. (Max is reluctant to stop attempting to resuscitate him.) Karen goes in to see him and asks what the needle marks are on his arms; she doesn't want to believe that he's a junkie. She goes back to the flat and finds his needles and a gun in his room. She tells Nicola that she knew really but didn't want to admit it; she thought that if she turned a blind eye it would go away. She blames herself for Kieran's death.
Back at the police station the support team have arrived and they attempt to get attempt to get Steve Johnstone in the ambulance and out of the police station. Nicola gets back and tells Simon that Kieran died. She persuades him to try to call off the mob. He gets their attention and the ambulance tries to get out while he tells them that Kieran is dead, but the news makes them hate Johnstone more than ever and they surround the ambulance and start throwing bricks. The police try to keep them away from the ambulance but some open the doors. Nicola gets crushed under the mob. Chloe sees her fall and she and Sean get to her.
Two men get into the ambulance but then Karen Goddard arrives and shoots Kieran's gun in the air to get everyone's attention. They all stop and listen to her. She tells them that this isn't going to bring Kieran back and tells them to stop. They do. The police take Simon Powell inside.
Steve Johnstone and Nicola are taken to A&E. They are both critically ill. Sean tells Max and Charlie that Steve told him he didn't shoot Kieran.
Pat Garratt talks to Chloe; she's angry with him. He says he was only doing his job. Chloe says she doesn't like his job and she doesn't like him for doing it. She shuts the staffroom door in his face.
Chloe is upset; Sean talks to her and comforts her. She says she just keeps picturing Nicola disappearing under the crowd. She is crying and tells Sean she was scared. She buries her head on his shoulder and he tells her everything will be all right. She says thanks for what he's done. They kiss.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 9th January 1999