Series 16 Episode 8:
Written by Vicky Cleaver

Mr Greenwood, a Trust representative, arrives in the department. He tells Patrick and Lara that they will be filming a video promoting the Trust in A&E tonight - he says bonfire night means guaranteed action. He asks them if they'll appear in it, but both refuse - they say a film crew will make their job impossible. They go to find Charlie to complain to him, and Mr Greenwood asks him to help. Charlie tells everyone that the video will help raise funds for the Trust; he says if it gets too much they'll have to rethink it. Colette reminds him he won't be there - he's making a speech tonight at a charity dinner - but he says he'll have his mobile with him. He walks off, and Colette asks, "Was that Charlie Fairhead?" Dillon is complaining to Jack about the video when a woman arrives on reception; she introduces herself as Louise Shaw and says she'll be fronting the video. Jack and Dillon obviously both fancy her, and Dillon suddenly decides the video is a good idea after all. She takes a look around, and looking into resusc sees Patrick, and asks if "Dr. Gorgeous" will be appearing in the video. Despite their objections she goes into resusc to watch, but then suddenly faints. When she comes round, Dillon, who saw her taking some pills before, asks what they were. She tells him they're headache pills but he doesn't believe her; eventually she admits they were slimming pills which she bought on holiday in Greece- she says she needs to lose weight as she has an audition to be a weather girl next week. Dillon and Patrick tell her she doesn't need them, she's thin enough as it is. Patrick asks Dillon to leave; he says he's confiscating the drugs - he can because they're not on prescription and they're not allowed over here. Patrick tells Mr Greenwood that Louise can't work tonight - the video's not happening. He tells her she can go home, and wishes her good luck with the audition. He suggests he give her his phone number so she can let him know how she goes on, but she says no - his wife might not like it. Patrick accuses Dillon and Jack of telling her he was married, but they deny it.
Chris Smedley is in a taxi, on his way to the army barracks for the first time. Andrew, the driver, says he used to be in the army, and he loved it. Chris asks why he left; Andrew says it was because his wife wanted him to. They are talking as he reaches a junction. Andrew is about to pull out when Chris, seeing a car coming, tells him to stop. Andrew apologises and lets the car past, then pulls straight out - into the path of a lorry. Both are taken to Holby A&E. Chris is more badly injured. He needs a chest drain, which Lara does, but then complains that his legs don't feel right. He can't move them, and the X-ray shows severe damage - possibly paraplegia. Lara and Max decide to wait until the scan can confirm this before telling Chris or his mum. As Chris waits in resusc, Andrew, who has been lying opposite, calls to him, telling him he's sorry. Chris says he won't be joining his regiment for a while. Andrew tries to tell him they'll take him when he's well, but Chris tells him to shut up. Eventually the scan results come through and Max and Lara have to tell Chris and his mum that Chris may be paralysed for life.
Andrew comes out of resusc; his arm is injured but he is all right. He blames himself for the accident. Colette, noticing him shaking, is concerned about how he didn't see the lorry coming. She asks Patrick to examine him. He tests Andrew's eyesight and realises Andrew can't see on his right side. He does a scan, and returns to say Andrew has all the symptoms of having had a stroke - that's why he couldn't see. Andrew says he thought he was going blind, and his wife is amazed and angry that he couldn't see before, but carried on driving.
Patrick is angry with Lara after the way she left him waiting all night for her. Lara asks if they can call a truce; Patrick says it's hardly her prerogative. Lara says it is - it was her who told Louise that he was married. He asks why, and she tells him Dillon told her about his girlfriend. Angry, Patrick goes to have a go at Dillon for telling her. He says that Rachel is a police sergeant and married, and they could get into a lot of trouble if people found out. Dillon calls him a self-centred egotistical pratt. Patrick asks Lara exactly what Dillon told her; she says just that he has a girlfriend. Patrick says it's his business; Lara says it's no big deal and walks off.
