Series 14 Episode 30:
Written by Katharine Way

Holly gets up and bends over to see how Gemma is. Joanne goes back inside to fetch Jake and Zoe. When she returns she screams at Holly not to touch Gemma but Holly says that Gemma's her patient. Joanne walks away Jake and Zoe. Gemma and Holly are taken to Holby A&E; Holly wants to stay with Gemma but is persuaded to be treated as her arm and face are bleeding. The police have been called, and stay round A&E in case Joanne turns up. When Holly has been treated, Max comes in and tells her Gemma will be OK. He reproves her for refusing to wear a collar. He asks how she got involved, and says she's done this before, saving the world in her lunch break. He says that next time she should stop and think; he says she could have avoided getting involved in other people's lives. Holly says she knows she's screwed up. She goes in to see Gemma. Gemma asks her not to tell the police, but Holly says she already has. Gemma says her mum will go to prison and they'll all be split up. Holly says she can't promise that they won't be split up but tries to tell her that everything will be OK.
Katie runs out of the hospital, looking for Sean. She finds him and tells him what Byron told her about Tina. Sean says he'll look for Tina, telling Katie to go back to her dad; Katie gives him the keys to her car. He drives up the road, but passes Tina without seeing her. He reaches Byron's truck and stops. He gets out and looks around, calling her. He finds her photo of him in the middle of the road. He gets back into the car and heads back the way he came, still looking out for her. Eventually he finds her, lying where she collapsed. He runs up to her, and when he realises she is still breathing, he kisses her. He picks her up and takes her back to the truck and back to Katie's.
Paul is taken to Holby A&E. In resusc, Adam finds an arterial bleed; Patrick tells him to stop it with his finger, but Adam says it's best if someone else does it. Patrick has a go at him, saying that he's not up to scratch. Later Adam asks him what his problem is. Patrick says he doesn't have a problem with Adam being gay; his attitude would be the same Adam was straight with HIV. He says that Adam can't do the job properly in resusc, which is what counts, and there are plenty of nurses out there who can. Adam asks what about the bits of nursing he can do; Patrick says he does them brilliantly but that doesn't count for anything in his book.
Paul's mate Chris comes to see him, but is awkward around him now he knows Paul is a haemophiliac. He says he's sorry for doing what they did, but Paul says he wanted them to do it. Chris goes, and Jenny comes in to see him. Paul is upset that she told everyone about his haemophilia, saying he'll lose another lot of friends. Jenny asks what that says about them, but Paul says that's not the problem - he's the one who'll be all alone again. Jenny says she'll still be there - she's always known and it didn't make any difference. She says he doesn't have to prove anything. Later Chris comes back, and starts talking to Paul about a holiday rock climbing in Wales when he's fit. Paul is enthusiastic, but Jenny looks worried. Paul says his friends will look after him, and says it's what he wants.
Ruth is with Martin Cross. He tells her to go, saying he wants to be alone. She does so after saying goodbye. Martin tells Patrick that he's not afraid of death, but of dying. Patrick tries again to persuade Martin to let them call his mother. Martin is deteriorating, but says, "Get her," before he stops breathing. He is taken to resusc, and his mum is called. Eventually she arrives; Martin isn't conscious but she's able to say goodbye to him. Outside resusc, Adam makes a comment about Patrick almost showing some warmth. Patrick says that he never had chance to say goodbye to his mum - she died when he was ten and didn't want him to see her when she was ill, he says she had her dignity. He says he knows she loved him. Later Patrick says sorry to Adam; he tells Adam he meant what he said about not caring whether he's gay or not. He tells Adam never to stop doing the work he can do, saying he's too good, before adding, "You big pouf!" Adam grins as Patrick leaves.
Patrick asks Holly if she's giving herself a hard time. Holly says yes; she tells him that everyone thinks she saved Gemma's life when in fact Gemma only got hurt because she was trying to protect Holly. Patrick says that she's the reason Gemma's still alive. Holly says she just lied to Gemma, telling her everything would be OK, when in truth Joanne will go to prison and the kids will end up in foster care. Patrick says lots of people see parents beating up kids but just turn a blind eye; Holly says she can't do that and he says she can't sort things out all by herself. Patrick hugs her and tells her she's the best SHO in the room; Holly looks round and says she's the only SHO in the room. Patrick tells her not to beat herself up over this; he says there are a lot more serious things wrong with her that she needs to sort out. Holly says, "I really do hate you, you know," and lets him hug her again. Patrick replies, "I know, and it means a lot to me."
Katie, back at her place, tells Sean that Tina's awake. He says he doesn't know what to say to her. Katie gives him a box belonging to Tina that the police found in Byron's car, saying that maybe it will change his mind. Sean opens it; inside are some rings. Later Sean and Tina take a walk through the bush. Sean asks what if he and Australia aren't everything she wants. Tina says she doesn't care where they are; he's everything she wants. Sean shows Tina the rings and asks if she came out here to ask him to marry her. Tina says no. Sean says it's his turn; he asks her to marry him; she says yes.
Joanne arrives outside A&E with Jake and Zoe. She asks Jake to go in, find Holly, and bring her out. She tells Jake she loves him and she'll never hurt him again; Jake asks about Gemma and Joanne says she loves Gemma too. Jake goes in and fetches Holly out. Joanne says she didn't mean to hurt Holly. She asks to see Gemma. Holly tells Joanne that the police are already here. Joanne persuades Holly to let her go in and see Gemma, to explain things to her. On the way in, a police officer spots them and follows them. They go into resusc and Joanne is about to talk to Gemma when the police come in and try to take Joanne. Joanne and Gemma call out for each other. The police arrest Joanne and drag her away from her children. She calls out to Gemma that she loves her; Gemma says, "I love you too, mum."
Charlie announces that St. Thomas' A&E is now open, and suggests they all go home and leave it to the next shift. Duffy asks if it's true that Leona's turned her life around and it's down to him. Charlie says, "Well I have been nursing for some years now, Duffy." Duffy replies, "Yes, I know, I was there." He says he'll catch her at the pub. Everyone is about to set off for the pub when the phone rings. Amy answers it - it's Tina. She tells Amy that she and Sean are getting married, but asks her not to say anything until she's told Max. She speaks to Max and tells him, saying she didn't want him to hear from someone else. She says she's the happiest she's been in her life and says in some ways it's down to him. She says she misses them all, and hangs up. Sean tells her he loves her. Max tells everyone the news. Amy asks him if he's OK; Max says he is, it's not really Tina he misses.
Charlie comes out of his office to see Leona. She wants to talk to him; Charlie, exasperated, tries to avoid her and tells her not to follow him. She tells him she went to see the psychiatrist and it was brilliant. Charlie says he's going to the loo; she follows him, saying it was all down to him. He goes in, saying sarcastically that it's very kind of her to say so. He shuts the door behind him, leaning against it to stop her coming in; he's pretty worked up. Leona, offended, walks away, sobbing that she loves him. Inside, Charlie suddenly clutches his chest, and falls to the floor…

Episode first broadcast Saturday 25th March 2000

Pictures provided by Chris Leader