Holly, Barney, Dan and Mel all left before the series began. Several new characters were introduced in the first episode: staff nurse Dillon Cahill (Dan Rymer), ambulance technician Nicki Marshall (Kelly Harrison) and paramedic "Comfort" (Martina Laird). Later on the team were joined by SHO Lara Stone (Christine Stephen-Daly) and Chief Executive Jan (Judy Loe). Jack's brother Tony (Lee Warburton), was later taken on as a security guard after several incidents persuaded Jan to increase security in the department.
Max was suspended after supplying methadone to his fiancée Amanda's son. The locum brought in to replace him, Philippa, was hopeless, and eventually resigned after making a fatal mistake. Max was later reinstated.
Later in the series, Chloe left, fleeing the country to escape from the police.
Patrick, about to leave to take a consultant's post in London, was involved in an RTA, and died after saving the lives of several teenagers. Dr. Simon Kaminski (Christopher Colquhoun) came to take his place. Student nurse Roxanne Bird (Loo Brealey) also joined the team.
Jan came under fire from the press after a virus in the hospital caused A&E to be overfull for days. When an MP's son died in a corridor, there were calls for Jan's resignation. Jan, however, leaked Max's past to the papers, and as Max had made the decision not to ventilate the MP's son, the papers latched onto him, naming him 'Doctor Drugs'. The board told Max to take 'gardening leave', whereupon Max resigned. Max's replacement was Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkingdale).
The series ended with Nikki and Fin being badly injured whilst on a shout, and the team had to fight to save Nikki's life. And as she lay unconscious, another shock was in store - Lara was arrested after the policeman who had tried to rape her died from the injuries she caused.


Charlie Fairhead (Clinical nursing manager/Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Lisa Duffin (Sister)
Colette Kierney/Griffiths (Staff nurse)
Dillon Cahill (Staff nurse)
Chloe Hill (Staff nurse)
Anna Paul (Staff nurse)
Roxanne Bird (Student nurse)

Max Gallagher (Consultant)
Harry Harper (Consultant)
Patrick Spiller (Special registrar)
Simon Kaminski (Special registrar)
Lara Stone (SHO)

Josh Griffiths (Paramedic)
Finlay Newton (Paramedic)
Comfort Jones (Paramedic)
Nikki Marshall (Ambulance technician)

Jack Vincent (Receptionist)
Spencer (Health Service Assistant)
Jan Goddard (Chief Executive)
Tony Vincent (Security Guard/Emergency Department Assistant)


1. Holding the Baby
2. Dirty Laundry
3. All's Fair
4. Crash Course
5. Bringing Up Baby
6. White Lies
7. Facing the Future
8. For My Next Trick
9. Distant Elephants
10. It's A Family Affair
11. The Morning After
12. Best Intentions
13. Someone to Watch Over Me
14. Happily Ever After
15. Life and Soul
16. Consequences
17. Playing With Fire
18. Checking In, Checking Out
19. Blowing the Whistle
20. You're Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance
21. Only the Lonely
22. In the Heat of the Night
23. Acceptance
24. Nobody's Perfect
25. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
26. Life Incognito
27. You Can't Take Them All Home With You
28. Past, Present, Future
29. Memories
30. Hearts and Minds
31. Dominoes
32. Waving not Drowning
33. Big Rocks and Very Hard Places
34. Scapegoat
35. Too Close for Comfort
36. The Sting
37. Denial
38. Taking It All Back to the Streets
39. Broken Hearts
40. Code Red


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