Series 14 Episode 1:
Written by Simon Mirren

Sam is taken into resusc. after his fall. The whole team is shaken, especially Charlie. He talks to Josh about his reasons for loving and hating the job he's had for fourteen years, and the way he can't protect his staff from the people they're trying to help. Adam, also in shock, has to talk to the police. He blames himself; Charlie says Mr. Williams is to blame, not him.
Jamie has run away from his brothers Bacon and Eggs (nicknames form a gang they belong to) after being scared by the sight of Sam's fall. SHO Holly Miles, whom Max has just called in to help out, finds him behind reception. He keeps throwing up.
Eve's minister friend Gerry Talbot has come into A&E after hurting his arm in a fall. An X-ray shows that the arm is broken but Max and Eve also spot signs of cancer. They get a blood test done to confirm the cancer. Gerry doesn't know; they won't tell him until it's certain. Eve sends Gerry home, saying she'll call round soon.
Eddie has come with his uncle Arthur into A&E. Arthur wants some indigestion tablets. He has recently had a heart operation performed by Anton Meyer. Eve says he'll have to see Meyer again. She and Gerry recognise Eddie from the mission. He says he lives with his uncle now. Eve gets Arthur a bed. Arthur is Eddie's official carer; he tells Eve that no one else would have Eddie. Eddie is outside the cubicle and hears this; he walks away.
Marine Jack Chandler has come home to find his wife in bed with his mate and has attacked him. Other marines have come round and take Jack away; his mate is taken by ambulance to Holby A&E. Chandler is reprimanded and is told that further action may follow.
Suzy Brennon is driving her daughter Poppy home from a party. Poppy has some sort of cancer (leukaemia?). She has seen her best friend die of it and thinks she will die too; her mother refuses to acknowledge that this is a possibility. Poppy falls asleep and after a while Suzy tries to wake her up.
Chandler, his sergeant and another marine are driving along in a van when they get a call to say that Chandler's mate has died. Sgt. Strudwick says that they'll have to go back and hand Chandler over to the police as he is a murderer. He tries to turn round but the van won't go into gear. Suzy Brennon is still trying to wake up Poppy and is getting very worried about her. Poppy wakes up but Suzy has taken her eyes off the road and she crashes straight into the back of the Marines' van. Chandler escapes more or less unhurt and is about to get away when he hears Poppy calling for help. He goes back to the car, which is on its side, and gets her out. He then goes back for Suzy, who is unconscious. Just as he is out of the way with Suzy and Poppy, the car goes up in flames.
Tina is mad at Sean. Sean tries to talk to her, saying he meant it when he asked her to move in with him and he doesn't care about Chloe. Tina says he'd better start caring. He finds Chloe in the toilets and yells at her for telling Tina about them. She tells him she's pregnant. She says he didn't want her so he doesn't want the baby; but she wanted him so maybe she wants the baby. She goes out and Tina emerges from one of the cubicles, having seen the whole thing.
Sam is taken for a CT scan. Something goes wrong with his lines and he has to be taken back to resusc. He later goes up to ITU. Max tells Sunny and Amy that they won't know whether or not he'll make a full recovery until he wakes up. Tina goes up to see him in ITU. She says she really needs his advice right now; she says he's the only one she can trust.
Danny tells his fishing partner Alan that he wants to sell his share of the boat as they're not making any money. Alan says they've been given 4000 to get rid of some chemicals; Danny is unsure but is persuaded into it. They go out of the fishing zone to dump the stuff; some gets spilt and the police radar has spotted the boat. They throw the other drum in whole and head away from the area. Alan tells Danny that the stuff is radioactive. The river police arrive, see the drum and head after the boat. Alan and Danny start fighting for control and end up rolling around on the deck with no one at the helm. They realise too late that the boat is heading for the harbour wall; it crashes. Josh and Penny get to the scene. Danny is badly injured and they get him in the ambulance. Penny gets out to look for Alan; she stands on top of the boat to look for him, sees him and tries to attract his attention; the boat rocks and she falls into the polluted water below...

Episode first broadcast Saturday 18th September 1999