(Geoffrey Leesley)

Keith Cotterill and Shirley Franklin took over from Andrew Ponting and Sandra Mute as the ambulance paramedic team near the beginning of series 2. Keith was a cheerful soul and had a really annoying sense of humour. Not long after he arrived, Keith had to dash away to his wife, who was in labour. Then, in the following episode, Keith was full of the new baby and was boring everyone with photos of the little mite. Keith and Shirley got on well and made a good team. In one episode in series 3, young student nurse Alison McGrellis went with Keith and Shirley for a day. Keith took the mick in his usual cheeky way but as usual, no one took him seriously. In another episode Keith delivered a baby girl in the back of his ambulance. After Shirley's departure at the end of series 3, Keith was joined by a variety of different partners. He seemed to get on well with everyone, with his cheery manner and annoying but harmless banter. In the first episode of series 5 Keith delivered twins (what was it about him and babies !) And it was during that series that he left the show after four series.

Written by Christopher Watson