Series 14 Episode 12:
Written by Jeff Povey

New nurse Barney Wolfe starts work in Holby A&E. He immediately puts down Adam and the pair are rivals from the word go. Barney starts flirting and joking with the girls - Tina says she's spoken for.
Lachlan Wainwright has an abscess on his shoulder. He has been to Bali recently and it turns out the abscess is caused by a botfly which has laid its eggs under his skin. The fly is removed and Adam tells Holly he's named it Barney - and that Barney started it.
Erica Dean is having an affair with Mark Winstone, who works on her husband Dave's farm. Erica, on the way to the shops, parks on double yellow lines and starts to throw up. A traffic warden sees her and drives her to A&E. At about the same time Mark, driving a tractor, throws up and drives the tractor into a shed. Dave calls and ambulance and Mark is taken to A&E. Dave finds that Erica is there. Max finds that Erica and Mark have been poisoned by a herbicide that is only available to farmers. Dave says he keeps it under lock and key but goes home to check that it is still locked away, and to see if his son DJ is OK. He returns to A&E with DJ, who wants to see his mother. By this time, Erica is in ITU. DJ lies next to her on the bed. He tells his dad that Erica kept some of the herbicide under the kitchen sink to use as weedkiller. He put some in Mark's drink because he had seen Mark and Erica together and wanted to get rid of Mark. Max says they'll have to tell social services, and what happens to Mark will depend on how they see things.
Paul Anderson is at home looking after his wife Sue, who has dementia. After putting some milk on the stove to heat up, he goes to answer the door, and Sue burns herself on the stove. He takes her into A&E and leaves her in reception, saying he has to go and park the car properly. Charlie and Adam take Sue to a cubicle and try to work out what's wrong with her. Charlie thinks that whoever brought her in may have abandoned her. Paul has gone home, but he comes back and goes in to see her. Sue's burn isn't serious and he wants to take her home. Charlie asks if he knows what's wrong with her; it turns out Sue had been diagnosed with dementia but Paul didn't want to believe it as she is too young. He has been looking after her on his own; Charlie suggests he get some help. After some persuasion, Paul agrees to this.
Holly wants to raise some money to brighten up the new kids' bay and make it look less clinical. Penny suggests a sponsored parachute jump, after Josh commented that he'd like to try it when they brought in a parachutist. Everyone is enthusiastic and agrees, but Adam says he doesn't want to. Barney says he'll do two jumps to make up for it; Adam comments about his male posturing but Barney retaliates, calling Adam a big girl's blouse. Adam rises to the challenge and agrees to jump.
Max wants to see Duffy again after last night; Duffy says she can't get away easily and reminds him that she's married. Duffy asks Charlie if she did get the post of sister on merit. Charlie says she should know him better than that - he's quite adept at separating the professional from the personal. Duffy realises from the way he looks at her that Charlie knows about her and Max. Charlie tells her to think about what she's doing - she's got kids; she could lose everything - it's OK for Max as he's single. He says he's not going to let her do this to herself. Duffy tells him he can't run her life. Max has got tickets for a Mozart recital but Duffy says she needs to go home to Andrew and the kids. Max tries to give the tickets away to Tina; she doesn't want both but says (joking?) she'll go with him - as long as she doesn't have to sit next to him. Later Charlie apologises to Duffy, saying he was out of order, but he only said what he did because he cares about her. He offers to buy her a coffee but Duffy refuses, saying sarcastically that people might start to talk.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 20th November 1999

Pictures provided by Chris Leader