Series 16 Episode 10:
Written by Chris Webb

Duffy returns to work to be greeted with some a bunch of flowers; however, her day doesn't start too well when she has a heated conversation about the way Colette ran the department as sister whilst she was away. Colette speaks to Josh about his return to work he thanks her for persuading him to return to work, Colette says that it was mostly his doing.
Richard Hunter is at his daughter Molly's birthday party, when he receives a phone call from his work, asking him to go to Manchester immediately. He gets ready to go, despite his wife Sarah's objections. As he is about to reverse out of the garage, Molly comes looking for him; Richard doesn't see her and hits her, injuring her arm. They drive to Holby A&E where Molly is treated. Sarah is really angry with Richard. He has a good job in Manchester, which he doesn't want to lose, but he seems to be losing his family. When he knows that Molly is going to be all right, he says he's going to go to work, much to Sarah's fury. Spencer tries to persuade him to stay and talk to his wife; he says he knows what it's like to work away from home after being in the Navy, and mentions his own family, saying his two kids will have grown up by now. Richard is persuaded to stay, but Sarah is still angry. She says that she's scared of moving away from Holby but can see that the family is falling apart. Later Richard and Sarah talk; she tells him she's willing to move to Manchester if he decides to keep the job.
Patrick asks Lara out on a date but she turns him down by saying she already has a date. Patrick doesn't believe her until an expensive sports car arrives to pick her up.
Chloe leaves work and goes to her other job; Anna tries to give her some advice but it doesn't seem to work. Chloe arrives at the club; her boyfriend Jason has asked her to entertain a man he does business with. He talks about the business they'll do, but won't go into details, implying that whatever it is is illegal. Chloe asks what Jason says about her; his reply is that she knows when to keep her mouth shut. He says she's wearing Jason's profits.
Anna is in the firing line of a patient who isn't very happy with the NHS; Charlie is disturbed that this has to effect his staff. He starts going on about management sitting upstairs drinking cappuccino, just as Jan Goddard appears behind him. She is angry, and they have an argument in his office.
Farmer Noel Wharton comes in from work with his gun. He puts it away but is distracted by a phone call before he locks the cabinet, and leaves the cabinet unlocked. His son Sam finds the gun, and takes it out. He goes to his mum Julie and points the gun at her. Noel, outside the farmhouse, hears a gunshot and goes inside to find Julie bleeding on the floor. An ambulance is called, and Josh and Fin bring Julie in. The staff at Holby try to save her life but fail, and she dies. Noel is there when they stop treatment, and despite their objections he goes straight to Sam and tells him angrily that he's killed his mother. Duffy tries to comfort a disturbed Sam. Noel is about to walk out and leave Sam, but Duffy stops him. Shouting, she tells him to get a grip and that Sam is all he's got now - he has to look after him. Noel goes back to see Sam.
Duffy goes into Charlie's office. Crying, she tells him she can't cope with the job any more. Charlie tells her she is a wonderful nurse and makes such a difference to A&E. Duffy says that she misses Andrew so much. Charlie says he will always be there for her. As Noel and Sam leave with the police, Duffy wishes them luck.
It's Amanda's birthday; she proposes to Max, telling him to let her know his answer later on. Ben gives Max a lift to work. He is still asking Max for morphine, and threatens to tell Amanda if he doesn't get it. Max eventually goes to the pharmacy, asking for a supply of methadone. A pharmacist later queries this, as it is against the departmental policy, and comes to A&E to look for Max. She talks to Patrick instead, who later asks Max about it. Max fobs Patrick of with an excuse saying that he is concerned that drug addicts are not getting any help form the NHS and that he is the consultant and that Patrick needs to remember that. Max goes out to where Ben is waiting, and gives him the methadone, saying it's that or nothing. Ben is angry that he's not getting morphine, but takes the methadone anyway. He returns home and rifles through Amanda's things. He steals the earrings that Max bought her for her birthday, and goes out on the street to buy some drugs. Later we see him collapsed in a toilet. Meanwhile, Amanda arrives to meet Max before they go for a meal. He accepts her proposal.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 17th November

Additional Cast
Amanda Lewis          Janet Dibley
Ben Lewis          Arthur Caulfield
Jason          Henry Ian Cusick
Leona          Morag Siller
Richard Hunter          Nigel Clauzel
Sarah Hunter          Irma Inniss
Molly Hunter          Shamala Moore
Noel Wharton          Bob Barrett
Julie Wharton          Lisa George
Sam Wharton          Jordan Smyth
Joe Clarke          Bernard Holley
Edith Richmond          Vari Falconer
PC Brown          Chris Alan
Steve          Ian Bustard
Dan          Paul Shuttleworth
Peter          Ben Alsford
Jake          Scott Cowan

Written by Rachel Jeffer
Pictures provided by Chris Leader