(Debbie Roza)

Susie Mercier was the Casualty receptionist when the Holby nightshift first opened it's doors in 1986. Petite and of Asian extraction, Susie was very good at calming troublesome patients and resolving conflicts. In one episode a mother, who was making a fuss about the length of time her son had to wait to be seen complained to Susie. 'He could have bled to death for all you care' the woman said. 'Is he losing a lot of blood ?' replied Susie sarcastically and this seemed to shut the woman up. Susie got on well with most of the staff but was particular friends with Duffy. They were the two gossips of Holby. She also seemed to hang about with Kuba, though the two were just friends. In the first episode Susie helped Kuba identify the mysterious substance at the docks. In another episode Susie, along with Duffy, Megan and Kuba protested against a cinema which was showing 'naughty 'nurse' films. They were all arrested but later discharged from the police station. Susie was upset when Duffy was raped and was very concerned about her. She complained to Ewart that young women couldn't go out any more without fear of being attacked. Susie left at the end of series 2 and was replaced by Sadie Tomkins.

Written by Christopher Watson