Series 15 Episode 34:
Written by Katharine Way

Holly drives through Holby Hospital’s car park and spots a space, she glances in the rear view mirror and sees Patrick close behind her. “Don’t you dare Patrick,” she mutters, but Patrick swerves and pulls into the space. He gets out and says good morning to Holly, “Thanks a lot Patrick” she yells to him and drives off. He shrugs and heads for the hospital.
Chloe skates up to Barney and greets him. “Catch”, she says and tosses him a small brown parcel. Puzzled, he opens it to find a bundle of ten-pound notes. He raises his eyebrows and jogs after her.
When Holly finally finds a parking space she locks her car and steps away, only to hear the alarm go off. “Shut up!” She yells despairingly at it. “Anything I can do”, Patrick walks up behind her, “I can look at it again if you want”. Holly glares at him. “I seem to remember it was fine until the last time you looked at it.” They walk off together.
Penny sits at a table and Josh buys them both hamburgers. “Oh Josh you shouldn’t have”, she says to him. “Yes but I wanted to”. Penny smiles. Josh brings out a small present. “I'm not very good at this kind of stuff, but I couldn’t let you leave without…” and he hands a watch. “Its’ for your, new job,” he explained, “so you wont be late”. She smiles and thanks him. A call comes through on the radio, “Yep 302 receiving were on our way”.
Barney comes up to Chloe in the staff room and asks her about the money. “Its all the ten-pound notes I ever borrowed off you.” Barney says he knows he’s poor but he doesn’t take charity. She says she wants to pay her debts and doesn’t want to scrounge off anyone ever again.
Charlie and Max sit down to breakfast at Max’s house. Charlie asks Max if Amanda minds him staying there. Then Amanda enters the room. Charlie asks if he can take a shower but Amanda has used all the hot water so Charlie heads off. Amanda tells Max she doesn’t really like Charlie staying there and asks when he’s going to move out. Max says he doesn’t know but he will talk to Charlie about it. They kiss and Max leaves for work.
Josh and Penny arrive at their destination, to find a man who had been stabbed six times. “What’s his name”, asked Josh to the man who had called the ambulance. “His names Graham, I'm Ed his councilor. I just came and found him like this.” Ed told him shakily. “Its OK you’ve done all the right things”. Josh told him. “Yes but I couldn’t stop the bleeding,” he said.
A girl who is living in a cave suddenly looks at her watch and realizes she is late for school. She gets up and runs off.
In A+E, Colette is looking at photo’s of her daughter. Andrew comes up behind her and asks if its anyone he knew. She says no and quickly changes the subject. “How’s Duffy?” She asks. Andrew smiles and says, “Oh Duffy’s fine, and the baby”. Colette says that she’s glad he is getting used to the idea of a baby. He says he’s looking forward to it.
Meanwhile, Anna is telling Jack about a friend of hers who’s an artist. She explains to him that he’s making a sculpture out of used crisp packets, and he will pay £200 for every kilo. HE sounds interested. “What’s the sculpture of?” Anna says it’s of a Pterodactyl. “SO you better get munching then!” He runs off to get some crisps. Chloe comes up to Anna. “I don’t believe he fell for that one!”
Barney asks Chloe what else she has spent her money on. She says she has bought a houseboat called Kestrel. “How much?” He asks. She hesitates, “nine and a half grand.” He raises his eyebrows and looks at her. “Chloe!” She says it has running water and electricity, even though it needs doing up she could live their eventually. Barney sighed, and shook his head. “What!” She said. The phone rang and Barney answered. “A+E?
Josh asks Penny about Colette, because he doesn’t know whether she is serious about their relationship or whether she thinks of Josh as a fling. Penny Says to Josh that she doesn’t think he is fling material. Then she says that Colette is probably juts as serious about Josh as he is about her. Penny suggests asking Colette out for a romantic meal.
