Series 5 Episode 7:
Written by Rona Munro

Charlie wakes up. He is looking terrible. He goes downstairs for a cup of coffee. He sniffs the milk, and decides it's gone off. He drops it on the floor, and sees a bottle of whisky.
Carrie has locked herself in the bathroom, Joe is trying to get in. She looks scared of him. Then he goes out, but puts a chair under the door handle so she can't leave the room. He comes into the hospital, then rings home and realises she's gone. He is treated by Duffy, and starts charming her. Duffy treats Carrie as well, and thinks there's more to this than she's letting on, and that she's been raped. She tells her about her own rape experience, and Carrie confesses. Later Duffy sees Joe, who's bought her some roses. She tells him where to stick them.
It's Helen's birthday. She has a card - but hides it when Jimmy comes past. Later the staff give her a birthday surprise.
Charlie is late for work, and Julian and Megan are looking for him, then later Duffy is. He arrives late, looking worse, and shuts himself in his office with the light off. Julian comes past looking for him, but doesn't see him in the dark. Then Megan finds him and tells him to go home and ring in sick. But instead he goes to the pub, and meets Lucy who buys him a scotch. He tells her all his problems. Julian is told he's called in sick, and goes round to see him. They have a big argument when Julian realises he's drunk, and gives him an AA card. Lucy comes round, but cuts her wrist on a glass. He takes her into A+E, then later tells Megan he feels like he's having a breakdown, and she gives him a hug.
Agnes is going downstairs with some suitcases. She rings the doctor then goes outside - and collapses. She is brought in, and Megan says she'll have to be kept in. She isn't too happy. Later she arrests and dies, and her husband finds out that she had lots of money and was planning to go away and leave him.
Mandy and Lizzie are doing a show to promote a new type of chocolate. Mandy trips over, and one of the flats lands on her. Julian tells her that she won't be able to use her arm. She is angry with Lizzie, and says she never wanted to do shows but Lizzie made her.
A whining woman waiting in reception starts fitting. Duffy talks to her and helps her come to terms with her epilepsy.

Episode first broadcast Friday 19th October 1990

Written by Tina Eastwick