(Adjoa Andoh)

Colette joined Holby A&E as staff nurse at the beginning of series 15. She got off to a bad start with Josh Griffiths when she was helping out at the scene of an accident. Josh was very patronising towards her, and was extremely embarassed to find out that Colette was the new staff nurse. Colette also got off to a bad start with Charlie, not realising who he was and ordering him out of resusc on his first day back at work. She soon sorted things out with both Josh and Charlie, and showed herself to be a capable, understanding nurse. She and Duffy became close friends fairly quickly, and it was Colette whom Duffy confided in about her pregnancy.
Colette lived alone, and was always complaining about the demands her mother made of her. We found out more about Colette's private life when an ex-boyfriend of hers turned up in A&E one day - they had had an affair until Colette discovered he was married, and immediately ended it.
After the first hiccup, Colette and Josh got on very well, but were cautious of getting too close too soon. As they were getting closer, Penny told Colette not to get any romantic ideas about Josh. Puzzled, Colette asked Amy what was going on, and Amy explained what had happened to Josh's family. Colette mentioned it to Josh and told him Penny wasn't the only one who cared. After that, Penny changed her mind and did her best to make Josh ask Colette out. Eventually he did so, but their first date was ruined by Colette's mother turning up. But when Josh's life was put into danger by a suicidal patient, Colette got extremely emotional and they kissed at last. The relationship was just starting to get along fine when Colette's mother dropped a bombshell: Colette's daughter Natalie had phoned. Later on Natalie turned up at Holby A&E to see Colette - Colette, becoming a teenage mother, had given her up for adoption. She explained to Natalie that her mother would have thrown her out if she hadn't given her up, but she wished that she had kept her. When she and Josh were discussing their relationship, saying they were happy together, Natalie burst in on them, and Colette told Josh about her.
At the beginning of series 16, Colette was trying to help Josh through his problems after he crashed the ambulance, when Natalie dropped a bombshell: she was five months pregnant and had decided she didn't want to see Colette any more. Her relationship with Josh also seemed to be over after his troubles, but after Comfort's interference, they got back together. Almost straight away, Josh asked her to marry him, soon, and Colette agreed. On their wedding day, Natalie turned up after a phone call from Josh, and her day seemed to be made, until Natalie went into labour. The baby was born in the ambulance and they were about to go and get on with the wedding when Natalie suddenly became very ill. It looked as though she might die, but she came round the next day, with her adoptive mother by her side. Colette was upset that it wasn't her Natalie turned to, but Natalie was soon asking for her and asked her to get on with her adoptive mother. With Natalie all right, Colette was happier, but it seemed Josh as if their relationship was cursed. Charlie decided to do something about it, and with the help of the rest of the A&E staff, arranged for their wedding to take place that day in the hospital chapel, so they could go on their honeymoon as planned. After a couple of hitches, Colette and Josh were married.
Colette was good friends with Dr Simon Kaminski. In series 17, when Colette suggested to Josh that they go to salsa lessons together, saying they didn't do enough couple-y things, Josh did not want to go, so Colette asked Simon instead. Josh was not happy when he found out. Colette was concerned about her relationship with Josh, confessing to Simon that they hadn't been intimate for a while, and she was worried that there was something wrong with Josh. Eventually Josh saw a doctor and found he had low testosterone, which could be treated. Things were back to normal for a while, but they soon had new problems as Josh wanted them to start a family, but Colette did not want children. When Josh, dealing with a man who had lost his family in a car crash, called off their evening at a charity auction, Colette went with Simon instead. Simon bought her an expensive necklace, and had persuaded her to go for a few drinks afterwards when Josh arrived to pick her up. When Josh was late for the Christmas party, Colette again turned to Simon, and they ended up sleeping together. Simon afterwards said it was a mistake, but it was enough to make Colette realise she didn't love Josh any more, so she left him. Soon afterwards, however, she discovered she was pregnant, and knew it must be Simon's baby. But when Simon didn't want anything to do with it, she told Josh, not telling him it wasn't his.