As the first episode of series 5 unfolded Megan buried her husband Ted, who had died of a heart attack. Then she returned to Casualty that evening and was told by new Registrar Julian Chapman that she got 'too emotionally involved'. Other new arrivals included staff nurse Martin Ashford and SHO Beth Ramanee.
Megan was soon in a happier frame of mind when she fell in love. Social worker Tony Walker charmed his way into her heart and the two were happy for a time. Then Tony's wife turned up at Casualty and told Megan the truth about Tony. He was still living with her and their children and it was not the first time he had had an affair. Megan finished with him after that.
Meanwhile Julian seemed to fall out with everyone he worked with. Beth bore the brunt of his criticisms. Julian thought he knew best and he usually did.
Jimmy Powell nearly lost his job when his girlfriend, a student nurse at the hospital, was admitted after a drug overdose. She blamed Jimmy for stealing the drugs from the hospital to save her own skin, putting Jimmy in very hot water for a while, but she later admitted that she had stolen the drugs and it was her career that was on the line.
In the dramatic final episode of the series, a low Megan (she had just finished with Tony) was taken hostage at gunpoint in the crash room of the hospital by a paranoid schizophrenic man who had murdered his wife's boyfriend earlier that day. Megan was fearless and tried to persuade the man (James Lawrence) to give himself up to the Police. He was about to hand over his gun when the police shouted to him. His wife went within sight of him to talk to him and he was about to shoot when Charlie ran up to pull her back. Lawrence fired and Charlie was shot in the chest. Shocked by what he had just done Megan persuaded Lawrence to give her the gun and give himself up. Meanwhile Julian and the rest of the team tried desperately to save Charlie's life and viewers were left wondering if he would suffer a similar fate to Ewart Plimmer. All would be revealed in series 6.
Written by Christopher Watson


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager)
Lisa Duffin (Sister)
Martin Ashford (Staff nurse)
Megan Roach (SEN)

Julian Chapman (Registrar)
Beth Ramanee (SHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Jane Scott (Paramedic)
Keith Cotterill (Paramedic)

Helen Green (Receptionist)
Jimmy Powell (Porter)
Tony Walker (Social worker)


1. Penalty
2. Results
3. Close to Home
4. Street Life
5. Hiding Place
6. Salvation
7. Say it with Flowers
8. Love's a Pain
9. A Will to Die
10. Big Boys Don't Cry
11. Remembrance
12. All's Fair
13. A Reasonable Man


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