Series 15 Episode 5:
Written by Katharine Way

Charlie arrives at work with Louis. The press are outside the hospital. Dan turns up and when Charlie asks what's going on, he shows him a newspaper with the headline "AIDS NURSE RISKED MY LIFE". The article does not name Adam but the paper is campaigning to have him named. Charlie goes up to Dan's office. Dan tells him he had a phone call from the paper the day before, and complains that Charlie had his mobile switched off yesterday. Charlie tells him he was at the airport seeing Baz off; he says he's looking after Louis for a few weeks and that he's had to bring him to work until the nanny can get there. Dan tells Charlie they've released a statement to the press saying that no one's at risk. They say they'll both have a word with Adam when he gets in, to give him some moral support. Charlie goes downstairs with Louis and persuades Amy to look after him until the nanny arrives.
Adam and Reuben are getting married in the evening. They go to collect the rings and the cake. Whilst they are in the shop, they hear Karen Bright screaming for someone to help her daughter Rebecca. Adam rushes out and finds that Rebecca is choking on the apple she was eating. He tries to make her cough it up but she can't, so he does the Heimlich manoeuvre. The apple comes out and Rebecca can breathe again. Adam goes into Holby A&E in the ambulance. When he sees the press he asks what's going on but Penny and Finlay don't tell him. Holly tells Adam that Charlie wanted to see him when he got in. Adam goes to Charlie's office, and Charlie shows him the article. Adam is shaken by it. Charlie asks Adam what he wants to do, whether he wants to go home. Adam says he has to talk to Reuben, and sets off to get changed for work. Charlie says he offered Adam the job knowing he was HIV positive, and has never regretted it. He tells Adam he's a good nurse.
Janet Henbury arrives in A&E with a cut on her forehead. Duffy asks Chloe to see to her but Chloe is reluctant on hearing her name. Janet used to be Chloe's French teacher, and picked on her all the time. Chloe gets Janet a drink of water; Janet drops the cup accidentally and accuses Chloe of spilling it over her. She is unsteady on her feet. Chloe asks her if she's noticed anything wrong with her co-ordination but she says there's nothing wrong with her. Chloe starts to rant at her; Duffy comes in and sends her out. Chloe tells Max that she is worried about Janet; Max takes another look and sends her up for a scan. It turns out she has a tumour of the lining of the brain, probably benign and operable. Max tells her to thank Chloe for noticing that something was wrong. Janet tells Chloe the only reason she picked on her was that she sat right in the middle of the class, and that she had to put the fear of God into one girl to set an example to the rest. She says that it worked, too - that Chloe's now doing a worthwhile job because of her.
Holly tells Charlie she wants to tell Adam that it's her fault the story got into the press. Charlie advises her against it. Holly says it would make her feel better, but Charlie tells her it wouldn't help Adam. Holly confesses to Adam anyway, telling him exactly what happened. Adam is angry, and says that she must have been really drunk, or had had the hots for him big time, or both. He says he wishes it wasn't her, and he wishes she hadn't told him.
Rebecca and Karen Bright are grateful to Adam, but when they hear about the newspaper article, they start to panic, and ask who it is. Adam eventually confesses that it's him. Karen is terrified, saying she wants tests done, despite Adam's reassurances that he wouldn't put Rebecca at risk. Daijit Ramanee, the journalist who wrote the article, is still sniffing round the department, and she asks Adam if it's him. He says it is, but says she can't print his name unless she has proof. She takes out a tape recorder, telling him he's just given her the proof she needs. She asks him to give an interview and put forward his side of the story, saying that if he doesn't they'll print his name anyway. She leaves Adam her card to let him think it over.
Dan talks to Adam, saying it's his job to protect him. He asks if there's anywhere else he can stay, saying he might get some harassment. He says he can arrange alternative accommodation for both him and Reuben. He tells Adam there are other job options within the Trust, still caring for people but not in nursing. He tells him to think about it.
Charlie rebukes Adam for telling people he's HIV positive. Adam says people freak out whether he tells them or not, and says he can't just get on with his job. He tells Charlie that patients are refusing treatment because they don't know who it is, and sooner or later someone is going to walk out and die because of it. Charlie says he can't identify Adam to the patients. Adam tells him it's not ever going to go away. Charlie tells him to take a break and calm down, and talk to Reuben when he arrives. Adam says he doesn't want Reuben involved in this, saying it's not fair to put him through it.
Reuben arrives in A&E to see Adam. He tells him he can't let this spoil their big day. Adam tells him not to make stupid comments like that, and tells him to get lost. Reuben asks him if he wants him to go, and Adam says yes. He suggests Reuben moves out completely, saying this isn't what he wants, that he's better on his own. Reuben is upset, and tells Adam to look at him and tells him he wants him to go. Adam does so. Reuben begs him to let him stay and help just as a friend. Adam tells him he's pathetic and wouldn't be any use. Reuben says he'll go, because that's what Adam wants.
Joel Patterson wakes up from a nightmare and finds he has wet the bed. He is living with Anne and Phil Rees, and their son Mikey is fed up with sharing a room with him. Anne tries to pretend it doesn't matter that Joel has wet the bed but ends up speaking sharply to him; she tells Phil she doesn't know what to say to him. Phil tries talking to Joel. Joel says no one wants him there. Phil tells Joel that he is wanted, but that he has to put in some effort too. He starts to get angry as Joel refuses, but then apologises for his anger. He tries to hug Joel, but Joel yells at him and pushes him away. He runs off. Mikey later goes to find him, knowing where he'll be. He asks Joel if he's OK, and suggests he comes home so they can go to watch the match. He says his parents have been arguing again because of Joel. Joel is sullen, and Mikey starts to push him, telling him to speak. He then gives up, saying he didn't want Joel to come and live with them anyway. He says Joel's useless and a coward. He pushes him over, and tells him he's mental, just like his dad. Joel runs off, crying. Mikey apologises, but Joel tells him to shut up about his dad. Mikey walks off, turning to walk backwards and shout to Joel that he can stay there for all he cares. He suddenly goes over the edge of the cliff and slides down the cliff-side. Joel calls for an ambulance, but runs off when it arrives. Josh and Mel arrive and Josh sets off down the cliff, despite Mel protesting that they should wait for Cliff Rescue. As he reaches Mikey, there is a landslide, which buries Mikey and Josh…

Episode first broadcast Saturday 14th October 2000

Additional Cast
Louis Fairhead Callum Ray
Joel Patterson          Matthew Lockwood
Mikey Rees Raymond Pickard
Anne Rees Sheila Tait
Phil Rees Steve Huison
Rebecca Bright Laura Aikman
Karen Bright Rebecca Charles
Daijit Ramanee Shelley Conn
Journalist Miles Harrison
Janet Henbury Georgina Hale

Pictures provided by Chris Leader