(Derek Sunderland)

AGE: 31
MARITAL STATUS: Single ("Nothing serious").
BORN: Liverpool
CHILDHOOD: Vince became interested in acting while at school.
STUDIES: Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre.
CAREER: Before going the Polytechnic Vince has wrapped fridges in a factory, picked chrysanthemums in Holland and been a life model at the Birmingham School of Art.
TV CREDITS: Crocodile Shoes, The Bill, Pie in The Sky, Out of The Blue, The Lenny Henry Show, Dalziel and Pascoe. Just filmed Monarch of the Glen.
FILM CREDITS:: The Fith Element - ground crew
THEATRE CREDITS:: Road Rage - comedy 1999
PERSONALITY: A seemingly happy chappy! With sense of humour (often aimed at fellow cast members). What more can I say?
INTERESTS: Mountain biking, swimming, writing poetry
OTHER TALENTS: Singing (bass), bongo playing, percussion, juggling, basic combat and fencing skills, cooking.
OTHER INFORMATION: Shares a flat with best mate Jonathan Kerrigan ("We have a great time!"). Vince takes his surname from his Italian father. Vince dislikes pop group Aqua!! Used to wind Claire Goose up by pretending to flirt!!! (She stopped him by embarrassing him!). Vince is 6'5"!!

Written by Beverley Hammett