Series 16 Episode 7:
Written by Jo O'Keefe

We see Chloe arriving for her shift in a blue car after a night with Jason, her boyfriend and the owner of the restaurant where she is moonlighting. Chloe and Anna are seen walking down the corridor with Chloe saying how tired she is with holding down two jobs. Charlie interrupts them by saying the new Chief Executive, Jan Goddard, is coming for a tour of the department. He says she wishes to be known as Ms Goddard. Chloe asks, "How would she feel about a pay rise?" and Charlie replies, "Leave the politics to me".
Patrick and Jack are talking when Charlie asks if they have seen Colette; neither has. Lara then comes in wearing devil horns; she invites them to a Halloween party after work.
We then see Colette at Josh's, saying she can't possible hand in his resignation letter, as he is good at his job and she doesn't want him to leave. Colette is then seen rushing in past Charlie. Charlie catches her and asks whether she has forgotten that the new Chief Executive is coming in today, and she replies, "How could I forget"?
Amanda's son Ben asks Max for a sub as he's left his credit card at a friend's. Max asks what it's for, but Ben is reluctant to tell him, saying he will pay it back later. We then see him in a garage lighting a blowtorch. When we next see him, his blowtorch has gone out, and when he tries to re-light it, an enormous flame blows out, throwing him back, landing his hand on a piece of metal. When he's brought to A&E, Max suspects he's in trouble over drugs. Ben, angry, tells him that he was he was doing up Max's garden furniture as a surprise.
The next patient is Nick Hamilton, who has a cut on the head. Dillon and Lara are dealing with it. He seems in a rush to have Lara 'patch' it up and she tells Mr Hamilton that she doesn't do 'patch up' jobs. He wants to get his surgeon to have a look at it as he is due in theatre in two hours - he is a cosmetic surgeon. The cut needs a suture. Lara asks Dillon to get the suture kit, and Nick Hamilton adds "and a glass of water, please Nurse". Lara tells him about her trip to Africa, and he agrees to proofread the article about it which she's written for the BMJ. She asks why he and Dillon are trying to score points off each other; Nick tells Lara that he and Dillon went to Medical School together - he says Dillon left after flunking his third year exams. Lara asks Dillon about this; Dillon says he left through choice, deciding that the huge pay packet and whole "my son's a doctor" routine wasn't for him. We later hear Nick cry for help and Dillon and Patrick go to assist him to find him throwing up blood; he thinks he might have a stomach ulcer but hasn't had it checked out. He goes into resusc, where Patrick hasn't done something like this operation, so Max is called in to do it; Max does so successfully.
We see two girls getting ready to go roller-skating. (They are fighting about boys and how to flirt). When they get to some steps, the unsure girl is not confident she'll get down, when her friend says that she shouldn't worry as she has done it lots of times. She goes over to the railings at the edge, but becomes unstable and her chin falls onto a spike, impaling her under her chin. Her friend goes for help. Comfort and Nikki arrive on the scene. Examining her, Comfort realises the spike has just missed a major artery. When the fire crews come, they are discussing the means and ways of getting her away safely and tell Comfort that it is going to take a good 45 minutes. Comfort asks Nikki to talk to her, but not make her talk. So Nikki goes to try and keep her from not going into shock - she talks about a fantasy she has about Robbie Williams. She then starts to choke, and Comfort comes to suck out her airway. When they get her away, they have Police Motorcycles escorting the ambulance back to Holby A&E, where she gets taken to resusc. But Nikki has to put on the siren, as she starts choking again. They get her to resusc before taking her to theatre. She comes out of theatre ok, and Nikki is beside her, and gives her a souvenir - the railing to which she first impaled herself on. The young girl thanks Nikki and hopes she will see her at a Robbie Williams concert.
It's the day of Danny's funeral where Josh goes to stand aback and watch. Its the end of the service when Danny's sister sees him and goes over to him to see why he is there, and not that he should have any forgiveness for Josh has done. Josh not looking for forgiveness, tell her that he has resigned from his job. Back outside Josh's house where Finn has dropped him off, he is trying to convince Josh to come back to work, but telling Finn he has handed in his notice and doesn't want to go back because getting behind the wheel would be too painful, and bring it all back to him about Danny.
A patient called Carmel, is brought in claming she'd fell downstairs on to concrete flooring. On her arrival Comfort tells Colette that she's come back from her boyfriend's looking like she's done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. She has a hairline fracture to the right cheek. She informs Patrick and Colette that she will take painkillers and she now wants to go home. Colette, however, won't let her, but Patrick says 'it's a waste of bed space'. Colette, who later is cleaning up Carmel's face, is saying to her that she's sees a lot of women come in who have fallen and bumped into walls. If she wants to talk, there are a lot of people that can help her. She then goes on to ask her whether it was her boyfriend? Carmel denies it was him. Later when we see Carmel try and leave, Colette won't let her, when Charlie, accompanied by Jan, interrupts. Carmel goes off with this interruption, and wanting to know what's going on, Colette informs him of the situation, Charlie replying with maybe it would be better to talk elsewhere and not use up bed space. Colette replies with, 'well maybe the laundry room'. Jan says 'is this not a job for Social Services'. With this, Colette then goes off. Later, Carmel's boyfriend is brought in with a stab wound to the abdomen; despite the team's efforts he later dies. Carmel watches this outside resusc, and Colette comes out to Carmel, who is now ready to talk. She confesses how she used to beat him up, and when he wouldn't retaliate, she did it again and again. When he wouldn't move in with her, she beat him up and says he'd go back for more. We finally see her confess to the stab wound to her boyfriend with a knife. Colette says it is now down to the Police and goes off to the call them.
Jan arrives in the department. She asks Charlie if he's been avoiding her; he says he's been busy. She asks him to go for a meal with her; when he asks whether it's business of personal she replies, "strictly personal." Whilst Charlie is showing Jan around, she encounters many different situations and reactions from staff. Jan thinks that Colette thinks she shouldn't be around at all. She visits resusc, where she sees the young impaled girl, a male with abdomen bleeding, who later dies, and Nick Hamilton. Later she offers Charlie the post of Clinical Nurse Specialist. Charlie can't believe it. He asks if it's anything to do with their personal life but she assures him they just picked the best man for the job. Charlie accepts the job gratefully. After thanking her he kisses her, then apologises.
Its the end of the shift and Lara is all up for the party and tries to convince Patrick to come and to unmake his plans. When Dillon tells him he has to come, he agrees, and unmakes his plans with Rachel, but Dillon overhears his phone call to her. Patrick asks Lara to meet him in his on-call room. In the staff room, Lara confesses to Dillon that she really likes Patrick and thinks he feels the same way. Dillon tells her that Patrick has a girlfriend. Lara turns up in Patrick's room, where she wows him by being dressed as a 'horny devil'. She pushes him back onto the bed, but as she does so her bleeper goes off. He wants her to ignore it, but she doesn't, and tells him she will be back in five minutes. Leaving the room, she meets up with Dillon, who has just bleeped her, and they leave for the party together.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 27th October 2001

Additional Cast
Jason Henry Ian Cusick
Carmel Ramsey          Rosie Cavaliero
Nick Hamilton Jonie Broom

Written by Carly Lewis