Series 14 Episode 19:
Written by Katharine Way

Max drives Tina to work, but drops her off outside and asks her to tell people she got the bus. She asks if he's ashamed of her; he says he isn't, but he doesn't want everyone talking. He says he's going to see Frank at lunchtime at his work, and tell him about her. Frank is pleased at the news.
Frank finds a junkie unconscious outside his flat. He calls an ambulance, and a man turns up in a paramedic's uniform. He says he'll give the guy penicillin; Frank says even he knows you can't give a junkie penicillin. The man hears a siren and runs. Josh and Penny pull up in their ambulance. Frank asks them about the man. Josh says he's Richard Fowler, a bogus paramedic, who listens in to their radio and gets there first. He says the police can't do anything until he actually does some damage. They take the junkie to A&E, and Patrick takes charge of the resuscitation. Duffy, Barney and Adam realise the patient won't make it and suggest they stop, but Patrick refuses. He's rude to them and insults Barney because he's Scottish. When he eventually gives up, Duffy has a go at him for the way he behaved. He says all that matters is doing a good job -he doesn't get paid for being the nicest person on A&E.
Adam is treating a young boy, Robbie Welsh, who keeps saying the opposite of anything anyone says. Adam is humouring him. Patrick, treating a patient in the next cubicle, is annoyed by the constant "Did! Didn't" and opens the curtains to have a go at Adam. Adam says he's doing his job, and that this is the way he does it. He closes the curtain in Patrick's face. Patrick later apologises to Adam for overreacting, but says he should be careful of the way he does his job, because he's homosexual and patients might not be comfortable with it. Adam says only the ignorant ones would react like that. He winds Patrick up by asking him out for a drink, saying he's seen the way he looks at him. Patrick says he's got a girlfriend; Adam asks if there's a part of him he's denying.
Sarah Palmer pretends she's ill; her mother Caroline doesn't believe her. Sarah is constantly sulking, saying that her mother is always picking on her, and always fusses over her brother Alex, who has just had a kidney transplant. Sarah goes out into the garden and picks some foxgloves. Alex sees her as she comes in with them. He asks why she's got them, saying they're poisonous. He is going to tell their mum but Sarah threatens to kill him if he does. Later Sarah is sick; her mum goes towards her but Sarah yells at her and runs out of the house. She tips over a bike into her mum's path; Caroline trips on it and injures herself. Alex calls an ambulance; Richard Fowler turns up. He goes inside to Sarah and picks her up. He takes her to his car, saying that another ambulance will be there for Caroline. Josh and Penny arrive; they are very worried when they realise that Richard has taken Sarah, but don't say anything to Caroline. When they get to A&E, Holly recognises Alex as he was her patient when she worked in paediatrics. Alex knows that Richard isn't a real paramedic. Holly and Chloe are trying to comfort him when Sarah comes into reception. She is taken to be treated. Chloe asks Alex if he knows what Sarah has taken; Alex doesn't want to tell because he is scared of Sarah, but eventually tells her.
Duffy treats Caroline, who has a broken leg. She tells her that Sarah probably made herself ill to get some attention. Sarah is moved next to her mum. Caroline says they used to think that Alex was going to die, and wanted to spend time with him while they could, and in doing to they forgot Sarah. She says she's sorry and she still cares about her. Sarah is feeling repentant and offers to help out around the house until her mum is better.
Tina says something to Adam about Reuben. Adam is surprised she knows, but Tina says she won't spread it around. Adam complains that he can't dance, and Tina makes him dance with her in the staff room for practice. Patrick and Holly come in. Holly is amused, but Patrick isn't.
Josh and Penny are called out to a shopping centre, where Robbie Welsh's pregnant mother Lisa has fainted. Richard Fowler is already there. He has injected something and Lisa is now short of breath. When Josh says that Richard is a bogus paramedic, Lisa's husband Keith lunges for him. Josh stops him going any further but asks him to hold onto him until the police can pick him up. Josh asks what Richard has given her; he eventually says it was penicillin. Lisa has had an allergic reaction. She is taken to A&E, and should be OK. Richard is taken to A&E to patch up his face after Keith's attack. He tells Josh he just wanted to help people after his wife died - the penicillin was prescribed for her.
Chloe knows Tina has a new man and is trying to find out more. Chloe also has a new boyfriend. Tina says something about it being strange to see someone you already knew in a different light. Chloe asks if it's Frank; Tina says she's close and Chloe realises it's Max. She looks shocked, but not as shocked as Duffy, who has overheard. When Chloe has gone, Duffy goes up to Tina and says, "I was just wondering if Max got involved with you before or after he broke up with me." She makes some comment about Tina being half Max's age; Tina asks about Duffy's husband and kids and Duffy says it's none of her business.
Angie goes to the drugs counselling centre for the first time. She tells Frank she wants to get clean; she used to pay for her habit by prostitution but wants to stop. Frank says that their doctor will prescribe methadone, but she has to wait. As she is waiting, two men approach her and start telling her that the people in this place can't get their act together properly and she should go to them for help instead. Frank appears and recognises them as drug dealers. He tells them to leave and threatens to call the police. They go. Frank tells Angie she'll have to wait another hour or two, as their doctor is ill; Angie tells him to forget it and leaves after the drug dealers. They take her in their car and offer her some heroin; she says she can't pay for it. They tell her to find the money and arrange to meet her later. Angie is desperate.
At the end of the shift, Max is waiting for Tina. Tina asks him why he didn't tell her about Duffy, and thinks she's been two-timed again. Max tells her that he and Duffy were over weeks ago. Tina says she was stupid to believe what he said about being in love with her, and has a go at him for encouraging Duffy to be unfaithful to her husband. Max says he isn't two-timing her and didn't plan any of it; he says he meant what he said. Tina says she doesn't think he knows what he wants; she goes home alone.
Angie is sitting in the hospital car park as Adam goes to his car at the end of the shift. He asks if she's OK. She comes towards him, then suddenly attacks him, beating him up to get his money. She runs, and Chloe and Barney, who have heard the commotion, rush to help Adam. He is bleeding and tries to stop them touching him, telling them to go home. They're not paying any attention, so Adam tells them he's HIV positive.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 8th January 2000

Pictures provided by Chris Leader