Series 13 Episode 9:
Written by Gillian Richmond

Eve puts a pile of paperwork on Charlie's desk, and puts his photo of him and Louis back out, looking at it with contempt(?).
Charlie is driving along when a man (Pete Banks) runs into the road in front of him. He swerves to avoid him and stops. Pete is calling for help. They go in to his flat and Charlie calls an ambulance on his mobile phone (Charlie with a mobile phone? What's happening to the world?) Inside the flat, Pet's wife Katherine is lying on the floor, bleeding. The flat is a mess and the phone line had been cut. Pete says it was intruders, but Katherine says she' can't remember what happened.
Adam asks Sam if he had a good weekend. Sam says he was working and Adam says he's working too hard. Chloe asks Sean if he went to Eugene's funeral; he says he did. Eve asks him the same question, and he says it was the least he could do.
Josh and Penny arrive at Pete and Katherine's flat.
Some teenage girls are getting into a minibus. One girl, Lisa, is about to light a cigarette, and another girl, Sally, asks if it makes her feel tough, and says that they know different. Their teacher (Wendy Prescot) sends the girls into the minibus, and asks to have a word with Lisa. She tells Lisa not to worry about yesterday, and says that she's scared of heights herself. Lisa says she wasn't scared, she just didn't see the point of going up a cliff just to comes down.
Katherine is in the ambulance, and asks Pete about their son. Pete tells her he's staying with his grandparents.
Sunny is going through reception with a wheelchair. An old woman (Nell Smith) is carried in, she asks Sunny if the wheelchairs free and the guy carrying her puts her down. She tips him and tells Sunny she needs to see a doctor. Katherine is taken into resusc. Penny gives them her details and introduces Pete, making it obvious she thnks he attacked her.
At reception, Nell Smith tells Duffy she fell down the stairs. Duffy asks Amy if she's OK. She asks Nell to wait, but Nell says she can't move the wheelchair, and asks for the nice young man. Sunny arrives and moves her, and she offers to read him poetry.
George asks Katherine what happened. Katherine says she doesn't want the police. Pete interrupts George's treatment, asking about painkillers for Katherine. Charlie takes him out of resusc and into the relatives' room. He says he doesn't want the police. Eve asks Charlie if she can speak to him, and asks if it's a good time to hand over the office.
George and Tina are talking about Katherine. Tina suspects Pete of raping her. George tells Ketherine that there is blood in her urine and she needs an IVU and to see the urologist, as she may have a problem with her kidneys.
The minibus full of girls is driving along. Sally is teasing Lisa about being weak again. The other girls are laughing at Lisa. Lisa gets out of her seat, grabs Sally's sunglasses and throws them out of the window. The teacher turns to see what all the fuss is, and when she turns back the minibus is heading into the back of a tractor. She swerves to the side of the road, and rides up a bank and the minibus turns onto its side.
Josh and Sunny are admiring the car Josh has bought (the one he was looking at last week). Josh and Penny get called to the RTA.
Tina asks George if she's going to call the police. George doesn't want to; she says it would be breaking patient confidentiality and losing Katherine's trust. Tina is upset and goes out.
The girls are out of the minibus. Lisa looks in the back of the minibus. The teacher is still inside, injured. The ambulance arrives.
Tina tries to persuade Charlie to get the police. He says her judgement is clouded and that he believes Pete that it was intruders. he says he'll think about calling the police.
The paramedics lift Wendy (the teacher) into the ambulance. Lisa wants to go in the same ambulance but they won't let her.
Nell Smith is reading poetry to Sean as he examines her ankle. She says she tripped over her carpet and fell on her ankle. He says she'll need an X-ray, and she asks for the very tall fellow. Sean points out that her book is upside-down, and says he'll check out her vision after they've seen to her ankle.
Charlie asks Max if Sean asked him before going to Eugene's funeral. Max says he didn't. Charlie says it could be seen as excessive personal involvement. Max says it couls also be seen as compassion.
