Series 14 Episode 15:
Written by Andrew Rattenbury

Duffy says thanks to Charlie for being right about her and Max. Max has been avoiding her and she asks if he'll stop, otherwise it'll make it difficult working together. She also asks him to apologise to Charlie for overreacting the other week. Max apologises, but still says that Charlie did it because he's interested in Duffy himself. Charlie denies this, saying he did it for professional reasons - their relationship would have affected their work. Max asks if his relationship with Baz ever affected their work, and says that Baz was married. Charlie says that Baz was unhappily married, and that Duffy would never leave Andrew. Max says he's right - she wouldn't leave him for anyone. He tells Charlie that he should admit his true feelings for Duffy and forget his position, otherwise he'll have nothing left but his job.
Terence Warburn is cycling to work when he is knocked off his bike by a car overtaking dangerously. Sean is passing and goes to help him, and takes him into A&E. His injuries aren't serious but Sean realises he has high cholesterol. Sean discovers that the car was driven by Dr. Patrick Spiller, the new SPR. Patrick is rude to everyone, but it's obvious when he sees Holly that they've met before. It seems they have had a relationship in the past and Holly dumped him. He asks her if she's doing anything after the shift; she says she's painting the paediatric resusc as no one else will do it. He asks is she's seeing anyone and she says she is: he's short, blond, polite and considerate.
Terence Warburn has a cardiac arrest; they try to resuscitate him and are thinking about giving up when they get a faint pulse. Patrick is relieved, but says to Sean that if he hadn't knocked him down and he hadn't been in hospital when he had the attack, he'd have died.
Tony phones up the local radio, where Chrissy Holman has a show giving advice to people with problems. He says that he and his wife haven't slept together since their two-year-old son was born; he's really depressed and says that he's thought about how he would end it all, on her show. He says, "I just need to hear that you love me!" Chrissy collapses. As she is put in the ambulance, she asks people at the radio station to trace the caller but they won't, saying they get lots of crackpots phoning up. It turns out that she is Tony's wife. She has a perforated duodenal ulcer which needs operating on. Tony goes in to see her - she's relieved to see he's all right. When he has gone, Chrissy tells Charlie that she loves Tony but says, "You never realise how bad things have got until something like this happens." Charlie says, "Maybe you do. Maybe you just say "I'll do something about it tomorrow."" He lets Tony go in to see her before she goes for her operation; she tells him she loves him and asks him to promise to be there when she wakes up; Tony can't. As he leaves, he tells Charlie that if they're forced to spend some time together maybe they'll have the chance to work things out. Charlie offers him a lift home.
Albert Sylvester is brought in with abdominal pains. He has an aneurysm but refuses to let them operate. He says he has to write a letter to his son James first - he can't phone. They get some paper and let him dictate it. As he is doing this, a woman comes in saying she is his daughter Tania. Albert disowns her, saying he has no daughter. The aneurysm bursts and they have to operate immediately. He is taken up to theatre but dies there. Duffy breaks the news to Tania. She asks Tania how they can get the letter to Albert's son. Tania says the letter is meant for her: she is Albert's son as she is a transsexual. He didn't want to know her afterwards. She goes to see him and reads the letter, in which Albert blames himself for what she is, saying that he made James take his mother's place after she died, instead of letting him be the little boy he should have been. Tania says it wasn't his fault; Duffy tells her that blaming himself was probably the only way he could come to terms with it.
As the parachute jumpers are gathering in reception, Barney drops some toy parachutes down on them - from the balcony from which Sam fell. Adam yells at Barney and calls him a prat before going to the staff room. Barney later follows him in, after Amy has told him what happened with Sam. He apologises to Adam, and Adam says sorry for overreacting.
They pick names out of a hat to see who jumps together and who goes first. Max looks disappointed when Sean is picked to go with Tina. Tina goes back to the minibus, saying she just wants a couple of minutes by herself. Sean follows and asks her if they can be friends again; Tina says they are. Sean moves back and Tina shuts the door of the minibus, trapping his hand. Nothing's broken but it means that Sean can't jump straight away. Another name is chosen - Max. When they are up in the plane Max says he can't do it; Tina tries to persuade him. He says he'll jump only if she promises him a kiss when they get down. Tina has to agree. They both jump and land safely, but Tina's parachute lands on top of her. Max goes to help and climbs under the parachute. They kiss.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 11th December 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader