Series 14 Episode 11:
Written by Chris Murray

Sean re-stitches Benny's arm. He tells him he heard Beth tell Mary that the test results were negative. Outside, Mary is angry that her mother did not tell her that she thought her cancer had come back: she has a lump but the test results show that it is benign and can be simply removed. Mary says that Benny is ruining both their lives with his obsession, but Beth tells her that he got worse because of her cancer. Mary goes back in and apologises to her father. As they are waiting for a lift home, Beth tells Benny he's got to stop. He is unwilling to see a psychotherapist but realises he needs to stop. As they leave he asks Adam for a referral to a psychotherapist, and as they are walking out he finally takes hold of Beth's hand - the first time in ages he has touched someone.
Josh and Penny bring Troy into A&E with his mother. All the signs point to meningitis. Troy is asking for his dad and Val eventually calls him. When he arrives they start arguing again. The diagnosis is confirmed and Troy is taken upstairs, seriously ill. Eventually his parents are told that he is responding to treatment and the outlook is good. They have been arguing but Val apologises to Mick, saying that Troy needs him. She says that their marriage may have failed but they can still be good parents to Troy. They sit with him together, waiting.
Mel and Finlay arrive at the scene of the explosion. Ray, the security guard, is injured but walking. Nat and Clyde are seriously injured. All three are taken to A&E. Jenny tells the paramedics that she is Nat's wife, and goes with him in the ambulance. Nat's wife Martha arrives in A&E, and Jenny is found out. Martha is not allowed to see him as the ophthalmologist is with him: Nat's eyes are badly damaged. Martha has a go at Jenny, asking why it's the woman whom everyone thinks Nat is having an affair with who stayed with him. Jenny tells her that she and Nat are close, but that nothing's happened. Martha goes in to see him but he asks for Jenny. Jenny goes in to see him but as he goes up to theatre says that Martha should be with him, not her. She tells Duffy that she and Nat are soul-mates, and that she wished she'd taken her chance so that they could be together - now it's too late.
Ray has a cut on his arm, which Duffy attends to, but apart from that seems to be fine. He is about to go when Duffy notices a cut on his neck and says it should be X-rayed to make sure there is no glass inside. When Adam arrives with the X-rays, Ray is lying down, saying his neck felt a bit stiff. Adam takes a look at the X-rays and runs to get Holly, telling Ray to stay still. He shows Holly that Ray has a fracture in his neck. Holly rushes to Ray and holds his head still until they can get a neck brace. Ray asks if he'll be paralysed but Holly says they've caught it in time.
Clyde is still unconscious. They don't know who he is until Tina recognises him from earlier - her guess is confirmed when they find a pendant with a note saying he does not want to be treated with any animal or animal-tested products. The police are sniffing around trying to find who planted the bomb, and Tina tells them about Clyde and Ronnie coming in earlier. Meanwhile, Ronnie is back at home waiting for Clyde. She sees the news on TV about the bomb, which says that a delivery guy was amongst the injured. She makes her way to the hospital and enters resusc. as they are operating on Clyde. The police enter and realise who she is. The team decide to stop resuscitating Clyde. Ronnie sobs when she goes to see him.
Sean makes a comment about extremists spoiling the cause for the serious protesters, which Tina agrees with. She says she accepts his apology and they agree that they're friends. Sean says he missed her and asks if she missed him. She says she didn't, because of what he'd done.
Sean's grandad - "Pops" - is still waiting for him. Finlay starts talking to him and Pops tells him that he and Sean are going to the cemetery, to the grave of one of his friends who died to save his life in the First World War. Finlay is disappointed by the lack of money in the Poppy Appeal box, and Pops offers to go round collecting from the people in reception. He does so, and gets a nice sum. He tells Finlay that he'll go to the cemetery tomorrow. Finlay is upset that Pops didn't get to pay his respects and organises a two-minute silence, which amazingly happens.
Charlie is sharp with both Duffy and Max and has a bit of a go at Max for giving Duffy the news about her promotion. Max wants to see Duffy later, as she stopped them in his office, saying, "Not here." Duffy's husband Andrew calls and she tells him she'll see him later but that they're busy. She later calls him back and tells him that she'll have to work through because of the chaos caused by the bomb. Max comes into admin. and smiles at her, waiting for her to join him.

Episode first broadcast Sunday 14th November 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader