(Emma Bird)

Health Care Assistant Maxine Price was a bright, chirpy young character who appeared in Series 7. She always seemed to be lumbered with the dirty jobs, like cleaning up after a patient had been sick. Her down to earth honest approach went down well with most patients. Maxine was sometimes seen at the reception desk trying (and failing) to cheer up Norma. Maxine had troubles of her own later in the series as her father left her mother for another woman. Chirpy and friendly, Maxine offered everyone a celebratory drink of champage after succeeding in getting a Territorial Army qualification and even Julian Chapman put in an appearance. Maxine was a friend to Rob Khalefa and also got on well with Charlie. Duffy was her usual 'school ma'am' self at first but she came to appreciate Maxine as having the potential to be a good nurse.

Written by Christopher Watson