(Jason Riddington)

Rob Khalefa arrived in Casualty as the young SHO for Series 7. A bit green and wet behind the ears, Rob made several blunders at first but improved as the series progressed. Though inexperienced, Rob could be quite touchy when senior members of staff questioned his judgement. In one episode Duffy spotted a hairline fracture on an x-ray that Rob had not picked up. Julian Chapman was critical of Rob on many occasions and the relationship between the two turned nasty after Sandra had taken the flack for for Rob's blunder over the injection (see Sandra profile). Rob accused Julian of being biased towards Sandra but the fact was that Rob had behaved appaulingly throughout the whole episode. He got on well with young HCA Maxine Price but seemed to be constantly in conflict with other members of staff at first. After the injection blunder Rob's attitude improved and in the final episode of the series Rob said goodbye to everyone as he finished his time at Holby. On his last day a gang of youths set fire to the hospital and while everyone was trying desperately to get out of the building Rob tried, in vain, to save an already dead patient but delayed too long and was trapped in the disintegrating department. As firemen worked to put out the blaze worried staff members searched the debris for Rob. They found him unconcious under a small pile of rubble and Mike worked frantically to save his life. He succeeded and as Series 8 unfolded Norma mentioned that Rob was recovering well.

Written by Christopher Watson