Series 16 Episode 5:
Written by Dan Sefton

Duffy comes into the department to show off her baby Paul to everyone. She tells Charlie she's on her way to see Personnel to arrange returning to work at the end of the month. He is surprised, reminding her that she said she wasn't going to come back. Duffy says Andrew wouldn't have wanted her just to hide away; Charlie says he'd have wanted her to put herself first for once. Duffy says that's what she's doing, and asks Charlie if he'll support her; he says he will. Duffy asks what's been going on, apart from Colette reorganising her staff. He tells her about the Clinical Nurse Specialist post. He's filled in the application form but isn't sure about it - he doesn't think he'll be able to fight the good fight if he's upstairs. Duffy says that he's one of the good guys, not likely to change; she tells him if power-lunching is what it takes, he should go for it - she'll send Colette on a suicide mission if he looks like he's getting corrupted.
Jane Middleton is brought into resusc after being involved in an RTA. She is heavily pregnant and losing a lot of blood. Patrick and Lara send for an obstetrician but the only one available is an SHO. Lara thinks an emergency caesarean is called for, and proposes she does it herself. Patrick says they should wait for an obstetrics registrar, but Lara says there's no time. She says that after spending three years in a field hospital she knows her way around a C-section - she tells Patrick he can trust her or let Jane die. Patrick turns to Dillon, who says Jane's going off, then tells Lara to go ahead. She performs the caesarean and the baby girl is born healthy; Jane is still seriously ill and goes up to theatre. Patrick is impressed with Lara's skills; she tells him she used to operate in the hospital in Africa, having got her Fellowship before she went, and often had to work on the obstetrics ward. But she got fed up with routine surgery and decided to start work in A&E, for a new adventure - she's after a registrar's job.
The baby's father James arrives; Dillon starts to explain the situation simplistically but James says he's a midwife. Dillon takes him up to see his new daughter, but lets it slip that the operation was performed by a Casualty SHO. James, knowing that it should have been done by an obstetrician in theatre, is extremely angry and storms down to A&E. Charlie, who has been told by Colette about what happened, talks to him, then asks Lara and Dillon to his office and tells them angrily that James knows procedures weren't kept to. Lara is outraged that James is complaining after she saved the lives of his wife and daughter. Charlie tells her she should have consulted someone. He tells Dillon that as the senior nurse present he should have put a stop to what was going on; Dillon says he thinks Lara made the right decision. Charlie accepts they think they did the right thing but says it's difficult for the hospital to support them if James makes a formal complaint. He tells them both to make written statements, and warns them not to speak to the father. Neither of them looks very happy about it. Lara leaves, and Charlie complains to Dillon that he didn't tell him, saying it's a good job Colette told him before James arrived. He tells Dillon he can't be everywhere at once, which is why he relies on Dillon and the others. Dillon asks Charlie what he would have done in his position; Charlie says he'd have played by the rules. Later, Lara goes to speak to James as he sits at his wife's bedside. She tries to tell him that what she did was for the best, but James, looking at his still unconscious wife, isn't convinced. Dillon arrives as they are arguing and calms Lara down. James says he's going to go to his solicitor about this. They leave, and Dillon goes and bends the rules to have the baby brought to Jane's bedside as she recovers consciousness. James arrives and Dillon tells him what he's done; James thanks him. Dillon tells Charlie there won't be any more bother with James; Charlie apologises for having a go at him earlier, saying he should have been there but was somewhere else, and says he appreciates the way Dillon handled it. He talks to Dillon about the job he's applying for, saying he thought he'd end up down here for the duration. Dillon, looking unimpressed, says it's up to him.
Max tells Patrick he's just had a phone call from a Professor Weinberg. Patrick has an interview with Weinberg for a consultant's post later that day. Weinberg had been asking Max about Patrick - he taught Max so knows him well. Max advises Patrick that with Weinberg, it's not a case of what you say, it's what you don't say. Max leaves, as Amanda and Ben are moving in with him today. Ben has borrowed an old ambulance from his friend, who lives in it, to move their stuff. Max goes with him to collect the stuff, and despite the ambulance breaking down on the way, they eventually get everything moved. Ben seems to be getting on better with Max, too.
Patrick goes for his interview. Weinberg is impressed by Patrick's clinical record but says that Max didn't mention his patient communication skills. He sets Patrick a test scenario, asking how he'd react, and Patrick doesn't do well. He is told they'll phone him later, and leaves.
Teenager Claire Bradley is babysitting six-month-old baby Harry. He won't stop crying, so she brings him to A&E. Claire is worried it's something she's done but Chloe assures her that's unlikely. An x-ray shows some of Harry's ribs are fractured, and examining him, Lara discovers bruises on his chest. She calls in Patrick, suspecting the baby has been mistreated by Claire, and Claire is kept away from him. When Patrick takes a look at the x-ray he realises the fractures must have happened weeks ago - there must be another reason Harry is crying now. He examines the baby and discovers a rash on his back - it looks like meningitis. They discuss the fractures again, and Claire, overhearing them, realises they think she is to blame. A while later Chloe, having left Harry for just a minute, returns to find he's gone. They realise Claire isn't around either and guess that she's taken him. They start to search the department and the hospital. Eventually Patrick and Spencer find Claire with Harry. Patrick talks to her, telling her that Harry is very ill and needs treatment; he does his best and eventually persuades her to hand over the baby to him. He takes him back to A&E, where the baby's mother Emma has arrived and is panicking. Chloe talks to her and discovers that Claire had never looked after Harry before today - she was a last minute replacement. Chloe goes to tell Patrick, asking if that means Claire is in the clear since the broken ribs had happened weeks ago; Patrick agrees that it does. Chloe says that Emma must have known this all along, yet she's been trying to blame Claire, and asks what they can do about it. Patrick just tells her to inform Social Services, saying he doesn't even know if Harry will live. Chloe asks what about Claire, and Patrick agrees to have a word.
Lara has asked Jack to get her a bottle of champagne; he does so and she takes it to the staff room, where Patrick is awaiting a phone call from Weinberg. His phone rings, and Lara listens in to his end of the conversation, trying to work out the outcome. He sounds unhappy and puts the phone down. He tells Lara he has been turned down because of his lack of patient communication skills. He says thanks for the champagne, anyway. He tells Lara that Weinberg talked to Max, and feels that what Max didn't say is responsible for him not getting the job. Lara suggests he talk to Max, to ask him to put in a good mood. Patrick replies, "Oh, I'll talk to Max all right. Take my advice - don't be around when I do."

Episode first broadcast Saturday 13th October 2001

Additional Cast
Ben Lewis Arthur Coldfield
Professor Weinberg Charles Kay
Dr Andrea Cliffe Tamara Ustinov
James Middleton Paul Wyatt
Emma Nicholson Wendy Nottingham
Dr Kris Bowles Krishnan Glover
Claire Bradley Kemi-Anne Groarke
Rupert Avin Shah
Mr Fletcher Tony Smart
Jane Middleton          Dominica Warburton