Graham is rushed into resus and immediately the team get to work. Holly looks up to see Ed staring at her. Patrick also notices and frowns disapprovingly. “Hang on a minute,” she says and goes over to talk to him. She leads Ed into the relative’s room. Graham explains to Holly that Graham is agoraphobic, and Ed is his councilor. “Oh you do counseling now”, she says. Ed seems to think it’s his fault Graham was stabbed. Holly says it wasn't and they hug. Jack pokes his head round the door. “Holly, Patrick needs you in resus.”
At school, the girl who was living in the cave, Elizabeth, turns up late. She explains to the teacher she was helping her mum who was ill. Two bullies overhear and giggle. Teacher says to work with them. “Oh can you smell something,” said Emma. “You better watch your back,” says Liz and scowls at Emma and Sonya.
Graham arrests and the team start resuscitation.
In the art class, Liz switches the art boards. Emma asks if her Liz’s mum is a prostitute, then says “who would want to sleep with your mum anyway?” Liz replies “Your Dad!” Emma hits her. When Sonya goes to paint, the board catches fire and the teacher quickly puts it out.
In resus they have been resuscitating for 50 minutes and all agree to stop. They cover Graham with a sheet. Holly says to Patrick that he should talk to Ed. When he asks why she says because he owes it to him.
Outside the headmasters office, Emma says to Liz, “Your dead”. Liz says she can destroy things with her mind and says Emma will suffer a painful and horrible death. Emma isn't scared and provokes her saying, “go on then”. Liz just says that she won’t tell Emma how she will die but if she tells anyone they will die too, immediately.
Anna asks Jack how many crisps he has eaten. “Five packets,” he replies.
Meanwhile, Patrick and Holly look for Ed. They think he has gone. Patrick suggests this is because Ed Murdered Graham. Holly asks Patrick why he always had it in for Ed. Patrick says it was because he took drugs and he split them up. Holly tells Patrick that she thinks Patrick was jealous of Ed. Patrick denies it and goes to find him.
Sonya and Emma stand talking in the playground when a pot of paint falls near Emma. Liz stands watching near by.
when Patrick finds Ed he leads him into resus to see Graham.
Fin and Mel approach a woman lying on a bench. She says her name is Kaz and that some boys took her wig and were playing football with it. She says she went clubbing and she just came up to watch the sun rise. Fin and Mel take her to the ambulance.
Patrick is explaining to Ed all the medical reasons why Graham died. “Why are you telling me this”? asks Ed. Patrick says he thought Ed would be interested seeing as he was going to be a doctor. Holly enters the room and asks if everything is OK. Ed replies that they weren't going to kill each other.
In the ambulance Kaz explains that she lives on drugs, for her Leukemia and for her bone marrow transplant.
In the corridor, Ed asks if Holly wants to go for a drink. She says it’s not a good idea but Ed says they can just talk. Holly tells him that he wanted more than that. He admits it but asks why not. Holly says there is someone else. Ed thinks its Patrick and starts accusing Patrick. Holly tells him not to talk about Patrick that way because he doesn’t know him. Ed walks off and bumps Patrick. Patrick comes over, “what rattled him?” Holly walks away.
Emma goes to the cave where Liz lives.
Andrew suggests to Kaz that she shouldn’t mix drugs and alcohol but Kaz says if she’s going to die it doesn’t matter. She also says that doctors have told her she was going to die before but she was still alive.
Holly is in the staff room when Patrick comes up to her. “What was wrong with Ed?” He asks. Holly explains that Ed asked her out and when she turned him down he got mad. Holly asks Patrick why he had it in for Ed. “I was envious, not jealous. I was envious because you to were always laughing together and you found him easy to talk to. Some days I didn't even know what to say to you,” Patrick tells her. Patrick also tells her that it wasn't him who got Ed thrown off the course. “Ed told me it was you,” says Holly. “The only reason he said it was me was because he knew you would never forgive me, and you haven't,” Patrick explained. Then Patrick said that if she doesn’t believe him they have nothing more to say to each other. “You keep trying to change me into something I'm not. Ill never be good enough,” Patrick yelled; and with that he stormed out of the room.
