Series 14 Episode 2:
Written by Simon Mirren

Penny is struggling in the water; one of the river police dives in and pulls her to safety. She is laughing about the experience. She and Josh set off for A&E with Danny in the back of the ambulance. Alan gets away from the police and follows them by car. On the way they come across the accident with the Marines' van. Jack Chandler has dressed Suzy Brenner's wound with Poppy's balloon. The ambulance stops and Josh gets out to see to the casualties but has to leave to get Danny to A&E, having called another ambulance on the way.
In resusc, Charlie is wondering what the oil covering Danny is. Alan arrives; after leaning against reception he heads for resusc. Charlie asks him what the stuff is; eventually he tells them it's radioactive waste. Charlie says that any of the staff who want to leave the room can do so now. Tina says Chloe should leave and makes it obvious to everyone that Chloe's pregnant. Charlie tells Chloe to get out, clean up and get changed. He calls the medical physics professor down to the department.
Suzi Brenner is brought into resusc. Everyone assumes Jack is Poppy's dad and these two wait together in the relatives room. Jack has a pretty severe cut but won't register as a patient and just tapes a pad onto it. He tells Poppy he's done something wrong; she says she does things wrong all the time but her mum never tells her off because she's sick. Jack says he might have to disappear at any moment but Poppy doesn't want him to go.
The medical physics professor and Charlie agree that the department has to be closed completely; no-one can go in or out.
Alan is worried about his nephew Eddie; Eve tells Alan he's not capable of looking after Eddie because of his heart, but Alan doesn't want to leave Eddie. Sunny finds Eddie locked outside the department; he bangs on the door and Eve goes to talk to him. She says that Alan will be fine and that they'll let Eddie in as soon as possible, and tells him to wait. She tells Alan the same but Alan isn't satisfied and gets dressed, leaves his cubicle and goes to find Eddie. He talks to him through the door, saying he's sorry for not getting him proper care and saying he will do. Eddie says it doesn't matter as Alan's the only family he has. Alan puts his hand up on the glass door opposite Eddie's, then turns to go.
On his way back he collapses in the corridor. Jack hears him fall and goes to him, telling Poppy to fetch a nurse. Charlie and Eve arrive and the three attempt to resuscitate him but fail. Eve says she'll wait till the department's open again before she tells Eddie.
Sean and Chloe both try to talk to Tina but she doesn't want to talk to either of them. She tells Sean how hard it was for her to trust him and says until she found out she was falling in love with him; now all she feels when she looks at him is pain. Chloe asks Amy about how Milo has changed her life.
Holly gives Jamie some drug to help him but he has a severe reaction to it as his brothers did not know of any allergy. He recovers, however.
In resusc, Max and Duffy are working on Danny. He needs a CT scan but they cannot leave the department so he cannot get it. Sean is trying to put in a chest drain on Suzy Brenner; he is having problems but Max cannot help as he is contaminated. Eventually he comes over and tells Sean what to do; he managed the chest drain. Danny arrests and dies.
The police phone A&E asking if a Jack Chandler has been admitted; Charlie says no but the police fax through a photo and they recognise Jack immediately. Charlie phones back and tells them that Jack is there but says that whatever he's done he's saved a life tonight. He tells Jack that the police are waiting for him outside when the department can open its doors.
Teams of police in radioactive-proof suits are cleaning the department. They start to let people out of reception. Eddie is waiting outside with Penny and Josh, who have been called back and decontaminated. Poppy and Jack wait in reception; Jack tells Charlie he's waiting until Poppy has seen her mum. Eventually as Poppy is taken through to her mum, he heads off towards the exit. As they part, he asks her to promise him not do die; she does so.
The A&E staff are finally allowed out, to the decontamination unit. Alan follows but when he sees the police lights outside he panics and grabs Charlie's coat, almost strangling him. Jack comes along and manages to wrench him away from Charlie. Charlie and Max see that he's bleeding badly and help him out. Outside, Charlie thanks Jack and asks him why he didn't run for it whilst he had the chance. Jack replies, "I'd already been caught by a young lady, wise beyond her years."

Episode first broadcast Sunday 19th September 1999