(Rebecca Wheatley)

Amy first appeared in Casualty at the beginning of series 12, as receptionist. She is friendly and has a good sense of fun. She is good friends with Tina Seabrook and Sunny Sunderland.
She started a relationship with policeman Keith Merrick. She didn't think he was serious about her though, and didn't know what to do when she found herself pregnant. However, when she told him he was pleased and they decided that they could make a go of it.
By series 13, however, Keith had left her. She once fainted in reception and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Amy wanted someone to go to antenatal class with her and Sunny volunteered. At the Christmas party she realised the baby was on its way; she tried to phone for a taxi but the phone was out of order so she went in search of one. Sunny realised she was missing and went to look for her. He found her almost collapsing outside a petrol station and took her inside. With Sunny's help she gave birth to baby Milo amongst a nativity scene. After maternity leave Amy returned to work near the end of the series, Milo being looked after by her mother.
In series 14, Amy, who had always enjoyed singing and had sang at Charlie and Baz's wedding, decided to pursue her talent. She auditioned for a band and got the job. All the staff at Holby A&E turned up to see her first performance.
In series 15, Amy started to realise that what she was doing was crazy: she was working all week to pay the childminder to look after Milo so she could work all week. When the childminder was involved in an accident and Milo was nowhere to be seen, Amy was terrified. Luckily Josh found him, and he was safe, but it made Amy think. Soon afterwards she handed in her resignation, telling Duffy that if anything had happened to Milo when he was involved in the car crash, she would never have forgiven herself, and that she wanted to spend more time with Milo. She left Holby A&E with a hint of a better job and romance to come, when the father of a young patient, needing a PA, left her a huge stack of his cards.