Series 15 Episode 2:
Written by Jeff Povey

Charlie arrives at A&E for his first day back at work. He wanders through reception and looks into resusc. Colette sees him and tells him he's not allowed in there; she shows him to reception. Later Charlie goes through to admin wearing his new scrubs (he tells Max he fancied a change - he says he feels like a new man); Colette realises her mistake and is embarrassed, but they laugh about it. There is no cubicle space because of the beds, and Charlie goes to talk to Dan about it. He tells him in no uncertain terms that he's back in charge of A&E, and he wants things back to normal. He goes back downstairs and asks Amy to help him clear out his office. He dumps Duffy's plant in a filing cabinet.
When Amy asks Patrick for money for a charity box, he tells her he doesn't give money to charity as it gives the government an excuse to get out of their responsibilities. Barney and Colette are complaining about Patrick's attitude. When Spencer tries to stick up for Patrick, Barney snubs him. (Spencer now has a new place to live.) Colette makes a suggestion to improve Patrick's attitude: every time he insults someone he pays a fine, and at the end of the day, they present him the list of what he owes.
Reuben turns up at A&E, asking Adam to come to see their new flat. Adam carries Reuben over the threshold. They look round the flat together, happy in their new home.
Patrick deals with Christine, a girl who has swallowed the batteries from her alarm clock, saying she felt really tired and thought they'd give her a boost. Patrick thinks her tiredness could be caused by anaemia, and does a blood test to see - it shows she is anaemic. He thinks the batteries might pass through naturally, but they don't seem to be doing so, so he asks a surgeon to take a look, and she goes to theatre to remove them. Barney persuades Colette to get hold of the batteries for him, and later he tells Chloe he's acquired some new batteries for the lamp on her bike.
Dan has asked Charlie to meet a journalist doing an article about the new face of the NHS. Charlie asks Max if he'll do it, and Max reluctantly agrees. After hearing Holly complain about the lack of a man in her life, he offers to set her up - with the journalist. He explains the situation, and Holly agrees to go along.
Brian Collins is trying to fix a stairlift so his wife Cheryl can get downstairs - she's wheelchair-bound. He manages to get it going, then has to go for a job interview. At the interview he is asked why he hasn't been working for the last year. He explains that he and Cheryl were at a party - she was pregnant. He'd been drinking and tripped, knocking her off a first floor balcony. The accident made Cheryl lose the baby, and left her unable to walk. He says after the accident he gave up everything, but now he wants to get back to work, to earn some money for Cheryl, to make up for the damage he's done. The interviewers look uncomfortable, and he gets up, saying he won't waste any more of their time.
Jody Ingram takes her son Denny to football practice. Denny is asking about his dad. After the practice, Jody arrives to pick him up. Whilst he is changing, she talks to Ed Connors, the coach. He is Denny's father, but he's married with kids and won't tell Denny because it would hurt his family - he and Jody had an affair after he was married. Jody asks how long it will be before Denny realises. Denny arrives, and asks Ed to take him for a ride on his motorbike, which he wants to buy off him. Ed agrees and they set off, but Jody realises Denny has left his inhaler behind and follows them in her car. They stop at some traffic lights and Denny sees his mum just as the lights turn to green. Ed sets off but Jody stays where she is. Brian Collins, in the car behind Jody's, swerves round her and crashes into the bike, throwing them both off, before skidding into a wall. Two ambulances arrive to treat the three. As they are about to set off, Jody goes towards the car to pick up Denny's football scarf. The petrol leaking from it ignites; Brian was carrying some aerosols in the car and they explode, sending glass everywhere and seriously injuring Jody.
Back at Holby A&E, when Charlie hears about the RTA he says that they need the cubicles which are being taken up with beds. He tells the other nurses to move patients with places up to the wards whether they're ready or not, and to put the rest in the corridor. When Chloe gets stranded as the ward refuse to let her leave the patient unattended, Charlie goes up there and gives them a mouthful.
Jody is brought into resusc. As she is being treated, she calls out, asking them to tell Denny's dad to look after him. She says he was brought in to them. When Denny's fractured wrist has been plastered, Chloe says she'll take him to see his dad. Denny is nervous, but Chloe doesn't realise he doesn't know his dad. When he is taken to Ed's cubicle and realises the truth, he's furious with Ed for not saying anything. Ed says it's all his fault, and that the affair was over before they knew Jody was pregnant. Denny says he trusted Ed, but he lied to him. He storms out, but Chloe talks to him and tells him he's lucky - most people come into A&E and lose a relative, but he's gained one. He goes in, and meets Ed. He calls him Dad, saying he was seeing what it felt like. Ed tells Denny he's like him in character, getting angry and ready to smash things up, and they agree that striker is the best position. Denny goes in to see his mum, saying he still wants Ed's bike.
Cheryl comes in to see Brian. He tells her he could see she hated him for months after the accident, but she says in that case he'll be able to see that it passed. She says he's making her feel guilty when she's the one in the wheelchair. Brian suggests she'd be better off if they were divorced - she'd be unable to support herself and she'd get all the help she needed immediately. He gets up to go, leaving his phone behind. Cheryl picks it up and follows him, and the phone starts to ring. A few minutes later she approaches Brian in the corridor. He says he can't get himself together at the moment. She tells him the company called and he's been offered the job. She tells him to call them and accept it before they change their mind, or she does. Brian agrees.
Duffy asks Charlie where her plant is, and he retrieves it from the filing cabinet, apologising but saying it wasn't really him. Dan comes in to see Charlie, having had complaints about his behaviour when he was moving patients onto the wards. Charlie says it will happen again if the beds don't go, saying that when an emergency comes in that they can't handle due to lack of space, he'll refer the grieving relatives to Dan's door. Dan says he'll speak to the CEO and do his best to get rid of them, then goes. Charlie tells Duffy they'll have to keep an eye on him.
Some pizzas have been delivered to the staff room - they don't know who bought it. Patrick's list of fines is up on the wall. Patrick comes in, reads it, and says angrily that they've missed an insult. He walks out. Spencer tells them it was Patrick who ordered the pizzas. Barney runs after him. He says thanks for the pizza, and tells him they had no idea it was him. Patrick says, "Forget it," and walks away.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 23rd September 2000

Additional Cast
Reuben Hurst Sam Barriscale
Ed Connors Paul Bown
Jody Ingram Tilly Vosburgh
Denny Ingram Joseph Swash
Brian Collins Matthew Pidgeon
Cheryl Collins         Jayne Ashbourne
Lindsey Polly Highton
Christine Antonia Corrigan
Mr Gates Kish Sharma

Pictures provided by Chris Leader