Series 14 Episode 10:
Written by Chris Murray

The new resusc is opened and immediately put to test as Niall is brought in by his mother after having trouble breathing. It turns out he has swallowed the heads of several of his father's soldiers, having been forced to play with them. He is later sent home and his mother promises him a trip to the war museum, which Niall doesn't look very happy about.
Sean has arranged to meet his grandad. His grandad arrives but has to wait as Sean is busy.
Benny has obsessive compulsive disorder and is obsessed with keeping everything clean. His wife Beth has cancer and he is terrified that she will be infected with something. As she about to set off to the hospital for some test results, their daughter Mary arrives with her husband. Benny does not want to let them in but Beth tells him to do so, then leaves. Mary has brought presents but when Benny finds out they are food he throws them out of the door, scared of germs. Mary goes to pick them up and Benny refuses to let her back in. As they struggle with the glass door Benny slips and his arm goes through the glass. Josh and Penny arrive at the scene; when they say they'll have to take him to hospital Mary tells them he hasn't been out of the house for months. Benny is persuaded to go and Sean and Adam try to treat him, but he is scared of being touched by anything, and refuses to believe that a needle is sterile. Eventually, after Sean has washed his hands a few times, Benny allows him to start stitching the wound, but is still very jumpy. Beth arrives and comes into the room; Benny gets very worried and tells her to get out before she catches something. Adam takes her out, and Benny tells Mary that her mother has cancer. Sean asks to speak to Mary outside and tells her he thinks it would be better if she waited out there. When Sean and Adam get back Benny has gone. Eventually Sean finds him scrubbing his hands and arms at a sink.
Troy Milburn is in the park with his dad Mick, playing on his new skateboard, a birthday present. Troy doesn't want to go to his birthday party because Mick won't be able to be there, as Mick has split up with Troy's mum Val. Mick lets him have one last go on the skateboard before they go; Troy slips and grazes his arm badly. Mick takes him to A&E where Troy's arm is cleaned up. Mick wants to call Val but can't use his mobile phone inside so he doesn't. Sean wants Troy to stay a bit longer as he has a temperature, but Mick tells Charlie they have to get to the party. He asks Charlie if he has a son and whether he'd want him to miss his birthday party. He is determined to go, so Charlie tells him to keep an eye on him. They go to Troy's house, where Val has a go at Mick for not telling her where they were. Troy doesn't look well and is miserable. He listens to his parents arguing. Mick leaves and Val brings out the birthday cake. After one pathetic attempt to blow out the candles, Troy vomits over the cake.
Clyde burns himself when making a bomb. His girlfriend Ronnie takes him to A&E where they say they were messing with fireworks. Clyde's hands and face are treated but he refuses to let Tina put any cream on, in case it contains animal products or is tested on animals. Tina goes to get a form that has to be filled in for firework accidents and Ronnie and Clyde run for it. At home they go over their plan to plant a bomb in a research lab.
Inside the lab Nat and Jenny, are arguing. Nat thinks they shouldn't work together anymore as people are starting to talk, thinking they're having an affair - Nat is married.
Ronnie is working in the canteen of the lab. When she sees Clyde come into the lab with a pharmacy van she sets off the fire alarm - the plan is to destroy the lab and its work, not the people working in it. As the workers are evacuating the building, Clyde makes his way up to the lab. A security guard watches Clyde on a CCTV screen and, realising he's up to something, heads in his direction. Nat is still in the lab when Clyde arrives, finishing off something. Clyde tells him he should get out and he does, but then realises Clyde isn't behind him and turns back. Clyde has set the timer on the bomb to go off in two minutes and tries to get Nat out of there. Nat doesn't want all his work to be ruined and won't go. As they struggle, the bomb explodes.
Duffy is about to be interviewed for the post of sister by Charlie and Max. Charlie tells Max that they shouldn't give Duffy any preferential treatment just because she's an inside candidate; Max is offended by the suggestion that he would. In the interview, Max is really hard on Duffy. Afterwards Charlie comments on this but says in his opinion Duffy should get the job. Max says he'll have to think about it. Duffy goes to Max's office and has a go at him for being so hard on her. Max says he didn't want Charlie to think he was biased, but says he is biased. He tells Duffy she's got the job, and asks if she wants to celebrate. He says he didn't want Charlie to think there was anything between them. Duffy replies, "There isn't, is there?" They ask whether there could be. They kiss, and end up lying on Max's desk. Charlie comes up, looking for Max, and sees them through the window.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 13th November 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader