Series 15 Episode 35:
Written by Katharine Way

Peter Brennan is brought into A+E after suffering a heart attack. Charlie asks if there is anyone they can contact; Peter says his son, Stuart.
Meanwhile, Tom carries Holly into a closed part of the hospital. He puts her on a bed and wheels her up the corridor then wheels her into the lift with him. He sees a security camera looking at him. He gets a piece of pipe and smashes the camera, then uses it to break the chains on the ward door. Holly stirs and her eyelids flicker. Tom lifts Holly onto another bed. While she lies there helpless, he strokes her head and takes out her hair slide. She wakes confused and dizzy, Tom tells her to relax as he removes her shoes and socks. He tells her she is going to be fine.
Patrick asks Jack if he has seen Holly. Jack tells him he saw Holly go to check her car but that was over half an hour ago and he hadn't seen her since. Spencer comes up and suggests she might be with Ed. Patrick tells Jack to cover for him while he goes to look for her. Patrick rushes to his car, gets in, and zooms out of the car park. He drives straight to where Ed works and storms into his office. He yells at Ed accusing him of kidnapping Holly, when Ed says he knows nothing, Patrick grabs him by the collar and pins him up against the door. Ed threatens Patrick by saying if he hit him, he would sue him, and Patrick would loose his job. Patrick begins to walk off, when Ed asks who else it could be. “There's only one other person and he’s in prison.” Says Patrick. “Are you sure” Says Ed. Patrick’s face bears a look of sudden realisation. “Ive gotta go,” he says and drives off.
In the ward, Tom ties Holly’s hands together. “I'm sorry I have to do this Holly.” He says. Holly asks why he has to do it. He replies, “I don’t want to hurt you.” Holly tells him that he has kidnapped her and smashed up her car. He says he had to do it because otherwise she wouldn’t talk to him. “So were quits the?” Holly asks hopefully. “You’re a destructive person really, unstable, it’s all the stress.” Holly asks what Tom wants from her. “I want things to be the way they were, that night you came to my flat, you felt safe with me, you wanted to be there.” Holly forces a smile. “You were very hospitable.” Tom looks very sad. “I could’ve given you everything, but you just threw it back in my face. You destroyed me that evening. Ive got nothing left.” Tom begins to cry and puts his head in his hands. “Now no one will even touch me.”
Barney asks Chloe what is happening with Janine. Chloe tells him that she is worried she won’t be able to pay the money back and she will loose her job. Janine and Dan come out of Dan’s office. Chloe marches up to Janine. “If you’ve got something to say to me say it to my face!” Chloe yells. Janine says Chloe had better get a good solicitor because she’ll be needing one, then she walks off.
Colette and Natalie sit on a bench talking. Colette tells Natalie why she gave her away, because her Mum said she couldn’t stay at home if she kept her. Natalie thought it was because she wasn't pretty. Colette tells Natalie she’s beautiful and shows her the baby photos. Natalie gets up and walks off. Colette runs after her. Natalie asks Colette what Natalie’s Dad was like. Colette tells her all about David Naylor, who was her best friend’s older brother. She says he was really fit, and when he asked her out it was the best time of her life. She said she got pregnant because they were never careful. When David found out about Natalie he didn't want to know and left Colette. Colette tells Natalie that she wishes she had kept her.
Holly is telling Tom that she cares for people, that’s she became a doctor. she says that she must get back to her job otherwise she’s letting people down. She suggests she comes back after her shift and they talk then. “Holly you love me, you know you do.” Tom tells her. “If you love me, really love me, then you would let me go.” He says he will, later. He takes her hands and says he wants to watch her sleep.
