Series 16 Episode 39:
Written by Stuart Morris

Lara, in the car park with an unconscious David Collier lying on top of her, struggles to stand up and phones for an ambulance. Josh and Nikki take both of them to A&E; Lara wants to treat David herself but Simon takes over and Colette leads Lara away. Lara tells her what happened – David tried to rape her and she hit him with a brick. The police arrive and Lara tells them this. They take her to the police station to be examined by the police surgeon, to gather evidence. WPC Greer then questions Lara, who says nothing about David raping his wife Melanie, and cannot give a satisfactory answer to how she knew he was going to rape her. When WPC Greer leaves the room for a moment, Colette asks Lara why she isn’t telling them about Melanie. Lara says if she does, David will kill Melanie. Eventually, however, she tells them the full story: how Melanie was brought into A&E a week ago after being raped, how David didn’t want the police involved, and how Melanie eventually confessed it was David who raped her.
Eight-three-year-old cyclist Wally Brindle is brought into Holby A&E by his friend Brian after suffering from chest pains. Examining him, Simon and Harry diagnose a dissecting thoracic aortic aneurism, which will kill him within days if it isn’t removed. Simon wants to call the surgeons down, but Harry says no surgeon will touch it – the guidelines advise against heart surgery on over seventy-fives. Simon says age shouldn’t matter, as Wally is as fit as many younger people. He calls Anton Meyer, who agrees with Harry. Simon gets abusive, so Meyer hangs up before coming down to A&E to complain to Harry about Simon’s attitude. Simon bumps into Meyer and they have another argument; Meyer tells Simon he’s just too cowardly to tell Wally the truth. Later Harry finds Simon ringing round hospitals, trying to find someone who will operate on Wally. Harry repeats what Meyer said: that Simon’s scared of telling Wally the truth. Simon realises there’s nothing he can do and goes to break the news to Wally. Wally, though devastated, thanks Simon for his honesty, saying he’d rather know what’s ahead.
Nikki is going through the notes she has made on her patients, which she needs so Josh can do an appraisal. The notes are hopelessly disorganised, and Josh tells her they’ll need to be better than that. They get a shout to pick up Brad Matthews, who has chest pains – it looks like a heart attack, though he’s only in his thirties. As they are on their way to Holby A&E, he asks Nikki to check his personal organiser as he has appointments. She discovers he has two appointments at the same time this afternoon – in different places. He tells her he hasn’t been organised since his PA left to get married, and has been rushing around, working too hard, ever since. Once in resusc he tells Nikki she’d make a great PA, and tells her if she worked for him she’d be on a much better salary. Nikki says she’s not giving up on all her hard training now, but she pockets his card, saying it’s nice to be appreciated. Later, going through her notes with Josh, he tells her they are appalling, and she’ll fail if she doesn’t keep better records – she needs to show what she can do on her own. He says he’s been in the job twenty years and he’s still learning. Nikki retorts sarcastically that obviously she’ll never be as good as he is. She walks off. Soon afterwards she hands him a note of resignation. She tries to get hold of Brad, but finds out that he has just died on CCU. Josh, hearing this, tears up her resignation letter, saying, she’s survived ten months and he’s not going to let her give up now. He says she’ll thank him tomorrow.
Simon has been hanging round A&E trying to avoid going round to his brother’s – Stuart and Claire are supposed to be getting married today and Simon will be Stuart’s best man. Simon has asked Roxanne to come to the wedding with him. As Roxy is getting ready, however, someone turns up to see her in reception – it’s her mother Stella, carrying a baby. Stella says that she was happy to help out looking after Roxy’s baby for a few days but it’s now two months since Roxy dumped her daughter on her, and it’s time she took responsibility for her. She hands the baby carrier to Roxy and walks away. Roxy, desperate not to cancel with Simon, tells Duffy the baby, Nicole, is her friend’s, and says she promised to baby-sit, forgetting she had plans. She asks Duffy to take care of her, but Duffy refuses, saying she’s got enough on her plate with her own kids. Later, Spencer and Tony find the baby hidden behind a pile of boxes in reception. They take her to Dillon, who, having heard that Roxy was seen with a baby, calls Roxy to him. Roxy admits the baby’s hers, and Dillon asks how she could abandon her. Roxy says it was only for a while, as she waited for her friend to pick her up. She says she didn’t want everyone to know about it. Dillon says he’ll have to report it, but Roxy begs him not to. Duffy walks in, and Dillon tells her the baby’s Nicole’s, but just says that she was about to take her home. Later, Anna and Nikki see Nicole and start cooing over her. Roxy says she’s glad they like her as she’ll be living with them from now on.
Simon is about to leave for the wedding when Stuart bursts through the door – Claire has just been to see him and told him everything. He knocks Simon to the floor with a punch. Stuart says no matter how hard he tries, Simon has always been there first and done it better. He says Simon always got what he wanted. He says he’s started to think he was inferior – until he met Claire. He asks Claire if she ever loved him; she says she did, but she loved Simon more. He tells Simon he’s no brother of his, and walks out, telling Claire Simon’s all hers. Simon turns to Claire, saying that maybe now things are out in the open they can start again. Claire reminds him that yesterday he told her he didn’t love her. Simon says he was lying, as he couldn’t betray Stuart. Claire says he took the coward’s way out – she couldn’t marry Stuart when she loved Simon so much. She says she’s not giving him the chance to let her down again, and walks out. Later Simon tells Roxy their date’s off. At first she thinks he knows about Nicole and thinks she’s a tart, but he tells her the wedding’s off. She suggests they can still go out, but he says no. Roxy realises he’s not really interested, and is angry that he just thought she’d fall at his feet. Simon resignedly says maybe they could make it another time, but Roxy tells him to forget it.
After making her statement to the police, Lara returns to A&E to see how David is. He has severe head injuries and has had to wait in resusc for a theatre slot. When he is finally on his way, he arrests. They manage to start his heart again. Lara arrives as they are putting him in the lift, and begs Harry not to let him die.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 22nd June 2002

Additional Cast
Stuart Kaminski          Justin Pierre
David Collier          Dorian Healy
Claire          Sam Loggin
Melanie Collier          Lisa Palfrey
WPC Greer          Dawn Hope
Wally Brindle          Stan Stennett
Brian          Donald Gee
Stella          Maggie Tagney
Dr Lloyd          Sue Perkins
Brad Mathews          Akbar Kurtha
Meyer          George Irving