Series 13 Episode 2:
Written by Tony McHale

Laila and Leo take Nick into the hospital. George and Sam run towards the car. George goes for help and Sam stays.
Inside the school, Joe and his friend go out of the toilets as the smoke starts to get in. They get to the gym, where there is a climbing frame up to a window. They start to climb.
Charlie sends Eve out to the car, and asks George to go to the school as no-one else is available. Outside, they have got the lorry driver out but Mark and Julie are still stuck. Eve talks to Julie but Mark is unconscious.
Chloe gets back to Bonnie Russell in the toilets and finds her collapsed on the floor. With the help of another woman she gets her into a wheelchair. Chloe goes and asks Sean for help but he is too busy in resus. She phones the surgical team and asks them to take her direct.
The teenagers arrive in reception. Leo leaves but Laila stays. She tells them Nick has had too much alcohol. They later find out that he had been injecting it. Nick dies.
At the school, the headteacher tells the firemen that a teacher and five pupils are still in there. He then realises that the supply teacher must still be inside. George arrives at the school and goes to the trapped teacher, telling Josh what happened at the hospital. Inside, while Joe and his friend are climbing up, another wall collapses. Joe gets her out onto the roof then turns round and sees the supply teacher and three kids trapped by the flames. He climbs back down and puts some of the flames out with a fire extinguisher so they can make their way to the climbing frame. Outside, the firemen see the girl on the roof and go up to her. Joe helps the teacher and the others (including Murray) to get up and out onto the roof, but then collapses and falls thirty feet to the floor. When they get out, the others tell the firemen about Joe inside, and Josh goes in with them to find him. They get him out but he is badly injured. He is taken in.
Julie is brought out of the car and into resus, complaining. Mark regains consciousness but is confused, talking nonsense.
Richard Russell is asking for his wife. Charlie finds Chloe and she tells him what she did. Charlie is angry and reprimands her strongly. He tells Richard where Bonnie is. Chloe speaks to Richard on his way up to see her, telling him she thinks it was him who injured her. He denies it, saying that it was money lenders; Bonnie was always borrowing money to buy clothes and cosmetics.
Charlie goes to see Laila and tells her about Nick. She says it is her fault; that she got the idea from a medical journal belonging to her dad, a doctor in the hospital. Charlie calls him.
At the school, the firemen tell the head that there were gas canisters there. He says he knows nothing about any gas canisters. Murray's dad and Joe's mum arrive. The head sends them to the hospital, but says he doesn't know how they are.
They finally manage to get Mark out of the car and into resus, where they begin to treat him.
Laila Hegarty's dad arrives and talks to Laila. He tells her it wasn't her fault but she tells him she has to take responsibility for her own actions. Charlie tells them that Nick's parents are on their way.
Joe's dad (Dave) arrives in A&E. As Charlie is on his way to speak to him, Adam complains to him about what Chloe did. Charlie tells Joe's dad that he is critical. Joe's mum (Louise) comes in and they argue, Dave saying that she cares more about Murray than about Joe. Dave is taken to see Joe.
Nick's parents arrive. Sam tells them to wait in the relatives room and goes to tell Charlie. By the time he gets back, Laila is already there and has told them about Nick. They blame her.
In resus, Joe gets worse and his heart stops, but they get him back. Max tells his dad that his chances are slim, and he blames himself.
The girlfriend of Cassie Martin's dad arrives. She tells Amy that the police had got in touch with her because he had been injured, and Amy realises that the lorry driver was Cassie's dad. She hugs Cassie. They later go up to see him; he has had to be admitted but he'll be all right.
The caretaker of the school is in a cubicle, smoking despite the staff telling him he's not allowed. When he is asked about the gas canisters and the fire door, he says he knows nothing about the former and that he checked all the fire doors that morning.
The police arrive to speak to Laila. Before she goes in she tells her dad that she had injected Nick with the alcohol. When she comes out her dad tells Charlie that she had been mixed up; she told the police that it wasn't her.
Mark's sister arrives. Charlie tells her he'll be OK. She goes to see Mark. George offers to look after Jade but she says her sister will look after her.
Max suggests to Charlie that the whole team goes out for a drink after the shift. Charlie agrees and lets the others know. He tells Sean off for not listening to Chloe about Bonnie Russell.
Murray wants to know how Joe is. His mum asks.Charlie tells her how he is, that he is on his way up to ITU. She goes up there.
George and Sunny are in the lift with Mark, taking him up to the scanner. He becomes less responsive. George wants to take him to the scanner which is nearest, but Sunny insists that they go back down to resus. Max sees to Mark and puts a tube down him. George thanks Sunny.
Dave Hancock does not want Louise to be with Joe; he says Joe hates her and blames her for what Murray did to Joe. He says Joe was a hero and sends her away. He blames himself for taking him to school that morning and for not taking him away from that school.
Hannah Martin is brought in by ambulance. She has tried a DIY termination.
Mark's sisters are with him; they say he'll be OK in time. George enters, but goes when she sees them with him.
Sam asks Tina what the problem is with her and Sunny. She tells him she wants to move out of their flat, to get her own space. He tells her it's all right.
The staff make their way out, on the way to the pub. Charlie speaks to George and she tells him she's not with Mark because his family are with him. Charlie asks her about her date. She says she had forgotten about it but decides she'd rather go out with the rest of the team.

Episode first broadcast Sunday 6th September 1998