(Carole Leader)

Sadie Tomkins replaced Susie Mercier as receptionist at the start of series 3. On her first day cheeky nurse Cyril James threw a screwed up bit of paper at Sadie when she was bending down. Sadie stood up and turned round and Cyril was very embarrased (he mistook her for Susie). Middle aged and a widow, Sadie spent a pleasant day off with Kuba and the two got on well. Hoping for some romance Kuba asked Sadie if she wanted to come out again but Sadie turned him down. She was still grieving over her husband. Poor old Kuba was unlucky in love again. At one stage Sadie comforted Megan when she was going through yet another crisis. Sadie explained to her how she coped when her husband died. Sadie was friendly and understanding with patients and got on fairly well with staff. She was never really close to anyone, though, and wasn't really 'one of the gang'. She left at the end of series 3.

Written by Christopher Watson