The series began with a fire at a school and a car crash involving two members of the team. At Christmas, Amy's baby was born in a petrol station complete with nativity scene. In the next episode Eve was forced to drive as a madman takes a young ill girl hostage, and Max's son Frank was stabbed. Towards the end of the series Charlie and Max heard rumours that either St. Thomas' or Holby A&E would close; when Charlie leaked the story to the press the health authorities were forced to come to a decision, that neither department would close. George and Josh were taken hostage in a bank raid but ended up safely. Sam fell from the balcony and was lying in a pool of blood as the series ended.


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Eve Montgomery (Sister)
Mark Grace (Staff nurse/Emergency Nurse Practitioner)
Sam Colloby (Staff nurse)
Tina Seabrook (Staff nurse)
Chloe Hill (Staff nurse)
Lisa Duffin (Agency nurse/Staff nurse)

Max Gallagher (Consultant)
Georgina Woodman (SHO)
Sean Maddox (SHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Penny Hutchens (Paramedic)

Amy Howard (Receptionist)
Derek Sunderland (Porter)
Adam Osman (Bed manager)


1. Internal Inferno (Part 1)
2. Internal Inferno (Part 2)
3. Honey Bunny
4. The Ties That Bind
5. Toys and Boys
6. Eye Spy
7. A Place of Safety
8. She Loved the Rain
9. Public Service
10. It's Good to Talk
11. Next of Kin
12. Home Truths
13. One from the Heart
14. Trust
15. No Place Like Home
16. Making a Difference
17. Miracle on Casualty
18. New Year and All That
19. Trapped
20. White Lies, White Wedding
21. Team Work
22. Human Traffic
23. Mother's Day
24. Face Value
25. Crazy Love
26. The Hardest Word
27. Love Over Gold (Part 1)
28. Love Over Gold (Part 2)

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