(Eddie Nestor)

Cyril James arrived in casualty as a student nurse in series 2. He took a fancy to fellow student nurse Karen O'Malley and was irked when Charlie and her had a brief affair. Cyril always seemed to get the rough end of the wedge and was often the victim of racist abuse as well. He passed his nursing exams and was keen to progress into a career in nursing, unlike Karen who decided that she wasn't cut out for it.

Cyril returned to Holby (he had spent six months working in theatre at Queen's hospital between series 2 and series 3) at the start of series 3 when he applies for a full-time post. He said hello to most of the staff but no one seemed particularly pleased to see him. When he told Charlie that he intended to apply for the nursing post Charlie wasn't keen on the idea (perhaps he had always held a bit of a grudge against Cyril going back to the time they were both interested in Karen). Manager Valerie Sinclair gave Cyril the job anyway. Cyril befriended new student nurses Kiran Joghill and Alison McGrellis. In one episode he was impersonating other members of staff and did an impression of Megan saying 'well if I'm not the most hard working nurse in Holby', unbeknown to the fact Megan was in the next cubicle and could hear him. She was a bit upset by this but didn't tell Cyril that she'd heard him. After Kiran's flat was burgled, Cyril invited her and Alison to move in with him. Kiran worried that her strict Asian parents would object.

As series 4 began the now bearded Cyril applied for a job in Intensive Therapy but was unlucky. On one shift Cyril stitched an American lady's head and she told him of the opportunities for nurses in the USA. He said he would consider going to the USA to pursue his career. Perhaps that's where he went, because he left Holby Casualty after the end of that series.

Written by Christopher Watson