Series 15 Episode 17:
Written by Suzie Smith

It's the nightshift on New Year's Eve. Barney arrives back at work after his leave. He thanks Charlie for the time off. Charlie asks him if things will be easier between him and Spencer, and Barney says he doesn't have a problem with Spencer. Spencer wants to put their differences behind them, and asks Barney to shake his hand, but Barney refuses and tells Spencer to stop bothering him.
Duffy asks Colette about her avoiding kissing Josh under the mistletoe. Colette says she hates mistletoe, and she hates kissing in public. Duffy asks if she'd have kissed him in private, but Colette avoids the question, saying that she and Josh are just friends. Charlie asks Duffy how she's coping. She tells him Andrew doesn't want the baby, and Charlie is sympathetic.
Sally is hanging round A&E; she's a regular. She gives Amy some sweets to hand round to the staff. Charlie tells Dan she's just lonely. Max is due to tell the parents of a young girl that their daughter has died, but is called away. When he arrives in the relatives room, he finds that Sally has already told them. When Charlie realises this, he throws her out, telling her not to interfere with hospital business. She goes out, and sees people going in to a party in the building opposite. She heads towards it, edging past a hole dug as part of work to fix a burst water main, but slips and falls into the hole. She is unable to get out, and starts calling for help, but her cries are drowned out by the music from the party. Barney and Spencer go to the entrance of A&E, Spencer still trying to sort things out between him and Barney. He hears Sally's cries and persuades a reluctant Barney to go with him to investigate. They find Sally. Spencer says they should call the fire brigade to get her out, but Sally begs them just to lift her out. Barney, telling Spencer not to say anything, jumps into the hole and lifts her out, but gets his foot stuck under a pipe. He tells Spencer to take Sally inside, then come back to help him out. Spencer does so, and they tell the staff that Sally fell off a kerb. Spencer is on his way back out when Amy asks him to take care of reception for a few minutes. Spencer can't tell her about Barney so he agrees. Meanwhile, Barney is trying to free himself. He grabs onto a pipe above him to pull himself up, but the pipe comes loose and water spurts from it, filling the hole. The water is getting deep by the time Spencer comes back. Spencer gets into the hole and dives down to try to free Barney. Eventually he manages it and they both head back inside, dripping wet. Charlie sees them in the staff room and asks what was going on. Each of them says it was their fault. Charlie tells them angrily to just get back to work ASAP. Later, Barney asks Spencer to shake hands, and they do so.
Patrick checks Sally's chest X-ray; she has no broken ribs but he sees something unusual and asks her if she has had TB. Sally says she did. She tells Colette that she and her brother both had it at the same time, and were taken to the same hospital. She says they had a really good time - the best time of her life. It wasn't until she came out of hospital that her parents told her that her brother had died. She asks how anyone could not tell someone that the person they loved most had died, and says that's why she had to tell those parents about their daughter.
James and Sophie go to a New Year's party together. They are both single, and just good friends, although James acts as if he wants to be more than that. Sophie, coming downstairs, trips and falls to the bottom, onto a table full of glasses. She is seriously injured and is taken to Holby A&E. James tells Holly that he and Sophie have been friends for years, and he doesn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. Patrick tells James that Sophie is still seriously ill but is now more stable, and James goes to talk to her before she goes to theatre. He tells her she's beautiful, and that he loves her and wants to take care of her. Sophie is too weak to reply, but she smiles.
Holly has received a birthday card saying, "Happy Birthday. Wish I was spending it with you." She thinks Patrick has sent it, but Patrick denies this, saying he doesn't do cards. As midnight approaches, Dan gathers the staff in admin for a little celebration. Chloe does the countdown and as the new year begins there are hugs and kisses all round. Dan kisses Holly as Patrick looks on. Josh and Colette kiss and hug, and as they move apart, Josh gets a call before they need to speak, and looks relieved. No one wants to start singing Auld Lang Syne, but Sally, from her cubicle, starts singing and everyone joins in.
Holly is treating Johnny, who has collapsed because of an abscess on his leg, due to injecting drugs. He doesn't want to be there. Holly calls in Patrick to take a look, and he tells Johnny that if it's not treated he could die. Holly tries to persuade him to stay, but fails, and Johnny leaves. Max sees a young lad, Ben, hanging round the cubicles. Ben tells Max he's looking for his mate, and Max leaves him. As a cubicle is emptied, Ben goes in, and empties the bin onto a trolley, looking for needles. Max hears the noise and looks in. He realises what Ben is doing, saying it doesn't take a doctor to realise, just a parent. He tells Ben that Frank was a junkie but got help. Ben asks him for methadone, but Max says they don't have any. He gives him a bag of needles, though, telling him that at least he won't get infected if he uses them. Ben leaves, and goes round to Johnny's place, asking for some gear. Johnny refuses, reminding Ben that it was his New Year's resolution to give it up. He tries to persuade Ben to go back to his mum, but Ben says his stepdad will only beat him up again. Johnny goes out, and Ben injects some stuff. When Johnny returns he finds Ben in a coma, and calls an ambulance. Johnny is taken to A&E, and Max, with the team, saves his life. Johnny calls Ben's mother Amanda. She arrives, and blames Johnny for Ben being here, but Johnny says he befriended Ben when he was being beaten up by his stepfather, and Ben was better off with him. Amanda says she didn't know then what her husband was doing. Amanda goes in to see Ben, but Ben won't talk to her. Barney finds the needles in Ben's possessions, and brings them over to Max. Amanda admits to Ben that she's let him down, and apologises, telling him that her husband has gone. She asks him to come home but Ben doesn't want to, saying he's got friends. Amanda says his friends push drugs on him, and says she saw the needles - she thinks Johnny gave them to him. Ben tells her that Max gave them to him. As Max and Charlie are about to go and join the New Year celebrations, she comes up to them, and asks Max for a word. She accuses him of giving Ben the needles. Charlie says this isn't the time or the place, but Max says he knew what he was doing, and gave Ben the clean needles so he wouldn't infect himself. Amanda says Ben could have killed himself with the needles, and almost dies. She says she's going to make sure everyone knows what he did to her son.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 30th December 2000

Additional Cast
Johnny Nicholas Lane
Sally Eliza McClelland
James Ian Embleton
Sophie Ione Brown
Ben Arthur Caulfield
Amanda Lewis          Janet Dibley

Pictures provided by Chris Leader