(Joanna Foster)

Kate Miller took over as manager of A&E at the start of series 7. The moment she arrived she was greeted by a hostile Charlie and Julian. But as time went by she began to win their trust as she proved to be a caring, dedicated administrator. She befriended the staff and helped organise the karaoke evening which raised money for the department. She kept cuts to a minimum and began to come under increasing pressure from her boss, Simon Eastman, who said she should be tougher. Then, one day, he called Kate into his office and told her that she had been transferred. 'A sideways move' after 8 episodes. Kate was angry and told Simon she had spent months winning the trust of the staff but Simon wasn't interested. On hearing the news Charlie was stunned and commiserated with Kate. Simon took over the running of the department himself and soon proved to be very unpopular.

Written by Christopher Watson