Series 8 Episode 22:
Written by Nick McCarty

Ash and Mie's realationship becomes Holby gossip. Mie does not like the thought of everyone talking about her and Ash sleeping together but Ash says 'let them think what they like'.
An Indian businessman, Asif Jamal, is trying to arrange a marriage for his son Zia. The prospective wife is the daughter of a man he wants to go into partnership with. But Zia wants to wed one of the workers in the factory that they run called Mobashira. Then Mobashira is injured when her hair is caught in machinery, thus damaging her skull and she loses three fingers in the accident as well. Asif tells Zia that Mobashira will be scarred and tries once again to persuade him to marry the girl he has lined up. Zia tells him that he doesnt care that Mobashira will be scarred because he loves her and Asif becomes angry, telling him he is finished in the business.
Meanwhile another woman is scarred when her face is burnt in a chip pan fire. The woman, Teresa England, tells Holby staff that she was alone when the accident happened and that she is single, but then her boyfriend Derek arrives and it transpires he was with her when the accident occured. He is a fashion photographer and is in his late 40s compared to her early 30s. She knows that she will be scarred and fears that Derek, who is very obsessed with looks, will dump her and find a younger more attractive woman to be his girlfriend. Her fears prove correct as when Derek sees the burns on her face he leaves.
A young lad called Alan is brought in front of his school headmaster for being involved in fighting. The headmaster says he is lucky to be at the school with his record (he was previously thrown out of several schools). Then Alan and several other students are brought in after a big fight in the school gym. Alan had used a baseball bat and when the kids are brought into hospital the head says he will have to get rid of Alan from the school. But it transpires that Alan is the victim, not the aggressor, and the reason that he is picked on is because his father is a policeman. He was just defending himself. The head feels embarassed at making the wrong assumptions and his wrath switches to the other boys.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 12th February 1994

Written by Christopher Watson