Series 14 Episode 16:
Written by Graham Mitchell

Mary MacDonald is in her car on a cliff-top. She reverses, then puts it into first and drives over the cliff edge. The car rolls down quite a way and crashes on some rocks. Kyle, who has just been for a run, sees this. He goes to call an ambulance then returns. He tries to get down to Mary but slips and falls down, landing just above the car. Josh, Penny and Mountain Rescue arrive. Kyle has injured his ankle. They haul him up and he is taken to A&E, where Holly treats him. He is wearing a collar as a precaution but complains about it, so Holly, assured that he is in no pain apart from in his ankle, removes it. As she is doing so, Patrick comes in. He tells her she should wait until she can be sure there is no spinal damage before removing the collar, and puts it back on. Outside the cubicle, Holly has a go at Patrick for putting her down in front of a patient. They row until Holly storms off, and Patrick says, "I love it when she's angry." Sean has heard all this, and later asks Holly if she knew Patrick before he arrived. Holly says that they were at the same hospital when she was a medical student and he was an SHO. They were an item for a couple of months - as much as Holly could stand. She said she admired him because he's a brilliant doctor. She asks Sean not to tell anyone.
Josh and Penny need to get Mary out of the car but as it is cut away Josh realises that there is some metal sticking through her leg. They call for a medical team; Max and Tina volunteer. They arrive and more of the car is cut away, until Max can see that the damage is only to tissue, not bone. They get her out of the car and she is taken to A&E. She asks for her son Ian but later says she wishes she hadn't. Her son arrives. He asks Tina if there is any possibility that she did it on purpose, saying she's been taking antidepressants recently. The team realise she's overdosed on them. Ian comes in to see her; she says she's sorry for involving him but she wanted to see him before she died. Max wants to pump her stomach but she refuses treatment, saying she's thought about it and wants to die. Max says they have to follow her wishes. Patrick is keen to get a psychiatrist down to see if they can certify her but Max says she's probably not certifiable. Mary says that she left her husband and son when Ian was three, as she couldn't cope, and didn't get in touch until her husband died years later - by this time Ian didn't want to know. Ian comes in and says she can't just walk back into his life - she's a stranger. He tells her to go ahead and kill herself but not to try to make him feel guilty. He walks out. Max tells him that she's desperate, and that she's going to die unless they can get her to change her mind. Ian comes back in and tells her she's not on her own. He is still angry with her for leaving him, and says he hates her for putting him through this, but that he still wants her in his life - he always has done. He holds her hand and Mary agrees to be treated, just in time. She should make a full recovery.
Steve Brewer is late for his wedding; his bride Tish is driving round the block in the wedding car as she waits. She says she should have listened to Louise, her friend and Steve's ex. Steve turns up, running, and crosses the road in front of the wedding car, which hits him. His leg is hurt but he is not badly injured. He apologises to Tish for being so late, saying that his car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and the wedding goes ahead. During the reception, however, lots of the guests end up throwing up in the toilets. They make their way to Holby A&E. Max tries to get a ward opened up to cope with all the guests; Duffy is annoyed because it was her job, but is relieved when management agree to open the ward. They try to find the source of the poisoning. Steve says it might not be the caterers' fault - it could be due to the wedding cake, which his mother, Tish's mother and Louise all helped to make. He later tells Tish that he thinks Louise may have spiked the cake with salmonella or something like it, to ruin the wedding - Louise did a degree in microbiology and would have the know-how. Tish is angry at the suggestion and they have a row. Later Steve accuses Louise to her face. Louise denies it and, seeing Tish come up behind Steve, says that he came round to her house last night because he was having second thoughts. Steve says he went to ask her not to come to the wedding because he was afraid she would make a scene to try to ruin it. Louise leaves, saying she should let Steve and Tish discuss it, and goes outside and throws away a layer of the wedding cake. Tish has doubts that Steve really wants to be married to her, because he was late and because she had to ask him. He tells her he loves her, and that although he may be indecisive he knows how he feels. She says they're always wondering if they're doing the right thing getting married; he says he's never been more certain of anything in his life. They kiss.
Max and Tina talk about their kiss after the parachute jump. Max says it was just the heat of the moment and Tina looks disappointed. Max later tells her he'd like them to be together but feels guilty about Sean. Tina says she and Sean are just friends; however Max knows that Sean wants more and is going to invite Tina to spend Christmas with him in a cottage in Wales. Sean asks Tina, but she turns him down, saying they're over because of what happened with Chloe, but that she still wants to be friends.
At the end of the shift Tina finds Max. She tells him she's told Sean where he stands. She says, "There is something going on here, isn't there?" Max says he's sorry, but the situation at work makes it hard. He says, "I just need time to…" and without finishing the sentence says goodbye and walks towards his car. Tina shouts after him, "What are you scared of, Max?" He replies, "Nothing," and gets in his car.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 18th December 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader