(Caroline Webster)

Jane Scott was the ambulance paramedic who first appeared in an episode of the 1990 series. She was covered in blood and Jimmy Powell leant her his jumper (and he tried to make a pass at her). Jane was very patronising with patients and this approach worked with some and didn't with others. Jane and her ambulance partner Josh Griffiths became close friends and worked well as a team. Although often chatted up by staff and patients because of her good looks, Jane was very much a career woman. She could handle difficult patients and in one episode came to the rescue of Josh. After visiting a mentally ill man who was seemingly unconcious Josh went to examine him, but the man suddenly sprung into action and grabbed Josh by the throat. The man had a knife and cut Josh's throat. But Jane did a karate kick and knocked the knife out of the man's hand. She rushed Josh to Casualty, seemingly unconcerned about the man who had stabbed him (who wasn't in control of himself and had taken an overdose and cut his wrists). Luckilly Josh's injuries weren't serious. Josh's wife came to see him and found Jane by his bedside when she arrived. She was a bit frosty with her at first as she felt a bit jealous of the closeness of their friendship but later she apologised to Jane and thanked her for what she'd done.
In one episode Jane spent the day observing the doctors and Julian Chapman made her feel that she was in the way. Later she said to Sandra about Julian being in a bad mood and guessed it must be woman trouble. 'After all, who'd have him' she said, at that stage unaware of Julian and Sandra's affair. It wasn't long, though, before Jane knew of the affair. A man and woman trapeze act had gone horribly wrong with the woman falling to the ground and an ambulance had been called. Luckily Julian was on hand to help (it was his day off and he was taking Sandra's daughter to see the circus). Jane spotted the young girl and Josh asked who it was. 'That's Sandra's little girl' replied Jane. They both looked at each other and put two and two together.
As series 8 unfolded Jane began to think of a career move. She sweet talked the manager Mark Calder and Calder, who fancied her, offered her the job of Associate General Manager of A&E. She took the job but found that senior members of staff, particularly Charlie and Mike turned very cold towards her. They treated her like a turncoat (going from being a caring ambulance driver to being a tough, uncaring manager). As Charlie and Mike continued to be irritated by her 'goody two shoes' manner, Jane felt that everyone was against her and needed her one remaining friend Josh to cheer her up. Then Mark Calder departed very suddenly after a leak to the press and Jane was lumbered with running the department. After yet another earful from Charlie, Jane argued back, saying she was fed up with being criticised and said it wasn't her fault that Calder had left the department in such a mess. Then, as the series neared it's end, Charlie surprisingly asked Jane out and revealed that he'd had a crush on her but Jane wasn't keen. She left between series 8 and series 9.

Written by Christopher Watson