Series 15 Episode 3:
Written by Simon Moss

Duffy asks Charlie if Louis is okay because of the way he reacted over Ricky. Charlie says that she might be able to see for herself soon, as Baz wants him to look after him for a couple of months while she gets settled in Canada. She has got a job as a Medical Director at a hospital in Toronto. The contract is for three years and Charlie admits to Duffy that he doesn't know what he is going to do. Later on when the shift has finished, Duffy tells Charlie that he can always go to Canada with Baz if he's worried about seeing Louis. He says that it's a big step and Duffy reminds him that he doesn't have to make a decision today.
Holly and Chloe are in the staff room discussing her 'date' with the journalist when Patrick walks in. He is obviously not impressed, as he thinks that Holly is going on a proper date. He asks her who she is going out with, but she refuses to tell him. Throughout the day he tries to find out who it is, telling her that she has a habit of picking unsuitable men. She tells him there's only been the one and she learnt her lesson after him. She eventually tells him that she is not going on a date, but is being interviewed by a journalist.
Edward Flynn is at the railway station meeting his sister, Agatha Johnston. Agatha was given up for adoption by their mother when she was just a child, and she is feeling quite bitter about it. They are at the cemetery visiting their mother's grave, and Agatha asks if their father's grave is nearby. Edward tells her that he hasn't seen their father since he was10. Agatha always thought the reason their mother gave her away was because she couldn't afford to keep her. Edward tries to tell Agatha that wasn't the real reason, but she says it doesn't matter anymore. As they are driving along, he tries to explain something to her, but she won't listen and tells him to concentrate on his driving.
The Bennett family is at a restaurant for Jessica's 15 th birthday. Louise is disapproving of Trevor's drinking and they start to argue. Jessica tries to talk to them, but when they don't listen to her, she walks off to the toilet. Louise gets up and walks out of the restaurant. Outside in the car park, Louise is nowhere to be seen, and Jessica tells Trevor that she has had the worst birthday ever. Trevor falls asleep in the passenger seat and Jessica takes his keys and gets into the driving seat. Trevor wakes up and starts shouting at Jessica. Jessica panics and doesn't see Edward's car coming towards them. They both swerve and crash into the pavement. Jessica and Trevor are both okay, and so is Edward, but Agatha is trapped. Trevor goes to see if they are okay, but Edward smells the alcohol on him and pushes him away in anger, thinking he was the one driving the car. Later on, he tells the police that Trevor was drunk. When they reach the hospital, Trevor is taken into resus and Collette takes Jessica for some stitches. Trevor tells Jessica that he won't tell anyone she was driving.
Barney and Spencer are with Trevor and Barney's disgust is apparent. He says that if Trevor had any concern for his daughter, he never would have got behind the wheel of the car. Trevor gets angry and they start to argue. Charlie comes in and tells Barney to go and see to another patient. As he leaves, Barney makes a snide comment about Trevor and Spencer sharing a drink. Charlie warns him that if he behaves like that again then he is out. Barney apologises and says he won’t speak to Spencer in future. He later tells Chloe that he doesn't like Spencer because he was a drunk. When Chloe tries to say he is reformed, Barney says that alcoholics can't reform. He tells her that his father is an alcoholic and is sometimes violent.
When Louise arrives at A&E, she goes to see Trevor with Jessica just as he has been breathalised and arrested by the police. Jessica confesses that she was the one driving the car and she is also breathalised. She is over the limit and takes out a bottle of vodka from her bag. She explains that she has been drinking lately because of the parent's constant arguments. She agrees to get help with Trevor.
Meanwhile, Agatha has a broken pelvis and needs surgery. Edward finally tells her why she was given up for adoption whilst he remained with their parents. He shows her cigarette burns and belt buckle marks on his body, inflicted by their father. He tells her that their mother was concerned for Agatha's safety and gave her up for her own protection. By the time she left their father, Agatha had been taken to Australia by her foster parents. Agatha is taken up for surgery.
Sam Hutton and Carol Murdoch meet at the art gallery. The meeting is arranged through a dating agency, and although it is Carol's fourth date in this way, it is Sam's first. Carol is obviously disappointed in Sam and when he asks her what's wrong, she replies that he is not aged between 35-40 as she requested. He can tell that she doesn't want to be with him and tells her to leave. As he goes to hold the door open for her, a group of children push it open from the other side. It hits him on the nose, leaving him bleeding quite heavily. He tells Carol to go, but she goes to fetch help. She accompanies him to the hospital and although she contemplates leaving once they've arrived, she decides to stay, even after she discovers that he is actually 47. It emerges that Sam has had cosmetic surgery recently and that may be why he is bleeding so much. Carol admits to Sam that she also lied when she registered with the dating agency - she isn't an architect like she said, but a secretary to an architect. They both laugh at their deceit and then they kiss.
Reuben comes to meet Adam after work and they go to the pub. Reuben tells him that he has never been happier and he doesn't want it to end. They agree that what they have is special and Reuben asks if it is as good as it gets. Adam replies that any happier would be dangerous. Reuben asks Adam to marry him, or the nearest gay equivalent, and Adam says that he would be honoured to marry him. Reuben tells Adam that he loves him.
Holly is in the restaurant with Nick Costello, the journalist. He asks her if she is the 'face of the NHS'. She tells him that any of the staff in A&E could be the face of the NHS for different reasons. She mentioned how Charlie returned to work after a pulmonary embolism, and how Max saved the lives of his son's killers. She said that some of the staff were ill themselves and she couldn't imagine going to work if she was HIV+. Nick is immediately interested and tries to press her for more details. He asks her to confirm that someone in A&E has AIDS. She says that they have HIV, not AIDS. Nick is persistent and asks her if this person is allowed to treat patients. Holly tells him that the person presents no threat to the patients at all, but Nick is smiling to himself. Holly realises she has said too much and pushes her wineglass away looking very uncomfortable.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 30th September 2000

Additional Cast

Reuben Hurst

Sam Barrsicale

Sam Hutton

Stephen Boxer

Carol Murdoch

Victoria Carling

Edward Flynn

Terence Booth

Agatha Johnston

Lynn Ashley

Trevor Bennett

Terence Beesley

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Hooker

Louise Bennett

Caroline Harding

Sarah Webb

Alice Bree

Ricky Webb

Tobias Vaughan

Kevin Lee

James Cunningham

PC McCormack

Nicholas Tizzard

Nick Costello

Nicholas Sidi

Written by Shazia Alsam
Pictures provided by Chris Leader