(Kate Hardie)

Slightly naive and a bit dopey, Karen O'Malley arrived as the new student nurse in series 2. The Holby staff celebrated the re-opening of the night shift with an after shift party. Charlie was still upset over Baz's departure but he and Karen became close at the party. Cyril saw the two together and was jealous, because he fancied her himself. Charlie and Karen slept together but Charlie told her it had been a mistake, though he still seemed unsure. Cyril and Charlie fell out over Karen. Cyril and Karen both did well and passed their nursing exams. But despite getting 83% in her exams, Karen was upset at some of the experiences she'd had. She was fed up with 'low pay, low esteem and lack of promotion prospects' and told Charlie that she had decided to leave a career in nursing behind her and go to London.

Written by Christopher Watson