Series 16 Episode 27:
Written by Leslie Stewart

Another day in A&E and things are hotting up between Lara and Patrick - even the bump Lara gives Patrickís car canít dent his feelings for her. Things are going less well for poor Dillon who's trying to disengage himself from Gemma, without much success. Charlie's pulled a few strings to get her a hostel place but sheís reluctant to leave him. Dillon, however, is only too eager to see Gemma move on.
Itís Tonyís first day as the departmentís EDA and the staff play a little practical joke on him with bedpans! He slips back into his old security role when a patient gives Lara a vicious slap. Tony is all for calling back-up but Lara restrains him. She guesses, correctly, that the patient is a manic depressive and that they just need to calm the situation. On seeing Laraís shiner, Patrick comments that this is becoming a habit with her!
Dillon drops Gemma off at the hostel on his way to work. Sheís clearly upset to be leaving him and cryptically says that everything has to come to an end. Spencer's relationship with his daughter Gilly is also looking problematic. Anna tells Spencer she thinks Gilly's dealing ecstasy in the toilets at work. Spencer says it's rubbish but Anna urges him to speak to about it.
Patrick is still trying to persuade a reluctant Lara to leave Holby and follow him to London. She says she canít afford just to leave in the middle of her contract and she clearly thinks heís being selfish asking. The pair of them keep bickering about it. And Dillonís problems are far from over, Gemmaís brought into A&E after she cut herself in the hostel. She tells Dillon that she trusts him and wants him to help her. He insists that he canít and says that heíll catch up with her later. Dillonís clearly concerned but Charlie insists that he needs to break ties with her now, heís done all he can for her.
Patrick takes Lara to the jewellers, allegedly to look for a new watch but itís clear thereís more to it. The jeweller knows Patrick and brings out a perfect diamond - it looks like Patrick wants to propose. But he still hasnít actually asked Lara. He says itís a stone to die for but Lara wants to know is she? Patrick dodges the issue.
Gemma discharges herself from A&E and then calls Dillon in hysterics to say she needs him. He asks Charlie if he can leave early to find her but Charlie refuses saying heís needed there. Dillon accuses Charlie of having forgotten what it is to really care for people, that heís too busy with flowcharts and reports these days. Charlie says if he leaves early heíll discipline him. Dillon's furious.
Patrick lures Lara into his car and babbles out a wedding proposal. She wants him to repeat it but he refuses clearly embarrassed by the whole thing. He eventually gets her to repeat it instead and he cheekily accepts! But does that mean Lara's ready to follow Patrick wherever he goes?
Dillon eventually leaves A&E and heads straight home. Heís horrified to discover Gemma unconscious on the floor, sheís taken an overdose. He rushes her into A&E but itís too late and thereís nothing the team can do. Dillonís distraught and says he could have saved her if only Charlie had let him go earlier. Charlie tells him he needs to learn what battles are worth fighting in life as he has. Dillon is furious that Charlie seems to be comparing them and says that he canít imagine anything worse than ending up like Charlie. He storms off, leaving Charlie to mutter that 'you canít take them all home with you'. But has Dillon learnt that lesson?

Episode first broadcast Saturday 9th March 2002

Additional Cast
Gemma          Sheena Irving
Mrs Glover          Carole Nimmons
Oliver          Stewart Harwood
Mr Truman          Timothy Watson
John          Michael Sherlock
Ben          Keith Henderson
Mike          Dominic Mafham
Keith          Richard Lloyd King
Mr Walker          Eamonn Riley
Mrs Walker          Fenella Norman
Assistant          Michael DíCruze

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