(Kieron Forsyth)

Tom appeared in series 15 of Casualty. He was doing his anaesthtics stint as an SHO, and often ended up in A&E. He was friendly with Holly. Discussing women with some of the others one day, he said he was seeing someone, but liked to keep his private life private.
When Holly started receiving unwanted attention from a stalker, no-one in the department suspected Tom, but we soon discovered that it was Tom making the phone calls. When Patrick was about to give a scared Holly a lift home, Tom slashed his tyres, and offered to take Holly home himself. He invited her back to his flat for a drink, and Holly agreed. When Dan turned up, Tom, afraid he knew what was going on, drugged him. When Holly realised who her stalker was, it wasn't long before she let Tom know. She tried to get away, and Tom grabbed her; Holly knocked Tom on the head with an ornament and called for help. Tom was arrested. He was let out on bail not long afterwards, however, and went back to Holby A&E. He smashed Holly's car windscreen so she would come out to it, then showed himself. As Holly tried to run, he grabbed her, knocking her out against the car. He dragged her to a closed ward of the hospital. He forced her to put on a dress and dance with him; Holly was too scared to do anything but agree. Once on the dance floor, however, she managed to free herself long enough to smash a window and call for help. Tom grabbed her back, and injected her with anaesthetic. Patrick and Dan arrived, and Tom ran, pursued by Dan. Tom climbed over the edge of a fire escape threatening to jump. Suddenly he slipped, and was left hanging in mid air. Dan grabbed his hand, but was unable to hold Tom, who plunged to his death.