(Vincenzo Pellegrino)

"Sunny" was a friendly, cheerful Scouse porter. He first appeared at the beginning of series 12. He was pestered into putting up his friend Sam Colloby for a while when Sam split up with his boyfriend. He was concerned when his sister was brought into A&E saying she had been mugged, and realised that it was her boyfriend who had attacked her. She refused to listen to Sunny when he tried to tell her to leave him, but she eventually listened to Sam and left both her boyfriend and Holby. At the end of the series, Sunny was moving into a flat that he would share with Sam and Tina Seabrook.
In series 13 Sunny volunteered to be Amy Howard's birthing partner. He attended antenatal classes with her and ended up delivering the baby himself as Amy gave birth in a petrol station.
When Sunny hit back after a bloke attacked him, he faced a disciplinary hearing. Whilst he was suspended before his hearing, he went with Tina to see Sam, who had been staying with a friend since his accident. Sam told them he wasn't going back, but they and his friend managed to persuade him to return. However, after an accident on the way back, Sam changed his mind, and Sunny had to let his best mate leave.
Sunny lost his temper at his disciplinary hearing. He was fed up with the way he was treated as a porter, and he resigned. On his way out, he showed his skills with people when he calmed down an emotional priest, thus regaining Charlie's respect before he left.