Pete asks how long till they get the results of the tests; Tina just says "soon". George tells him they'll get Katherine a ward bed as soon as possible. She leaves the cubicle and then asks Charlie where Adam is and where the urologist is - Charlie can't help.
Katherine tells Pete she remembers what happened. He says it's all his fault, but she says it isn't. He is holding her close to him. Charlie hears what they were saying. Pete says he'll try to sort a bed out for her.
Wendy is brought into resusc. Sally and Lisa are waiting by admin. Sally says it's all Lisa's fault. Pete asks Charlie what's happening, and Charlie says they're waiting for a bed and for the urologist, and says he doesn't know where Adam is when Pete asks for the bed manager.
Wendy has fractured both legs.
Sam is treating Lisa. He goes to get some stuff, and Lisa leaves the cubicle. Charlie stops her going into resusc and tells Sam to keep her under control. Charlie asks Duffy's advice about whether to get the police for Katherine. Duffy says it would be a waste of time if they were called and Ketherine refused to make a complaint. Charlie says he doesn't think Pete hurt her. George shows Charlie Katherine's IVU results, saying, "I don't believe this."
Pete is hassling Amy about Katherine and about where The bed manager is. Adam arrives.
Max tells Sean off for going to the funeral. He says he thinks Sean crossed the line between professional compassion and private sympathy. George tells Max that Katherine only has one kidney, which is now damaged. Urology is still not responding to her calls, and Max tels her he'll get a urologist himself.
Lisa looks into resusc and sees her teacher there. Eve asks if she can help her, and she goes.
Adam tells Pete there will be a bed for Katherine by the evening, saying that the hospital is completely full. He turns his back on him to speak on the phone, but Pete continues to hassle him. Adam tells him to go away. Pete grabs him and knocks him over, making him cut his head. Sam tells Adam he should get it checked out. Pete goes outside. Amy faints.
Pete is sitting on the bench outside. Two men are standing outside reception looking at him.
Duffy takes Amy to a cubicle. Amy objects but Duffy and Charlie insist.
Tina is about to do obs on Katherine but Eve asks her to do something else instead. Tina insists. Charlie asks Tina if she's busy, and when she says she's doing Katherine's obs he tells her to go ahead. He asks Chloe to look after reception. Sam asks Charlie where to put Adam. Charlie says he'll call the police. When he reaches towards Adam Adam avoids him. Adam says he doesn't want any fuss.
The two men who were watching Pete ask how Katherine is (obviously not out of concern for her well-being). He says they need to talk.
Tina asks Katherine if she's sure there's no-one she wants to talk to. Katherine is sure.
One of the men with Pete ask if they've got an understanding that he won't call the police. He says things have to be done to put things back in balance, and tells Pete he owes them. They walk off, and Pete says he'll go to the police. They get out a photo of his son.
George asks Katherine how the pain is, and asks about the fact that she only has one kidney. Katherine didn't know. George tells her there is bleeding around her kidney, but it's too early to say if she'll lose it.
Duffy is treating Amy. Amy asks how the desk is, and Duffy tells her not to worry about it. She asks Amy to give a urine sample.
Lisa is waiting in reception. Eve asks if she's all right. Lisa asks if her teacher will die, and Eve says she's OK apart from her broken legs. She asks Lisa if she wants to see her teacher. Lisa goes in and tells Wendy it was her fault. Wendy says it doesn't matter. Lisa says sorry and goes. Wendy tells Eve that was the one word she never thought she'd hear Lisa say. Eve says she envies Wendy's job, as she must get a real sense of achievement.
Penny talks to George about Katherine. Tina says that perhaps castration is the answer. Chloe asks Duffy if she's missed something. Duffy says that Tina's upset about Katherine. Chloe doesn't get it but Duffy more or less tells her that Tina was raped (Who told Duffy, anyway?).