Meanwhile, and ambulance arrives at the caves. Liz runs up. She tells Fin that Emma is dying and he has to go to her now. Mel suggests that he waits for the cave rescue people but Fin goes anyway. He quickly finds Emma, checks he over, and diagnoses a tension pneumo-thorax. He tells her to count to twenty, then he sticks a needle into her chest and the air escapes. They take her to hospital. Andrew explains the procedures. Before going to the ward, Emma apologises to Liz and offers to let her hang around with her. Liz thanks her but says she want her own space.
Colette asks Natalie how she found her. “Your name was on the birth certificate,” explains Natalie. Colette asks for Natalie’s address so she can come and se her some time. Penny comes up and Colette doesn’t tell her who Natalie is. Natalie says Colette is ashamed of her because she didn't tell anyone about her. Natalie storms off with Colette screaming after her.
Max and Dan stand at the desk as Patrick walks in. “Ah, the wanderer returns! Where on earth have you been?” asks Max. “Tom’s got Holly,” he says plainly. The guys look bewildered. They check the security cameras and sure enough they see Tom. Then they call the police.
Peter suffers a cardiac arrest and the team resuscitate him against his wishes. When he wakes Stuart says he should have listened to his Dad, then his Dad says he has changed his mind and he is glad they brought him back. Stuart kisses his Dads head.
Meanwhile, Tom says he has got to go somewhere, so he ties Holly to the bed. He brings out a bit of elephant tape intending to gag her. She says she might be sick and choke to death. He lies her on her side and gags her anyway. Tom leaves.
Andrew is going to his car to get his sons compute game to give to Duffy, when he sees Tom walking towards him. “Tom?” Tom looks worried and forcefully pushes Andrew down the steps. He lies wounded at the bottom. Tom runs off.
Dan, Spencer and Patrick have checked the whole hospital and they can’t find Holly. They even checked the boot of Tom’s car. Spencer spots Andrew and they all run over Patrick checks his pulse, and tells Spencer to go and get help.
Josh takes Colette aside and asks her how she feels with their relationship. She says she is happy, then Natalie bursts in. Colette tells Josh she is her daughter.
Holly spots a pair of scissors and frantically tries to reach them. In the end she gives up. Tom gets back and says she looks beautiful, he sees that she is looking at the scissors, he frowns. He gives her the dress, she says its lovely. He says he must go and change his clothes.
Duffy waits in the relative’s room. While the team try to revive Andrew. Sadly they can't and he dies. Charlie breaks the news to Duffy. She cries loudly. Charlie takes her to see Andrew, and waits as she says goodbye.
Meanwhile, Holly is changed into her dress and necklace. Tom puts Robbie Williams – Angels, on. He leads her onto the dance floor. She pretends to slip and he holds her. Then she knees him between the legs leaving him squirming on the floor. She runs off flinging her shoes aside. She quickly finds a window draws back the blinds and smashes it with a chair, throwing the chair out the window. Patrick, Dan and Spencer spin round and see Holly yelling for help. They tear off towards the building. Tom grabs Holly and sticks a needle full of anaesthetic into her. She passes out and he carries her to the bed. Patrick and Dan burst through the doors, Dan chases after Tom while Patrick begins mouth to mouth on Holly. Dan chases Tom out side, where Tom climbs over the stairs and threatens to jump. Dan says he won’t come any nearer so Tom tries to climb back over. He suddenly slips and is left hanging in mid air. Dan reaches over and Tom takes his hand. They both wince from the pain, but Dan cannot hold Tom and Tom slips out of his grasp to his death. Dan looks terrified as Tom’s lifeless body lies sprawled on the tarmac below. Patrick continues mouth to mouth and spluttering Holly comes round. Seeing him she falls into his arms and they cling to each other in relief. Patrick smiles as he knows she will finally be safe. Dan looks on and sighs, he knows he has at last lost, and he leaves Patrick and Holly alone, together…

Episode first broadcast Saturday 28th April 2001

Additional Cast
Natalie Mackay Charis Thomas
Janine Brown          Caroline Paterson
Ed Jamieson Simon Merrells
Emma Danielle McCormack
Liz Riley Claire Huckle
Peter Brennan Randal Herley
Stuart Brennan Josh Moran

Written by Hannah Willis
Pictures provided by Chris Leader