Best mates David and Jez are holding a fireworks party. It is an annual event and they are always trying to outdo each other. The fireworks go off spectacularly. David asks Jez's wife Fi if she wants to light the last one and she agrees. As she is about to light it, David realises there's something not right, and goes closer The firework explodes in the faces; David pushes Fi out of the way, and ends up bearing the brunt of the blast himself. They are taken to Holby A&E; Fi has surface burns to her face - very painful but not very serious. As she is being treated, she tells Lara that David and Jez always used to try to outdo each other with the fireworks, until David's wife suggested they join forces. David's wife died two months ago and David has been staying with them, and has hardly been out since. She says it was typical of him to save her at his own risk. Once her burns have been dressed she is able to go home. On their way they go to see David. His face has been very badly burned and is disfigured, but he is talking as normal. They go, and Lara tells them that David doesn't yet know the extent of his injuries - his nerve endings have been damaged and he's been given morphine, so he can't feel anything. They are shocked by what they have done. Lara asks them what make the firework was, and Jez confesses he'd taped a few together. Lara says that's illegal, and that she'll have to report it to the police. Jez says, "But I was just trying to cheer him up!"
Anna is about to ask Dillon out but chickens out. Later however she tells Chloe that they've arranged to go for a drink. They go to the pub, only for Anna to find that it's not just Dillon and herself, half the A&E team are there too. Chloe goes to work for Jason again. He tells her she's a natural and ask for a word. He says he's opening up an exclusive club and wants her to be its face - the person who greets people, and entertains them. Chloe says it sounds good but she wouldn't be able to fit it in around nursing. Jason says she could give up nursing - she'd be paid more and would have more fun.
Amanda has lost her keys but has to leave for work. Max picks up Ben's coat to check the pockets for the keys; he finds a packet of powder. When Ben appears Max throws his coat at him and shows him the packet. Ben says it's his mate's coat, and insists he's still clean, but Max doesn't believe him. He goes to work and tries to phone Amanda, but she isn't in. Ben turns up at the department, asking for Max. Max avoids him for as long as possible but eventually sits and talks to him. Ben eventually admits that the drugs were his; he says the job interviews have been stressful and he needed something to get him through it. He begs Max not to tell his mum. Max offers to get him on a methadone programme, but Ben says that won't help. He asks Max to prescribe him morphine - that way he'll be able to control how much he has. Max angrily refuses, saying it would lose him his job and career, not to mention Amanda if she found out. Ben reminds him that he helped him out before, by giving him clean needles, and asks what's the difference? Max says he can't do it. Later Max picks up some syringes full of morphine left over from a patient. Amanda and Ben arrive in the department, ready to go for a meal to celebrate, as Ben's got a job. She leaves, and Ben asks Max for the morphine. Max says no; he throws away the needles and goes to join them.
Charlie, after having a go at Jan about the video and how short-staffed they are, stays on late to help out. Later Jan sees him, still in his scrubs when he should be ready for the dinner. He tells her his suit's in his office and he'll only be ten minutes. As he is about to leave, Jack comes through the doors to reception and pretends to knock a pile of paper over him as a joke; Charlie isn't impressed and asks how many laughs he thinks he'll get down the dole queue. He turns to go, but this time Spencer is coming through the door with a bowl of vomit. He bumps into Charlie and Charlie's jacket gets covered.
A magician is in the department after being treated for a dry ice burn. He is about to leave when he realises that the jacket he has been given isn't his. He complains to Jack who eventually admits that he swapped Charlie's for his. Meanwhile, Charlie, unaware that he is wearing the magician's jacket, arrives late for the dinner. Jan is extremely angry that he's so late, and even more so when he realises he hasn't got his speech with him. Charlie eventually goes up to make the speech; it goes well and he receives the cheque for the new observations ward. He then says, "But on a personal note…" and proceeds to give another speech about how short-staffed they are - there's no point having observations wards if there is no-one to staff them, and no beds in the hospital. He gets another round of applause and goes to sit down next to an irate Jan. She tells him a charity dinner is not the place to make a political speech, and that with his new job he should act more responsibly - he's representing the Trust. Charlie says he's not going to admit that he's done anything wrong. Jan says, "If you ever say anything like that in public again then you'll be a patient in your own precious emergency department." Charlie replies, "Are you threatening me, Miss Goddard?". She says yes and he says jokingly that she's lovely when she's angry. As they are leaving she asks if he wants a drink. Charlie says there won't be any bars open; Jan says she wasn't thinking of a bar - he doesn't want to be seen fraternising with the enemy more than he has to. She suggests her place, and they kiss.

Episode first broadcast Saturday 3rd November 2001

Additional Cast
Jason Ian Henry Cusick
Philip Greenwood          Christopher Scoular
Chris Smedley Paul Kynman
Andrew Martin Garron Mitchell
Sharon Martin Jay Byrd
Louise Shaw Louise Rose
Pete Duncan Duff
Jez David Blair

Pictures provided by Chris Leader