Sean examines Nell's eyes, and says she has chronic open-angle glaucoma. She's worried about wearing glasses but he says she won't need to. He says she needs to see a specialist. He asks Sunny to persuade her to accept help.
Sam is about to clean up Adam's cut, without wearing gloves. Adam points this out; Sam isn't bothered but Adam tells him he should stick to the procedure to avoid infection. He tells Sam he's HIV positive.
Nell recites some poetry to Sunny. He tries to persuade her to see the specialist. He says it would be a shame not to read all the poetry she doesn't know.
Sam asks Adam why he told him; he thinks it's because he's gay and will understand and make the right noises. Sam says he's sorry about it but he can't help. Adam says he thought they were friends. Pete comes and says sorry to Adam. He goes out and asks Charlie how Katherine is. He says he needs to talk to Charlie but Charlie says he hasn't got time. Pete says there's something Charlie needs to know.
Adam tells Sam he was in a road accident and was given a blood transfusion, which is where he got the infection. He found out last winter. Sam is not being very sypathetic. Adam tells Sam he's the first person to know.
Chloe asks Tina about her being raped, and asks why she didn't tell her if they are friends. Tina says it's no big deal.
Two policeman arrive, and tell Charlie they're here about a domestic assault case, involving Katherine Banks.
Pete tells Katherine he wishes he hadn't gone down the pub. Chloe tells them the police are outside. Katherine is getting worse. Chloe tells George, and George and Tina see to her. They take her up to theatre as theurologist finally arrives.
Sunny offers to got to see Nell, and says he can mend her carpet and she can teach him about poetry. She says there is nothing wrong with her carpet; she tripped because she couldn't see the stairs. Her taxi arrives. She tries to tip Sunny but he tells her to put the money away. He says he'd like to round and see her, but only if she keeps her appointment with the specialist.
Katherine is on her way to theatre. Pete follows as far as he's allowed.
Charlie asks for a word with Tina. He accuses her of calling the police. She denies it but he doesn't believe her. George comes in and says she called the police. Charlie sends Tina out and has a go at George. She says she's not answerable to Charlie, and she was responsible for her patient. Charlie tries to tell her that Pete didn't do it; she tries to show him that it could have been Pete. Charlie tells her that Pete's asked for katherine to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases because she was raped; George says Pete should have tols them about the rape earlier. She tells Charlie he doesn't have the monopoly on being right.
Tina and Chloe talk about her rape. Tina says she didn't tell Chloe because she wants to forget about it. Chloe says she doesn't think that's healthy. Tina says that as a friend Chloe should respect what she wants. Chloe says that's OK.
Pete asks Charlie how Katherine is; Charlie doesn't know if she'll be all right. He tells Pete to take a break and says he'll get him if Katherine needs him.
Sean tells Amy she has gestational diabetes. Duffy comes in and says that it isn't the same as being diabetic, and that it's quite common. Duffy says that she and the baby will both be fine. Amy says that her pregnancy has been one worry after another: will the baby be OK, how will she manage after it's born. She says she wishes she wasn't doing it all by herself.
Pete tells Charlie he witnessed a knifing outside a pub a year ago. he went to the police and the knifer was put away for four years because of him. The knifer's brothers found out where he lived. They turned up last night adn he froze; they tied him to a chair and made him watch them rape his wife. He says he can't tell the police the truth, as they've threatened his son. He says he has a choice: to tells the police the truth or to take the blame and that would be the end. He says that if they remove Katherine's kidney, she'll be on dialysis for the rest of her life, all because he did the responsible thing. He asks Charlie what he would do, but Charlie can't answer that.
Sam tells Adam he should take it easy. Adam says sorry and that it was wrong to tell him. Sam asks if he has any real friends. Adam says if they're people who'll listen and not judge, then he hasn't. He says it isn't Sam's problem, and says he's sorry he told him.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 24th October 1998