Series 15 Episode 25:
Written by Susan Boyd

Charlie goes to court for an initial hearing of his case to get custody of Louis. He puts forward his side of the story, and is told that both he and Baz will have to make written statements. As he leaves, the court welfare officer asks to speak to him. He tells Charlie that he has only a slim chance of winning custody, and that he could make things worse: Baz could end up preventing him having any access to Louis, and it would only do Louis harm. Charlie goes to work and Duffy asks how things went. Charlie tells her what the court welfare officer said. Later, he tells her that he's decided to drop the case, as he thinks it will be better for Louis - he couldn't bear never to see him again, and Louis would think he'd abandoned him. He talks about how things will be - he'll be like a distant relation, seeing him only once a year; he'll buy him presents that aren't quite what he wants because he doesn't know him well enough. He says that Louis will be happier, though. Duffy invites him round to supper with her and Andrew. Later, he speaks to Louis on the phone; they say they miss each other.
Jess Gillan is sneaking around a sports warehouse. She spray-paints "Child Slavery" onto the side of a lorry, then goes inside, gets out a knife and starts slitting boxes open and dragging the clothes out onto the floor. Mick Fletcher, a security guard, sees her and tells her to put the knife down. As he approaches her, they recognise each other. It turns out they were together in the sixties, and were at a protest in Paris together - although Mick reminds Jess that they spent most of the time in bed. Jess is disgusted that Mick is working for the company. He tells her he's been married and divorced twice since he knew her. Jess knew his ex-wives and laughs when he tells her who they were. Mick says that when he was with his first wife he joined the family business and even started going to church - he kept praying that his wife would find someone else and leave him. Jess carries on with her task despite Mick's objections, then gets out a bottle of battery acid and starts to pour it over the clothes. Mick tries to stop her and some acid is spilt on his arm. Mick's boss shouts to Mick and is heading towards them. Mick tells Jess to run, and when Mick's boss arrives, Mick tells him that three men did the damage, and sends him in the wrong direction. Mick is taken to Holby A&E to be treated, and Jess turns up there. They reminisce about the time when they were in Paris. One day they were looking for someone and knocked on the wrong door; it was opened by Algerians who invited them in and gave them food. Some others arrived and they started singing hymns, which went on for hours. When they had finished Jess and Mick were given rose petals and ash. Jess apologises for injuring him. They catch up on what they've been up to since they parted. Mick tells Jess about his second wife - his prayers about the first worked on the second. Mick tells her that now he lives in his daughter's granny flat. Mick's boss arrives. Jess asks him if Mick will be given sick pay whilst he's off work; his boss says no, saying he doesn't make the rules. Mick says he doesn't do anything to change them, and asks about the children in the Philippines working for tiny wages, then complains about his job. He tells him he can stuff his job. His boss leaves, and Jess says, "Welcome back, comrade!" As they are leaving, Jess gives him a badge that used to be his; it says "I am an enemy of the state." Mick says he still has the rose petals and ash from their time in Paris. He puts his arm around her and they leave together, laughing.
Marion Moorhouse is giving her daughter Nicky a lift to a farm where she helps to look after a horse Mitch. Marion is complaining that Nicky doesn't like anything she suggests, like ballet or drama classes. When she has dropped Nicky off, Marion goes to a hall where Max is prepping people for the major incident plan exercise. When they are ready, a call comes through to A&E, letting them know that an exercise is starting. Charlie is annoyed, especially when he realises that Holly knew about it. He has a go at Dan, who reminds him that when they discussed it, Charlie said the exercise would only really work if it wasn't planned. Dermot Norwood is another actor, and he keeps overacting. Tom sees that he's blown a pupil, and starts to intubate him. Dermot stops him, telling him the blown pupil is just a contact lens. Chloe is impressed but Tom is angry. Later Dermot tells Chloe that he's going to Portugal to shoot a car advert. As they are talking he suddenly starts fitting, and at the same time there's a power cut. The emergency lighting soon kicks in and Chloe and Charlie see to Dermot - it turns out that Dermot has epilepsy but has stopped taking his medication. He says it's hard enough getting work as it is - no one wants a Hamlet who's liable to collapse on stage foaming at the mouth. Max says it could be his trademark. He's upset that he won't be able to go to Portugal now, but Chloe reassures him that he's sure to get more work soon.
