Series 16 Episode 13:
Written by Ann Marie di Mambro

A beaten and bloodied Anna staggers in through her front door. She calls Chloe nearly in hysterics and she rushes home to her. Anna tells her that she's been beaten and kicked and begs a guilty Chloe to dump Jason. Chloe is distraught about Anna but protests that Jason couldn't have known what his friend was really like.
Meanwhile, Dillon's on a Samaritan night shift and he's talking to a suicidal student. Dillon stays hooked on the phone for hours while the student downs pills. When it almost looks like it's too late, he agrees to let Dillon call an ambulance and Josh and Nikki get the shout.
Much to Chloe's horror, Anna turns up for work looking beaten. Colette is worried about her and asks what on earth happened. Chloe and Anna claim she fell down some stairs in a night-club but nobody looks convinced.
But things are looking up for Josh and Colette when they wake up side by side looking very content with one another. It finally looks like their relationship is on track. Unfortunately the other new couple in the department - Charlie and Jan - are still icy with one another following Max's suspension.
Dillon is two hours late for work and a furious Charlie says they'll need to talk about this later. Meanwhile, Patrick battles furiously to save the life of the student and, despite some tricky moments, it looks like he's succeeded. But Anna's looking increasingly ill and faints when dealing with a patient. The worried team rush her into A&E only to discover her body's covered in bruises and she's suffering from internal bleeding. They manage to stabilise her but she's in a poor state.
Jason turns up on Chloe's doorstep and she tells him what's happened. He suggests Anna must have provoked it in some way which enrages Chloe. He tells her she should just stick to the story and everything will be okay. But when Duffy calls Chloe she realises Anna's in an even worse state than she thought.
Max arrives to clear his desk. Jan is annoyed when she sees him in the building but Charlie explains he gave Max permission. Charlie tries to explain Max's history to her. She doesn't want to listen to him and says it's unprofessional of him to tell her and clearly it's not going to work out between them.
Jason decides it's time he came clean with Chloe and takes her to see his real business. He imports cigarettes and alcohol illegally to make his money. He tells Chloe that he wants her to know the truth because he loves her and wants her to be totally part of his life. He says that can't go to the police about Anna because she'd be labelled a prostitute when the truth came out about her evening.
Jason assures Chloe that he'll pay Anna compensation for her injuries when she recovers. He also vows he'll make sure Lenny pays for what he's done to her. Chloe says she's happy with that and with him. They kiss, emabrace and make up and their relationship looks set to continue even further.
Josh catches up with Colette outside the hospital and he nervously tells her that he can't believe how happy he is and he wants to marry her, as soon as possible. A shocked looking Colette watches as Josh gets pulled away urgently on a shout. But as he drives away she realises he is what she wants and shouts her acceptance after him. They're to be married.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 8th December

Additional Cast
Luke Cunningham          David Birkin
Ed Matthews          Rory Hannah
Mr Boyd          Howard Crossley
Susan Crown          Sara McGaughey
Mr Khan          Kish Sharma
Mark Cunningham          John Bowler
Liam          Daniel Schutzmann
Jane          Nicola Clackson
Gill Albery          Gina Gangar
Carol          Lindsay Readman

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