Series 15 Episode 10:
Written by Len Collin

Charlie comes into A&E with Louis, to give Duffy a birthday card. She opens it and it has an "I am 40" badge on it, which Charlie makes her wear. Charlie mentions Andrew coming to work in A&E, and Duffy makes it clear that she's not looking forward to it. Charlie is going out for the day with Louis, but before he goes, he checks with Amy to make sure that the cake is ready for tonight after work - he says he's asked Max to get Duffy to the pub. Max asks Duffy is she wants to go for a drink, to make sure there are no bad feelings left after the other day, Duffy says no - she's going out for a meal with Andrew, and it wouldn't feel right. Max asks Dan if he can persuade Duffy to go to the pub on the pretext of something to do with work. Dan agrees. He asks Max if he can return the favour by sharing his office with Andrew when he arrives; Max refuses. When Dan asks Duffy, she agrees to go to the pub with him.
Mel and Finlay are observing on A&E for the day. Mel helps Colette deal with Luke Armitage, who is dressed as a mutant warrior timelord and has got a metal band (Voltard's bracelet) stuck on his wrist. His mother urges them to hurry up as he has to be a pageboy at his cousin's wedding. Mel plays along with the mutant warrior timelord theme, despite Mrs. Armitage's disapproval. They end up having to saw the band off. Mrs. Armitage rushes to the toilets to get Luke changed into his page boy outfit. He comes out wearing it with his time lord boots - it was the only way he would agree to wear the outfit.
Kim is arranging an exhibition of the work of Vincent Quinn, who is imprisoned after murdering his foster parents. Janine Harrison, his art teacher at the prison, has given Kim the work. Janine shows Kim one painting, entitled, "The Last Supper", and points out to her the two who were murdered, and Vincent, but says she doesn't know who the other person in the painting, a girl, is. The painting is dedicated "To the survivor." Kim's phone rings; it is someone from the prison governor's office, wanting to speak to Janine. She is told that Vincent has attacked himself with a knife. Janine passes on the news to Kim, saying that Vincent is being taken to Holby A&E, and says she has to go to speak to the governor.
Vincent Quinn is brought into A&E with two guards, handcuffed to one of them. The staff complain that it's making it difficult for them to treat him, but the guards refuse to remove the handcuffs. Finlay is asked if he wants to follow Vincent's case, and Fin agrees. He sympathises with Vincent, and eventually finds out that Vincent has been in prison for the last fifteen years after committing the double murder when he was 15. Kim arrives in A&E and asks to see Vincent, but is told she isn't allowed. Vincent is wheeled past as Duffy is telling her this, and she follows the trolley. Vincent looks up and exclaims, "Kim!" Kim attacks him, calling him a murderer. She is held off, but spits at him. Duffy takes her to the relatives' room. Kim admits that it was her parents who Vincent murdered - this is the first time she's seen him since. She tells Duffy that Vincent had been living with them for years. He murdered her parents whilst she was away at university. She says maybe she wants to see him to find out why he did it, maybe she wants revenge, or maybe she just wants a connection with the past, with her parents. She says it would help to talk to him. Duffy says she'll try to persuade the guards to let her speak to him. They eventually agree, and she goes in. She asks what they did to hurt him. He tells her that he heard her parents discussing getting rid of him. He said he'd finally found a place he could call home, but they rejected him too. He heard them saying that they'd have more freedom to live their lives without him, and that they'd supported him long enough. He went in to confront them and they denied everything they'd said. Something in him just snapped, and he attacked them with a kitchen knife. Kim says she's seen his paintings, and tells him she and Janine are organising an exhibition of them. Vincent gets upset, saying they were the only private part of him left, and that no one was supposed to see them - it was his way of dealing with what he did. Kim says it was her way of dealing with what he did. Vincent says, "So that's why you're here," and asks if she's got what she came for. Kim says it's a start. As he is leaving, Fin asks Vincent if he can to come to visit him, and Vincent agrees. Kim watches as Vincent is driven off. Janine arrives. Kim tells her that if she can learn to forgive him, maybe he can forgive himself. She admits that she's the survivor from the painting.
Brothers Larry and Bill Clark are brought into A&E, accompanied by Bill's daughter Grace. They fell over in the Remembrance Day parade to the Cenotaph. Bill accuses Larry of tripping up what's left of his parachute regiment; Larry says that the paratrooper in front of him didn't know how to mark time, so he fell over him. They are continually arguing, and refuse to speak to each other. Bill is scornful of Larry as he was a conscientious objector, but worked on the front line with the Red Cross. He was awarded the George Cross, but pawned it because he was short of money. Grace tells Spencer that they've been like this for five years now - it started when Larry broke the two-minute silence to tell Bill his flies were undone. Grace explains the situation to Spencer, and he tells her he was in the Navy, and saw some action. Bill and Larry are arguing again, when Bill suddenly has a heart attack and is rushed into resusc. He recovers, and asks Larry to come to see him. Larry talks to him, saying the five-year silence is over, as life's too short. Each tells the other they're proud of them. They shake hands. On their way out, they start complaining together about the youth of today. Grace says, "I think I preferred it when you weren't talking to each other.
Charlie takes Louis to the zoo. Suddenly a man starts fitting in front of them. Charlie tells Louis to stand still, and goes to help the man, putting him in the recovery position. A zoo worker comes up to help. The man comes out of the fit, and someone asks if they should call an ambulance. Charlie says no, and tells the zoo worker that the man should be OK after a sit down. He turns back to where he left Louis, but Louis has gone. Charlie starts running round the zoo, searching for him. Eventually, looking down through a pool, he sees Louis in an underwater passage below. He heads down to find him, but a man comes up to Louis, and Louis goes off with him. Charlie eventually finds them in a playroom. Louis runs up to hug his dad. Charlie is worried about what the man might have done to Louis, but the man explains that he has a son of his own. He says seeing them earlier reminded him of coming here with his own son. He explains that the boy's mother left, and he hasn't seen him since. Charlie is sympathetic. Louis gives the man one of his dinosaur toys, saying it's for his little boy. Later, Darryl, the man Charlie helped, comes up to him, thanking him for his help and for not making a fuss. Louis tells him his daddy's a nurse, and Darryl says he must be proud of him.
Charlie and Louis head off to the pub to celebrate Duffy's birthday. Dan brings her in, and everyone sings Happy Birthday. Mel asks Fin why he isn't joining in. He tells her that following the prisoner's case got to him. He says Vincent's probably locked up in his cell now. Mel tells Fin that he isn't locked up, and persuades him to have some cake and forget about Vincent. Charlie gives Duffy a present from him and Louis. He tells Duffy that he didn't realise until today how much Louis meant to him, and says he loves him to bits. Duffy says she knows what he means, then says she has to go, to meet Andrew for dinner - she says he's making an effort and she can't let him down. Charlie asks Louis to give Duffy a birthday kiss and a hug, but Louis refuses, burying his head into his dad's shoulder, so Charlie says he'll have to do it instead. Duffy says she has to go, kisses him goodbye, and leaves him with Louis.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 11th November 2000

Additional Cast
Vincent Quinn James Barriscale
Mr Williams John Labanowski
Mrs Armitage Kerry Owen
Luke Armitage Joe Williams
Grace Clarke Karen Lewis
Larry Clarke Patrick Godfrey
Bill Clarke John Normington
Kim Juliette Grassby
Janine Harrison Leni Harper
Lock Gerry Home
Daryl Robertson          Michael Palmer

Pictures provided by Chris Leader