Charlie decided to return to work after his pulmonary embolism. Holby A&E got a new Critical Care Manager, Dan Robinson, a new Health Service Assistant Spencer, and a new staff nurse Colette Kehan.
The department was overrun by the press when Adam's HIV status got into the papers. This ended when Adam made a statement to the press and resigned.
The team were all shaken by Holly's experience when she was stalked by anaesthetist Tom Harvey. She was lured back to her flat, but managed to escape with Dan's help. Tom was arrested.
Duffy's husband Andrew Bower returned to Holby A&E as a locum, helping to cope with the extra patients as Broadway General A&E department is closed for refurbishment. Duffy, pregnant for the third time, took maternity leave.
New student nurse Anna Paul joined the team. At the end of the series Penny left to get to know her father better.
In the last episode of the series Tom returned, and kidnapped Holly. Outside, he bumped into Andrew, sho was surprised to see him. Tom gave him a shove and he fell down some stairs. He was found and taken into resusc but the team were unable to resuscitate him. Charlie had to break the news to the heavily-pregnant Duffy. Holly, however, was saved by Patrick and Dan, and Tom plunged to his death from a fire escape.


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Lisa Duffin (Sister)
Colette Kierney (Staff nurse)
Chloe Hill (Staff nurse)
Adam Osman (Staff nurse)
Barney Wolfe (Staff nurse)
Anna Paul (Student nurse)

Max Gallagher (Consultant)
Patrick Spiller (Special registrar)
Andrew Bower (Locum)
Holly Miles (SHO)
Tom Harvey (Anaesthetist)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Penny Hutchens (Paramedic)
Finlay Newton (Paramedic)
Mel Dyson (Paramedic)

Amy Howard (Receptionist)
Jack Vincent (Receptionist)
Dan Robinson (Critical Care Manager)
Spencer (Health Service Assistant)


1. Phoenix
2. Accidents Happen
3. Getting to Know You
4. Too Tight to Mention
5. Choked (Part 1)
6. Choked (Part 2)
7. Travelling Light
S. Sympathy for the Devil
8. No More Mr Nice Guy
9. States of Shock
10. Marking Time
11. Starting Over
12. If You Go Down to the Wards Today
13. Coming Clean
14. Chinese Whispers
15. A Turn of the Scrooge
16. Merry Christmas Dr Spiller
17. Epiphany
18. On the Edge
19. Girl Power
20. Heart of Gold
21. Better Safe Than Sorry
22. Something from the Heart
23. Big Mistake
24. Ambulance Chaser
25. Scent of the Roses
26. Breaking point
27. Lost and Found
28. Kindness of Strangers
29. Only You
30. Allied Forces
31. Heroes and Villains
32. The Long Road Home
33. Mix and Match
34. Breaking the Spell (Part 1)
35. Breaking the Spell (Part 2)


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