Nicky Moorhouse is helping Dave Carlin to look after Mitch, a horse who was rescued. She tells Dave that her mum doesn't like her doing it as it reminds her of Nicky's dad, who was an RSPCA inspector who turned to drink because of some of the sights he saw. Dave leaves Nicky alone with Mitch for a moment as he fetches something. She picks up his foot to clean it, but Mitch puts his foot down on top of hers. She tries to move him but Mitch rears up, knocking her to the floor. Dave calls an ambulance and she is taken to Holby A&E, where her mother Marion sees her. Marion shouts at Nicky, saying she knew something would happen at that farm. Duffy takes her to the relatives' room. Marion says that Nicky is rejecting her just as her father did, because she's not interested in the theatre or any of her interests. Duffy says that they're very alike, because Marion isn't interested in any of Nicky's hobbies either; she suggests that another thing they've got in common is that they were both rejected by Nicky's father. As Colette treats Nicky, Nicky tells her about how she and Dave nursed Mitch back to health, and says that her mum will probably use her accident as an excuse not to let her go to see Mitch in the parade. When Nicky is ready to leave, Marion comes, and Nicky asks if she can still go to the parade. Marion agrees, then asks if she can come too. Nicky is wary but agrees.
Dan complains to Duffy about Charlie, who has been having a go at Dan for every least thing. Duffy explains the situation with Louis, and Dan goes to apologise to Charlie, saying the major incident plan exercise was the last thing he needed after that. Charlie says it gave him something else to be angry about.
Alec Hagin and his daughter Evelyn, who is deaf, are moving into a new house. Evelyn is upset that they have left the cottage, but Alec says they couldn't afford it as he had to give up his work. Alec shows Evelyn the small garden, and suggests what the can do with it. Evelyn is keen and they go to the garden centre. Whilst they are there, Alec collapses, and Evelyn tries to get help. Eventually she finds someone who calls and ambulance, and Alec is taken to Holby A&E. It turns out he has had a stroke. When an interpreter is found, Evelyn asks Patrick if Alec's hands will work properly again so he can sign to her; Patrick is unable to say for certain that they will. He asks if there's anyone else at home, but Evelyn says she can look after herself. She asks if she can stay with her father tonight, and Barney and Patrick agree to find her a bed.
Holly finds a rose on her door as she goes to work. She tells Chloe and Colette that she thinks someone's been in her house overnight, as her bedroom window had been shut during the night. Colette agrees that it's getting creepy. Later, Holly finds a bottle of perfume in her locker, with a note: "You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, but the scent of the roses will hang round here still." Patrick is there, and says he'd take it seriously if he were her. He walks out to her car with her; he asks if there's anything he can do, as a mate, and offers his shoulder to cry on. Holly says thanks but says there's nothing anyone can do - that's what's so scary.
Duffy mentions to Andrew that she's tired out; he says she knew to expect it, being pregnant at her age. Duffy is upset and he apologises. She tells him to grow up and accept the fact that they're going to become parents again. Andrew says she knows his feelings about it. Duffy asks if he'd rather she had an abortion, and he says of course not. At the end of the shift, Colette finds Duffy in the toilets, with blood everywhere. She runs to fetch Andrew, and Charlie follows. Colette goes to fetch a trolley, and Duffy clings to Andrew, saying "Don't let me lose the baby - please, Andrew, don't let me lose the baby!"

Episode first broadcast Saturday 17th February 2001

Additional Cast
Mick Fletcher John Duttine
Jess Gillan Polly Hemingway
Marion Moorehouse Felicity Dean
Nicky Moorehouse          Lara Bruce
Dave Carlin Mark Lennock
Alec Hagan Peter Van Dissel
Evelyn Hagan Paula Garfield
Dermot Norwood Andy Henderson
Kenny Hayes Carl McCrystal
Iris Seaforth Trisha Vincent
Mrs Lytton Jacqueline King
Judge Cording Illona Linthwaite
Mrs Harding Anna Carus Wilson
Bill Hopwood James Morley

Pictures provided by Chris Leader