Josh asks Colette to go out with him after work she smiles and says yes.
Meanwhile Colette’s daughter, Natalie, comes up to reception. “Is Colette here?” She asks Jack. “Yeah can I take your name please?” “Natalie”. Jack says Colette might be busy and suggests Natalie should wait, then he offers her a crisp. She says no thanks.
Barney is talking to Kaz, and she asks him to read her notes. He offers to wash her wig. She smiles and says OK.
Jack tells Colette that Natalie is waiting but he doesn’t know where she is. Colette yells at him then quickly apologizes. He looks surprised.
Emma finds Liz in the cave.
Colette looks for Natalie but she is in the loo.
Barney goes to see Kaz and to return the wig. “There good as new”. Suddenly Kaz doubles up in pain and Barney runs to fetch a doctor.
In the cave Liz and Emma start fighting and when Liz falls over Emma runs of. She trips and falls off the ladder.
Kaz asks Barney if he has a girlfriend. He says no. She asks him to kiss her because she has never kissed anyone and she never will. He replies that he cant because he would loose his job. She thinks it is because she is ugly. He says it isn't but she looks hurt. Barney tells Jack about Kaz and he makes fun of her. Barney says he should never have told him.
Jack goes to talk to Kaz. He explains that his little sister had Leukemia and all she ever wanted to do was to ride in a hot air balloon. Their family saved and saved but his sister died a day before the trip. Then Jack leaned over and kissed Kaz.
Holly walks over to Patrick who is near a vending machine. “You were wrong Patrick.” She says to him. “Oh now there's a surprise.” Replies Patrick. “No, I mean about being good enough for me. You are good enough.” Patrick looks a little surprised. “You might change your mind if Ed comes back,” he says, but Holly says he was too vicious. “So would you like to come for a drink after work?” She asks. Patrick grinned happily. “OK”.
Barney asks Jack what had happened with Kaz, and asks whether she had asked him to kiss her. Jack says no she didn't.
Natalie comes over to Colette. She doesn’t know who it is at first but then she realizes. They go for a walk.
Anna approaches Jack. He has eaten twelve packets of crisps. Then she tells him the truth and walks off laughing. He looks at her and scowls.
Natalie says to Colette that she doesn’t want to get to know her because Colette didn't want her and gave her away. Colette tries to explain that it wasn't her fault but Natalie doesn’t believe her.
In the car park someone wearing black gloves breaks Holly’s car windows.
Jack tells Holly her alarm is going of and Holly goes to check it out.
Janine, the lady who looked after Louisa, who gave all her money to Chloe, walks up to Dan and says she wants to complain about Chloe. In Dan’s office she tells Dan that Chloe made Louisa change her will, and that her solicitor says she has a good case. Dan looks worried.
Holly approaches her car to find the windows smashed. She opens the door and leans in to turn the alarm off. Then she hears a familiar voice. “Holly?” The voice of…she looks up and sees Tom Harvey staring at her. She draws in a breath. “I'm sorry for the damage,” he says and points towards the car. “Don’t be frightened. I will never hurt you, ever. Please don’t go.” Suddenly Tom grabbed her arm. “Everything will be all right if I can just talk to you. Listen to me.” Holly stands there, to terrified to move. “This isn't happening,” she breathes. Tom reaches out to grab her. “Let go of me!” She screams and spins round, knocks her head on the car and falls to the ground. Her head is bleeding on to the pavement. Tom leans over her. “Oh Holly,” he whispers, “oh Holly……”

Episode first broadcast Saturday 21st April 2001

Additional Cast
Amanda Lewis Janet Dibley
Natalie Mackay Charis Thomas
Ed Jamieson Simon Merrells
Emma          Danielle McCormack
Liz Riley Claire Huckle
Sonia Joanna Martin
Mrs Marriott Amanda Symonds
Kaz Ruddock Sarah Goodchild
Janine Brown          Caroline Paterson

Written by Hannah Willis