(Maria Friedman)

Trish Baynes was the social worker in series 6. She first appeared in the series when she met Charlie (who was giving a talk) at a bereavement counselling session. They got on really well. Patient and understanding, Trish would often get people to open up about things. She often discovered the root of the problem. One such occasion occured when a young boy was brought in with human bite marks on his leg. It had been the result of a sick father arranging for his son and the boy to have a human dog fight in their flat. The boy, traumatised by the ordeal, jumped from the balcony of the flat. When he was admitted to Casualty everyone was keeping quiet about the real cause of the marks, but Trish managed to get to the truth. In another episode Trish was attacked in her office and needed to go to a cubicle to be patched up (luckily it wasn't serious). Charlie and Trish's relationship developed and the two seemed ideally suited. But the same old problem of working long hours seemed to get in the way. As all the staff departed for home at the end of the shift in the final episode of the series Trish had made her mind up that the romance with Charlie was over. 'I want to go home' she said. 'What, your home, by yourself ?' questioned Charlie. 'By myself', confirmed Trish. And that was the last we saw of her.

Written by Christopher Watson