(Rebecca Lacey)

"George" first appeared in Casualty at the beginning of series 12, as SHO. She has a son Tom, and previously worked as a nurse in A&E. She was constantly bickering with Richard McCaig, but they decided to meet for a drink one night. Richard didn't turn up, but she bumped into Mark Grace, and they started a relationship. It was on-off, as George was scared of commitment; she told Richard that Tom's father had been extremely domineering and that she didn't want to risk being hurt again. When she and Mark were getting on well, Mark's ex-girlfriend turned up with his daughter Jade. Mark told George he just wanted to get to know Jade, but she believed there was still something between him and his ex, and she called off the relationship.
Richard confided in George about his MS, and although they felt close they decided to remain just friends. During the last episode of the series, she and Mark decided to try again, but to take things slowly.
By series 13 the relationship had broken up. George was upset when Mark was badly injured in a car accident and stayed by his bed, but she didn't let him know how she felt. After Mark had a relationship with someone else they got back together, but it didn't last long as Mark left to continue his training as a doctor and George didn't think it would work with him so far away.
Max Gallagher asked George to help him with a research paper and she agreed, but soon got fed up of the stress he was putting her under to complete it quickly. She was also fed up of never seeing Tom. She applied for promotion at another hospital, and at the end of the series she left, despite Max's pleas for her to stay and offers of promotion.